Written by Nuggy

Thanks for making me times editor this week guys I'll try my best to make this issue interesting but it's still pretty early in the round, not a lot actually happening, so not really to sure what to write about, there's been a few kills lately and I also have some shout outs to do later.


I had chance to too ask some family bosses some questions, name, how long you been playing for what you like dislike about the game whos your favourite gangster and anything youd like to see happen. This was the responses I got....

MissyL: My names Donna, I’m from Manchester , joined GN last round . I’m in a real life relationship with tripletone . Iv started a family called zombies which is a great little fam sometimes hard work but worth it . My favourite gangster apart from my boyfriend would be junior aka dan .

Monksta: Im monkey, started playing round 6, my favourite gangster is myself because im that great, i just wanna be everyones friend.

Adrenaline: Hello, my name is Adel. I've been playing since round 13. Something I dislike about the game is the game itself, but I play anyway. My favourite gangster is Dylan.. Send nudes

MysticMajin: Erm lil pump and Kanye West I love it is my favourite song that is all.

On to the kills......


Written by Nuggy

AngryBird killed Giblpm

Focus killed ELVIVE

Bloke killed nrg

Monksta killed Dante in backfire

Dante killed Raijin

EliteRobin killed Rafaa

Diable killed JamesShady

Bangbang33 killed Swamp

Bullshire killed Armyboi2004

TheSilent1GB killed Cobra415

Monksta killed GanjaGun in backfire.

PyroPunk killed NFL4LIFE

Imageination killed NA

Susan Killed KillerCrumb

TRUCKMACY killed Susan

AngryBird killed Bloke.

Scribz killed 1shot1dead.

Ecb killed Scribz.

Pinky killed Ecb.

Death Punch killed MMAAaron.

Pinky killed Pietro.

Few shout outs next,

Shout outs

Written by Nuggy

Shout out from myself to MissyL, Monksta, Adrenaline and MysticMajin for there time to answer some questions. ❤️

Mercury: I got nudes for sale,

MysticMajin: Can you shout me out as the everyones favourite gangster

Shike: Can i give a big shout out to my friend KingToker for making an edition of The Times for the community?

MissyL:, Zombies want to wish Nebraska a happy 27th birthday.

Monksta send friend requests.. ..

Focus: Junior your a C**t <3

Shout out to Crucial Conflict #1 fam.

And to end this copy of the times here's a video, who doesn't love a good laugh.

Who doesnt love a good laugh!!!!!

Written by Nuggy