Issue Number 248

Written by Judge

Thanks again to those who voted me as Times Editor

Red Balloons

Written by Judge

They all float down here

Pennywise the Dancing Clown is the form most frequently taken by a malevolent gangster entity that’s been haunting the entire town of Derry, Maine for centuries; it’s lurked beneath the land since it hurtled through the cosmos and crash-landed on Earth from another dimension millennia ago. This shape-shifter can transform into its victims’ worst nightmares, feeding on both their fear and their flesh. Its preferred target: Red Family or Red Members
Pennywise got a whiff that some of the Red Members were in his small town, turns out TomJones (Heretic) was performing live in the little town of Derry along with his members;
Alcyone - Back up dancer
Princessx - Back up singer
Highwayman - Assistant Manager
That stormy night after the performance, Tom and his crew went to their van to pack up all their equipment, not knowing what lurks below them.
All of sudden they hear a little boys voice say "no, not my boat" all looking at each other wondering who said it, when they knew it wasn't one of them.
The group splits up, Alcyone aka Sindel heads off first, then hears "pop, pop pop pop"
She tries to run, but it was too late Pennywise got her first!
Tomjones, Highwayman and Princessx hear Sindel's death screams, so Tom decides to try and find her, leaving the other two behind, also not knowing that Pennywise is right behind him, as Tom comes up upon Sindels mangled body, he hears Pennywise say "Beep Beep Tom".
Highwayman and Pricessx only hearing the thunder and seeing lightening, as the skies lights up they both see Pennywise standing there with a grin from ear to ear, holding his damn red balloon.
Pennywise says "Where you off to kids, you know...... we all float down here, YES we do" as they can now hear his devious laugh, he appears in front of highwayman and princessx..... we all know what happened next... THE RED FAMILY is no longer
Pennywise thinking he finished his work, WOW couldn't handle the nigthmares anymore....
Killed by Wow
Day 77, 3:01 PM (Gangland)
Wasn't long before Lone Wolves Member Invariable, got a whiff of blood.
Killed by Invariable
Day 77, 5:42 PM (Gangland)

Death Notices

Written by Judge

Killers Revenge

HAMBURGLAR was informed by his associates that ReS was killed by Starfall, he was not going to sit back and take this, so he got his detectives on the case.
RIP Starfall
Killed by Hamburglar
Day 69, 7:55 AM (Silent)

UMA saw the notice that her friend had been killed by Hamburglar, once she could, she starting tracking him down.
RIP Hamburglar
Killed by Uma
Day 69, 10:35 AM (Silent)
After it was all done, UMA took her own life (RIP)

TINKER was out watering her gardens, she hears ruffling in the bushes and says out loud "come out, come out who ever you are".... next thing... she is laying in a pool of blood in her garden! Many people were suspects at the time of this kill.
RIP Tinker
Killed by PrinceVegeta
Day 69, 1:47 PM (Silent)
Princevegeta has informed me, that he was friends with Tinker, but couldn't take the risk as his good friends are in Dream Killers and Lone Wolves, once the kill was revealed he was kicked from Calabria then joined his friends in DK.

J1NX was so happy to be at level 50 and was doing her own thing also dealing with the loss of her friends in the chosen few, KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK, J1NX goes to the answer the door, once she opens the door there is no one in sight. Her life ended as she was shutting the door, and no one saw the killer.
Killed by Teteley
Day 69, 2:04 PM (Silent)
Fan tried to take the blame for this kill and was saying this that and the other in main chat, but Pea thought stuff it, and revealed her kill.
Pea shoot knowing that she had to do what had to be done.

Adrenaline got shot for no reason, he was one of the suspects to killing Tinker as it was not revealed at the time, Vigil came up and shot him in the back of the head, thinking it was Adrenaline all along, when in fact it was PrinceVegeta.
RIP Adrenaline
Killed by Vigil
Day 69, 5:25 PM (Silent)

Lone Wolves and Dream Killers Strike Again

Lone Wolves and Dream Killers take out a family (was meant to be two but the 2nd family closed) a source tells me that these DK and LW aren't playing, they are making a pure statement.

Sparky - The Outkasts
Killed by ComeToDaddy - Lone Wolves
Yesterday, 11:04 AM (Gangland)

Vigil - Rainbow Six
Killed by WetGirl - Lone Wolves
Yesterday, 11:05 AM (Silent)

Jeru - The Outkasts
Killed by Pheezy - Lone Wolves
Yesterday, 11:05 AM (Gangland)

Fan - Lone Wolves
Killed by MissDani - Rainbox Six
Yesterday, 11:59 AM (Backfire)

Happy - The Outkasts
Killed by PrinceVegeta - Dream Killers
Yesterday, 12:01 PM (Gangland)

Missdani - Roaming free (Closed Rainbox Six)
Killed by MeowMate - Dream Killers
Yesterday, 12:01 PM (Silent)

Q & A's With Judge

Written by Judge


1. Good morning Bolt aka Focus, tell us a little about yourself?
Hey, People now me Really as Sam the one who gets bored and leaves then comes back an hour later ?

2. Your thoughts on this round so far?
It started great i loved it was pushing Badman and Benjy for that #1 spot but in the end they was just too quick for me and smashed it, then some fun actually happened it wasn't what i wanted to happen but it did, one of my family members shot someone who was catching him pretty fast on top ranked which then started a war with blues, and ill never back down from a shoot off, after all that i kinda couldn't be arsed to rank again, so since then i have not really been around too much!

3. Your favorite and least favorite player(s)?
My favorite player is a hard one as i love a lot of people on this game made some great friends, i really have a lot of time for Becci as she is always there for me, but my favorite even though he has gone Emo is Asset aka Dan i have known him since i was like 14 now 28 so a long time! i don't have a least favorite how can you dislike people on an online game, yeah we have wars and shit but its part of it!

