Issue Number 247

Written by Judge

Thanks again to those who voted for me... GETTING READY FOR THE NEWS!!!!

Please also note that the times was actually completed, but due to the MASS KILLING SPREE last night, i have left in the original times plus the BREAKING NEWS


Written by Judge

Little did most of us know that ELITE were sitting around their superior table, discussing a mass killing spree! And that ROSELLI was Steve aka KING EAGLE!

Elite thought it was time to shoot, also knowing that the LONE WOLVES and DREAM KILLERS weren't going to sit back without a fight!

Kingsense - Dream Killers
Killed by Roselli - Elite
Yesterday, 5:18 PM (Silent)

Noodles - The Chosen Few
Killed by Roselli - Elite
Yesterday, 5:18 PM (Silent)

Phiesty - Dream Killers
Killed by Nightmare - Elite
Yesterday, 5:22 PM (Silent)

FroZTyk - Elite
Killed by s0Ohan - Lone Wolves
Yesterday, 5:39 PM (Backfire)

s0Ohan - Lone Wolves
Killed by Raz - Elite
Yesterday, 5:40 PM (Gangland)

As everyone thought that the heat was off, it was "Calm before the storm" and it starts again!

Ch0oseName - Lone Wolves
Killed by Nightmare - Elite
Yesterday, 8:03 PM (Backfire)

Beetlejuice - Elite
Killed by Hamburglar - Dream Killers
Yesterday, 8:05 PM (Silent)

Nightmare - Elite
Killed by Fan - Dream Killers
Yesterday, 8:08 PM (Gangland)

Anomaly - Lone Wolves
Killed by Roselli - Elite
Yesterday, 8:29 PM (Backfire)

Roselli - Elite
Killed by Delicious - Lone Wolves
Yesterday, 8:30 PM (Gangland)

Raz - Elite
Killed by ReS - Dream Killers
Yesterday, 8:49 PM (Silent)

Michael - Elite
Killed by Reebz
Yesterday, 9:01 PM (Silent)

ForceFDc - Dream Killers
Killed by MonopolyMan - The Chosen Few
Yesterday, 10:01 PM (Gangland)

ReS - Dream Killers
Dead (Unrevealed)
Yesterday, 10:56 PM (Killed)
When will the killer finally reveal?????

Message from RAZ:
[x] 08:25 PM Raz
So we decided to shoot some people.. Roselli aka Steve (eagle) decides to show who he is and kill senseless Beth and the noodles and I killed so0han because I wanted too. Ermm yeah and now they're trying to kill us all slowly lol

ELITE is no longer standing.......

The Retirement Drop!

Written by Judge

Hey ya, just a couple of questions if that's ok.
Was there a reason u decided to take out the retirement?
Did you leave a message when you shot, if so what was the messages, If not, What would you say?

Hello, first of all I'd like to thank you and all the reporters of GN times.
As a GN celebrity, I'm used to these kinds of questions you know..
Well, about The Retirement. The boss of that family is the kind of players that talks big and do nothing.
Fenn talked shit to me on main chat, but because I'm kind.. I gave him a chance to say sorry or I'll drop his family, he refused to say sorry and said I can't shoot him because he's well stocked and a known player.
So I had to make the minor kills.. They don't really matter. It took me 2 minutes to kill him and his under boss.

Further more:
Winston aka Fenn's Famous words "When I play, I don't get killed"
Farcas says "shot by a man, then shot by his bitch (adelsbitch)"
Killed by AdelsBitch
Day 63, 8:06 PM (Gangland)

Double XP - Winner s0Ohan

Written by Judge

Hey, congratz on winning Double XP yet again, I do have a couple of questions, did you sleep at all over the time Double XP was on or what is your secret to getting those amazing points?

Of course i did sleep ? And i was not the only one again in the fight. Once again Phiesty aka Beth gave an amazing fight and only didn't win because i was lucky once again, :-) again and again etc
PS. Beth ranks very fast ?

