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A New Hero

Written by PingPing

There was horror in some streets of gangster nation cities. Some gangster called
OhTastyOne aka OhGreatOne did terrorise the dark alleys. It had to be stopped. One man stood up and took Justice in his own hands . He gave OhGreatOneee the full load of his machinegun and ended the Terror. LewyNuFc killed OhGreatOneee aka Wayne.


Nominated for Best Kill of Round 17

Canadian Muscle Car

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Canada is one great country. Dylan is born there. We know he loves cars. So we decided to publish a Canadian Muscle Car in GN Times to put a smile on Dylan's Face. It is a Manic GT made by Canadian Hands. :) CANADA is AWESOME Image

Couldn't live on!

Written by Judge

As princevegeta sits around awaiting for something interesting to happen, the thirst for a kill ends up taking over him.
Surrounded by many but not enough in his view, he locks eyes on his pray CamPoe.
He decides to go for it, as CamPoe is totally unaware of what is happening, princevegeta slowly sneaks up behind him and takes the shot.
But after the kill was over and blood is everywhere, princevegeta is disgusted in himself and says he can not go on anymore.
He loads his gun one more time, then decides to kill himself as he can't live with the guilt he felt for killing CamPoe for no reason.
A source says that the suicide note says

CamPoe, there was no reason I took your life, but my thirst for a kill was so strong I couldn't stop myself, I hope you will forgive me.
Signed: princevegeta

DM is Coming

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Day 103 : DM will start

BE PREPARED ...........

The End of Dick Pics ?

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Gangster Movie

Written by PingPing


The plot focuses on Barry Seal, a former TWA pilot who flew missions for the CIA, and became a drug smuggler for the Medellín Cartel.



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If you hate the fact that Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Google, Twitter and others are controlling your life ??

Answer : GO OFFLINE and make time for your family and enjoy your privacy

Round 18

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It will start friday the 7th of September