4. So when you butter your bread, which side do you put the butter on?
I don't eat bread

5. Name one of the most funniest moments you've had recently?
If this question is game related then probably family chat with Ryan i can be in Hysterics some times with the lad, some don't get his sense of Humour and think hes a twat but i think he is jokes!

6. Tell us, what is your guilty pleasure?
not wearing socks ? hate the things !

7. Is there anything else you would like to add, before we end the interview?
Just wanna thank the ones who stuck by me i have had a tough couple of months in real and a lot here have understood and supported me, a massive thanks to yourself for holding the family when you could of easily just chucked it all in! and the same too Becci and happy you all could of gave up! then of-course the rest of the members who are still there and not gone Rogue like some did, But all great things must come to an end! And I know for a while few have wanted to leave and do there own things so I come to a decision to close the family and let others play how they want to!

Judge - So after speaking with Sam, he seems like an very down to earth person and very honest, and will stick up for those he cares about.


1. Good morning razzy, tell us a little about yourself?
I'm just a standard boring guy, with a massive ego. Ok that's a lie, I'm not boring...

2. Your thoughts on this round so far?
The round has been alright, slow start, started my own family, got bored and killed some people, which some weren't happy with. Overall it's a standard gn round nothing special!

3. Your favorite and least favorite player(s)?
Favorite players have to be Laura, Beth, Beetlejuice, FrozTyk and myself.. least favorite are Satanica (for obvious reasons) I can't think of any others..

4. So when you butter your bread, which side do you put the butter on?
I butter it both sides, if you catch my drift ? ..

5. Name one of the most funniest moments you've had recently?
In game, killing Mutt at level 49 and being 85% or whatever he was..

6. Tell us, what is your guilty pleasure?
I watch Love Island religiously and not afraid to admit it..

7. Is there anything else you would like to add, before we end the interview?
I'd like to say thanks for choosing me, even though it's obvious I was first choice and your doing a good job with the times. Oh and every one kill Satanica family as she scams noobs for credits and money. K thanks byeeeee xx

Judge - After speaking with Razzy, i take it when he gets bored, he loves to shoot, so best some keep him entertained :-)


Good morning Fan, tell us a little about yourself?
Good morning, I am Farhan from Pakistan, currently living in Germany, I am 18 years old, mentally ill, i mean clever, ffs auto correct.?

2. Your thoughts on this round so far?
I wasn't really playing in the start, so i missed the first action, round was getting boring, alot of fiddys and peeps, I have been trying to start shit with couple of people but it caused nothing. But then we had a war with elites , a bit late i know but still it was fun, Becuase War is always Fun.

3. Your favorite and least favorite player(s)?
I am my favourite, least favourite player is Bruno a fat prick, he is such a flirt.

4. So when you butter your bread, which side do you put the butter on?
I don't butter my bread. ?

5. Name one of the most funniest moments you've had recently?
Ahh it was last round when i merked lowkey with minimum, and senseless became kingsense (maybe only he will understand what it means lol).

6. Tell us, what is your guilty pleasure?
Porn, wanking ???

7. Is there anything else you would like to add, before we end the interview?
People here take game too serious, i mean its just a game , when you die you get salty, you come back and start talking shit lol,
Well, I like them who dont like me, really love the haters. And Thank You stacey for the time and Love, you are the coolest gangsta here?
And no shut up bruno i am not flirting with her.

Judge - After speaking with Fan, he seems like a little stirrer for shits and giggles to be honest, but he seems like a really loyal player. RIP FAN account

Closing Family

Written by Judge

Dedicated to THE CHOSEN FEW

I was lucky to be apart of this great family, they openly accepted me in and I saw their amazing bond they had with each other, such awesome times we did have in there, lots of laughs, lots of emo moments, and some bickering but HEY which family doesn't? We have all departed from The Chosen Few, Becci sent out a lovely message on behalf of her and Sam before closing the family, FOREVER LOVE YOU guys!

Shout Outs!

Written by Judge

Shout Out to Dipa : Miss Fryslan
Shout Out to Satanica010 : Schatje Patatje aka Miss Suriname & Rotterdam
Shout Out To Judge : Ōna mano tāngata , Kiri whero, kiri mā, Iwi Māori, Pākehā, Rūpeke katoa, Nei ka tono ko ngā hē, Māu e whakaahu kē, Kia ora mārire JUDGE ❤️
Shout out to BlueLady aka Ana : Eu amo-te ❤️
Shout out to Rhys from Calabria : Batman is a Hero, Superman is a Hero , Rhys , you are a Hero too ❤
Shout Out to LittleTom aka Best Barkeeper of Birmingham : If you did your thing with the Tic Tacs, try to bring it to a higher Level, Mentos Company would like to challenge you ?

Shout out to DAVIE, because he wanted me too! Also shout out to Alexandra for being awesome!

hello ? I would like a shout out to all the members in LoneWolves and DreamKillers, your the best ?

I want many shout outs ?
- A big shout out for Pea and Phil cause they are my real family since round 14.
- A shout for Fan cause he is a newb after dying in a backfire.
- A shout for my bae Reebz. ?
- A shout for the big friend Noodles but I can't understand why your mentors were premium.
- A shout for Vegeta cause I like him even if he tries to flirt with same girls as I flirt.
- A shout for Strob cause he sees the game very different than me but still a very good friend and loyal. And to all LW members that deserve much attention. ?
- A shout for ReS cause he is a nice teddy bear.
- A shout to Judge cause she is nice. Oh shit, this was supposed to be a private.
- And a shout to all GN players cause GN is what we all do. We all are needed.

Shoutout to elayna and the rest of the family for being so cool u guys r awesome xxx


Written by Judge