Welcome to Issue 246

Written by Judge

Thanks to all those that voted for me as Times Editor!

Brief News / Statements

Tetely aka pea: All men play with themselves, they found "it" when they were babies!

Phiesty aka beth: Great guy who taught me GN gave me the best advice, he said "if you don't have haters you aren't playing gn right" i deffo agree!

Fan: #nohomo

Watk1n aka Bruno: Fan since you became UB you acting hard, SMH!

Roulette - Broken - BLAME FAIRY!


Written by Judge

Dylan6 KILLED Monk3y....... (yes, you read it right!)

The Wolf Pack gathered together to say their farewell to their Level 50 Member BLAEZ,
a beautiful service was held and a source says, that the lone wolves have been given a suicide note to why BLAEZ ended up taking their life and NO FAN it wasn't because of you!
OUR FIRST LEVEL 50 Suicide - Respect!

As you can see since power has left and went on vacation it seems like the elites have lost some members. With one high leveled member “Adamm” Killing MrWop in backfire. Then someone mysterious has killed Adamm. Haven’t revealed the Kill. Rip Adamm❤️

Fairy had left his family (elite) and thought it was time to spread his wings and fly solo, whilst at home awaiting for his friends too come over for some Fairy Bread and a cuppa, he heard a thud and bang outside his kitchen window, went out to investigate, but nothing to be seen except a few boxes and cans that had fallen over.
He goes back inside only to see that one of his lounge windows was open and he could also smell something. "Hmmm is that Hamburgers i can smell?"
Fairy shakes it off and skips on his fairy way, tidying things up and getting things ready for his friends arrival. Out comes the wand "Biddidi bobbidi boo, now clean up this room"
In the corner of his eye he saw a black and white figure move smoothly and quickly past him!
As Fairy moves closer and closer he hears quietly "Robble, robble, robble."
Fairy see's the hamburglar and tries to run for the front door as he sees the gun the hamburglar is holding, the last words he hears as he gets shot in the back of the head "Robble Fkn Robble Bitch" then ra'ta'ta'ta'ta'........
RIP FAIRY - Fly high and fly free with your little lady fairy wings!

Further to this, the police are now searching for this person, any info please call Ronald


Q & As Written by Sharkboy aka #1 Adam

Written by Judge

Good evening Hamburglar
Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

I'm from Canada, a tattoo artist, time waster ? been playing since Round 12.

What do you think of the round so far?

It has had some excitement .... Quite a bit of drama as per usual... definitely seems to be less people active this round though.

What is your favorite part of Gangster Nation?

I spend a lot of time playing slots, so I guess that's prob my main addiction ? A lot of good times with some good people that over the rounds have become great friends.

Who's your favorite and least favorite players?

Well by far my favorite players are Pea and Bruno, we have been good friends for quite some time!! for the least favorite.... well i would say Hypno still my least favorite person on GN.

Anything you can think of that would GN a better place?

tbh I feel Mike has been doing a decent job with the changes made but there are deffo still some bugs to work out. would be nice to see more players active. one suggestion I have for ya'll....... stop trying to date each other on gn. ?

Anything else you'd like to say or add?

I'd like to give a big shout out to the Dream Killers for being a solid team!!
Robble Fkn Robble.

Phil genuinely seems like a down to earth guy to me from the looks of his kill profile he's not one to taken lightly some might call him hot headed but I think he's decent.

Good afternoon Asset
Few Questions for the times
Tell us a little bit about yourself

Good Afternoon, a lot of people know me as Dan from England, have been playing GN since round 13, met some great people along the way. On the flip side also met some 'interesting' characters! haha.

What do you think of the round so far?

Was a little action at the start, but generally been on the quiet side to be fair, it needs either some new players, or the 'missing' players to join again or reveal themselves if they are around...

Who's your favorite and least favorite player? (not including me because let's face it everyone loves me)

Favourite, well, seen as though ive known the lad for years it has to be Sam aka Focus, goes emo, dies in bf, clicks that cs button, but lets face it, hes a decent guy really aint he...? (Apologies to all others, you all know I love you really) Least favourite, this list could go on, will probably need a while to think about that one...

