The war

Written by Moses

The unexpected but the one which everyone wanted to see, just abit of fun. Some say it was the best one they seen for a few years, maybe some not. It all started of with Superior and John. Out of nowhere just a normal day of GN life death here and there. First Superior (Boss of Unnaturnal Selection) shot at Carolina (Underboss of Panthers Elite) and died in her backfire with John finishing her. At the same minute Hulmey shot at Brick and died in his backfire. That wasn't the end. Krypton shot hours later and died in backfire with Ollie finally finishing. Ollie was only a short amount of minutes away to the return of his detectives but by the time they came he got killed by 1nstinct who also killed MrBlobbly. Earl killed Bruno and Earl later got killed by kiwisweet. Shotgun killed Dustyrose in backfire and sent his bullets to John. RuPaul killed shotgun. John was killed by Scotty. 2dogs killed Nocturnal his detectives was wank. Kiwisweet killed Aine. Bundock killed Bane. Vans died in SeaN's backfire and got killed by mousie. That's it guys all I know I got abit of help from Scotty and eiLLo.

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All related to the war

Written by Moses

Rodders would like to state:

When beth died he jizzed then rappidly clapped his hands while giggle (cheesy)

At least one guy is happy!

But have a look at this

Message sent day 34, 15/08/12 03:01:37 PM by BlazinHeels:

:lol::lol: oh really looks that way to me :lol:

Message sent day 34, 15/08/12 03:00:48 PM by Kanye:

And don't act as if you totally destroyed us because that certainly isn't the case

Message sent day 34, 15/08/12 03:00:07 PM by BlazinHeels:

good :lol:

Message sent day 34, 15/08/12 02:59:31 PM by Kanye:

I'll take back what i said ?

Message sent day 34, 15/08/12 03:24:45 AM by BlazinHeels:

well we talk with our guns, i love warring and i dont mind dying so i dont need to entertain chat by telling everyone what pathetic fuckers US is we just show them :lol::lol:

Message sent day 34, 15/08/12 03:20:43 AM by Kanye:

Not doing what the majority of people do on gn after a war and moan in chat for hours ?

Message sent day 34, 15/08/12 03:19:54 AM by BlazinHeels:

whats that for


Written by Moses

Here's a interview with MrPlainy.

Rey - Good evening MrPlainy, How was your day?

MrPlainy - My day, well it rained all day, i worked and now im tired

Rey - So why did you wanted to take out Panthers Elite?

MrPlainy - Well 2 reasons,

1) They were the best family (other then US)
and 2) They think that they can go a whole round without getting shot at, GN is boring now as that always seems to be the case, I'm old skool...

Rey - What do you think went well and went wrong?

MrPlainy - Obvious isnt it? We didnt kill them...

Rey - Are we expecting any other wars like this? certainly one of the best we seen in a long time.

MrPlainy - Dont be stupid, no one ever does anything til deathmatch

Rey - Thank you for your time!

Well that's it guys! From


Last Words

Written by Moses

This is probably the last time for me, and thanks to rey for the addition, done well, just wanted to thanks for voting me in the times, and I hope I could do it more often, well this is from me, Good Luck GanjaLad in the next times, If you want me to do times again, please vote for me ?

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