Points Earned: 33,280
Awarded: 25 Credits

MENTORS back to normal price.... OH unless your NOODLES who thinks his mentors are still worth 1mil kpp

Death Notices

Written by Judge

As the Lone Wolves were getting ready to go hunting, the pack all head out, but AL is falling behind, the pack hear a gun going off, as they look behind, AL has been shot, but not killed, lucky he was also packing his LMG, and shot back killing whom ever was shooting at him.
The pack go over to see who is laying dead behind the trees, its LAZYMOB.
They leave the body of lazymob behind, as they rush AL off to the hospital for his wounds, little did they know, AL laying there helpless that DIABLE was very close.
The pack lay their heads to sleep, but Diable sneaks though the darkness, and whispers to AL "I'm here to take whats mine"
Diable slowly pulls out his gun and silencer, and places the pillow over AL's head then pulls the trigger!
Leaving him dead on the hospital bed, the pack awake, only to look over and see AL laying dead, with no sign on who killed him, they pack now angry wanting answers on who killed one of their members, are seeking revenge.
Killed by Diable
Day 65, 2:14 AM (Silent)
Diable thinking it was all over and done with, not knowing that the LW's were awaiting on detectives to come back with the location.
Killed by Pheezy
Day 65, 2:27 PM (Gangland)
Was told by a source that Pheezy did not hold back when shooting, he did a great job of shooting up the Gentlemen's club plus killing diable!
Looking at Pheezy's kill history, he doesn't seem to like the darkside much!

A source advises that Sindel and Kellz were as one many moons ago, however i have now spoken with Alcyone and her exact words for merking H0ll0wM4N aka Kellz
"The kill was intentional and also too make a statement, that he is a dirty snake that should NEVER of tried to fuck with me, he got what he was asking for ?
Note Guys: Don't make a woman hate you! It's not pretty!!!

Q & A's with Lang / Judge

Written by Judge

Good evening Noodles Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm Andrew AKA Noodles... Married to Reebz IRL. I'm 27 years old, mentally about 4. I've been playing these types of games on and off now for over 10 years. Started GN last round with a group of close friends and I think we all know how that turned out ?.

So far what's your thoughts on the round so far?

The beginning had a little action but since then it's been incredibly quiet. Can someone shoot at me already? I need a reason to pop a muhfucka. I need to know where to aim my guns. BUT when bullets do start flying the wars will be pretty intense since there's just so many bullets sitting in the game.

Who is your favorite and least favorite player other than Lang cus let's face it he is loved?

I have a few favorite people if that's ok, lol. I love Dan, Bruno, Pea, Phil, ReS. My least favorite would probably have to be Rob.

As we've all noticed you are Ranked 1st on the game, have you been 1st on GN before? How does it feel to be in 1st place?

I have never been first on GN, but always knew I was #1 at heart. It's cool to finally have the rank to go with it. It's neat being #1... Comes with some nice perks. People send me free stuff. People think I'm actually stocked. People think I'm scary when I'm probably the least cunty rank 1 level 50 ever to grace this game. You're welcome.

Whats your thoughts on all the shitty drama going on in main chat lately?

I've kinda not been following the drama, lol. Gets old when people argue about the same stuff every time.

Your mentors, Why are they so much all the time?

Premium mentors come with a premium price. Ask Bruno to show you how many points his mentors give. Nothing above 50. That's why he doesn't charge a premium price. Plus, I'm greedy. That might have more to do with it ?

So we all know that reebz is your IRL partner and is part of DK Fam, is it competitive in your house hold, who wears the pants really, you or reebz?

Well, she has already threatened to shoot me a few times when we argue. But we all know how that would turn out for her. Jokes aside, we each have a leg in the pants ?.

Well thank you very much noodles and congratulations again on being 1st in GN, and giving me a few minutes to answer some questions anything you would like to say or add?