Who's better you or Sam?
Also a question from another player
Is it true you secretly have feeling for J1NX? Cus I heard she's into older men and you may be a bit on the young side for her ?

Clearly me, I mean, where's he at now? haha He will disagree but nevermind, in all seriousness though, we both good at different aspects of the game, work well as a team I would say. I seen that question earlier, I can confirm this is incorrect, we all know Sam (Focus) & Becci (J1NK) are the real couple... ? And yes the age difference is correct also ?

Anything else you would like to add or say?

Cant think of anything at the moment to be honest lang, I will let you know if I think of anything.

Thank you very much for your time.

So basically from this interview I have to agree this round is slow asf too many people hiding or shook to shoot, Dan's been playing for 4 rounds and he thinks he's better than focus also becci/J1NX is into older men and he doesn't have feelings for her because focus is into her, sorry Sam mate your too young.

That's the end of my article
And once again Thanks Asset

Shout Outs!

Written by Judge

SharkBoy :
Shout out to Hisoka and ineedreason for being #2 & #3 Adam's. I'm superior so hail to me peasant.

Shout out to all The Chosen Few, coolest family ever!!

Judge for putting up with me and being my UB ?
Noodles for giving me my 40 pass ?

Hamburglar says "Robble Fkn Robble"

I want a shout out to Judge cause she loves Nissan Rogue. ?
A shout out to hamburglar and Teteley cause they are 5* persons and my GN brothers.
And a “threat” to Asset cause I’m gonna steal some girls from Chosen. ?

Shout out to bruno the fat emo gay prick ?

GN Lonely Hearts

Written by Judge

Tired of feeling and being alone? Welcome to GN's Lonely Hearts section, down below you will see the GN Singles looking for other GN Singles, OR MAYBE more outside of GN


Member: Satanica010
Im deffo looking for a young guy, muscular, bearded and tattooed. S&M is my job only, i don't bring it in my own personal life.
And off course i'm a major stoner ?
HIT ME UP........

Member: MUTTER
Looking for a loving caring owner that will not mistreat or abuse, must be a female and of legal age all over the world.
I am the bad dawggy but im potty trained and im loyal to those that are loyal to me but if you betray that loyalty i will bite your nuts off lol
HIT ME UP........

Member: PrinceVegeta
This is too all the ladies that i have not already hit on or in the middle of hitting on, let me tell you some great stuff about me! I work, so i have money for creds (yes that's right) i'm also 6'10 tall, stop! I know what your thinking, and yes, yes its true ;-) or why not pop on over and have a look for yourself x
HIT ME UP........

Member: URLBadman
I always were pj's, so this means i'm ALWAYS ready for bed, WINK WINK!
If you think you can handle ALL OF THIS, then come get it big boy! I would like you to pm me along with maybe a FULL picture of yourself with or without clothing.
HIT ME UP.......

Member: FAN
My name is Fan, i'm 18, i'm in to long walks on the beach, holding hands, also love it when i can play my music to you and let me sing my heart out to you. If you like this type of stuff to then you know what to do. #nohomo also guys on gn are such flirts except me, as i will respect you always, just love me!
HIT ME UP......

Member: Scar
I don't need to say anything, just look at me! Remember the name: ADEL!
HIT ME UP.......

Member: Watk1n
Bruno's the name, you ladies already know who i am, i win the hearts of many!
I do have son named Noodles, hes pretty cool, hes ranked number 1 in the game!
HIT ME UP.......

Member: Imsomething
AKA wicked! I'm a ladies man! What more does one need to say really? Either you want this or ya don't...
HIT ME UP.......

Member: Obito
AKA Nitti! I'm full of sweetness! I will treat you like a queen, i will learn your language baby! teach me, show me, i will follow, just show me a good time and i will be forever (well not forever) yours!
HIT ME UP.......

Member: Dylan7
I have a huge family, i work full time, i am a cop! yes that's right, as you all know i will fight for my family, so if you want to be apart of my GROWING family, then....
HIT ME UP........

Member: Hisoka
Well i should say that i'm BI, but i can't help but love FAN. FAN just love me!!! If you accept my "rose" i will withdraw my dating ad
If not then i'm single ready to mingle!
HIT ME UP.......


Written by Judge