My pleasure and thank you ?. I'd like to say thanks to Dan for inviting me to TCF and to everyone in the fam for giving me a chance despite shooting each other last round, lol. I knew you'd all warm up to me because, let's face it, what's not to love about me? Also hi mom and dad, I've made it!

Judge - Over all reading these answers from Andrew, he seems to be a very happy go lucky guy, but not sure if that's an invite for someone to shoot him, or not, you make that choice :-)

Good evening J1NX Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hiya Pendulum ? I am Becci, Im 36 and i live in the UK ... I have been Playing GN since round 13.

So you've been around then ?, Round 17 pretty slow so far what's your thoughts on the round so far.

? Very funny ? ....... yes very slow indeed, waiting on some action after previous rounds, although im pleased its been slow going tbh ?.

Who is your favorite and least favorite player other then myself cus face it I'm loved?

My favorite player , seems as i cant pick you would have to be ? Kitt- she has guided me a lot through the rounds.... As for least favorite, i would have to say Wayne, hes annoying, loves a reaction, so Ladies, he starts, block him ?

I noticed you hit Level 50 congratulations is this the first time you have been a top level gangster

Hahaha Thank you ? ... yes i was a 50 virgin ? Bit of an easy round to achieve it tbh

Whats your thoughts on all the shitty drama going on in main chat lately?

What drama? ? tbh Adam i dont take much notice of main.. fill me in on the goss later ?

Just been a lot of people arguing and hating on each other a lot of hatred lately. Last question older or younger men ? because I heard Sam aka Focus has a thing for you ?.

Leave them too it i say ? .... ? ... well why do i have to pick one? They both have their own special qualities ? like Younger men have the Stamina and older men Look after you .. ? Sam has a thing for me ? nah we are friends, hes a special guy, we look out for each other ❤ hes a good lad.

Well thank you very much becci and congratulations again on hitting 50 and giving me a few minutes to answer some questions anything you would like to say or add?

Thank you very much, couldnt have done it without the family ❤ and np at all, I would like to ask one thing tho if thats ok?

Of course

sorry Add one thing not ask ...... Sam is way better player than Asset..... correction from the last Times ? Love ya DB ? ?

So becci seems like a cool player been around a bit knows the game likes the best of both older and younger men but sorry guys she's taken. Genuinely seems cool ?.

Shout out to TCF for helping me to 50, love them all ❤ ... also TheRiddler for his help ❤ And Tinker, stop winning lotto ffs ? ❤ she threatens Mikes life on a daily basis btw ?

Shout Outs!

Written by Judge

Tell HighwayMan hes u dumb cunt who lives in the past

Shout out to becci for being a gecko lover!

Judge, I want you to write "Julia är bäst" in times

Shout to Raz for being a babe

Shout out to Anomaly : VENENO

Pick up lines / Random / Jokes

Written by Judge

Lang aka #1 adam
1. Let me take you on a ate?! I will give you the "d" later

2. If i could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together

3. Legs like Mc Donalds drive through, always open!

4. If it tastes like chicken, get lick'en.

5. Is that a ladder in your tights or a stairway to heaven.

6. Is your dad a baker? Coz you've got nice buns

7. Did you know the alphabet only has 25 letters? ABCEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWYZ - I will give you the D later

8. Are you a light switch? Can i turn you on

9. Lets play house, you can be the door and i'll slam you!

1. Is your name google *confuse them a little* then say "well it might as well be, your everything i've been searching for

2. Do you mind sending me your picture? So i can show Santa what i want for christmas

1. Roses are red, voilets are blue, voilets are voilet not fucking blue!

1. What do blondes and coke bottles have in common?
They're both empty from the neck up

2. Why can't a blonde dial 911?
Because they can't find the 11

Did you hear about the irish tap dance?
He fell in the sink

Obito aka Nitti
Why do blondes make bad bankrobbers?
Because they tie up the safe and blow the guards

Meme Attack!

Written by Judge


That bloody ANON disrespect or ANON Bounty!