Welcome to Issue 245

Written by kiritooooooo

Just want to say thankyou for making me the times editor hope you find the articles really enjoyable please take note of my policy for complaints....

Fuck Off

You can message me complaining but just remember i will reply to you saying fuck off.

I know I'm so kind nah I'm kidding obviously... any feedback is welcome good or bad it's my first time doing the times so tell me if there is anything I could have done better

Davies Dirty Corner

Written by BigChicken

"Welcome to part 4 of the greatest thing you will ever read in your life with your mighty legendary host that really needs no introduction....me" - Davie

"For my first segment lets start with something easy, that caused alot of controversy, some shoutouts to my favorite gangsters!" - Davie

Andrew (Noodles) - "Script or not, still one of my G's."
Tom (Kirito) - "Whiney cunt, still love ya tho."
Tom #2 (TomJones) - "Another whiney cunt, but still love you too."
MJ - "Nice person, idc what anyone says you still got big feet."
Sindel - "Short angry woman, still a G tho."
Kells - "Redneck, but still a G."
Mutt - "GL on 50 your a hick too but still a G."
Fan - "Stay off 18+ discord and were cool G."
Satanica - "Didn't you like, whip people for a living?"
Wayne - "Underrated as hell."
Vegeta - "Shut your whore mouth hook boy, your 6'10" with a 5 inch vert, but your still a G."
Joey (JoeyJ) - "Legit GOAT of times."
Stu (Stumanlivo) - "The bear loves his chicken, and the feelings mutual. ;)"
Bruno (Pizza) - "Haven't talked to ya much but your a G"
Johnny (Monkey) - "One of the first people i met on GN, your still a G oh yeah remember the drunk chess talk?"
Helt - "I bought you flowers, you were my first love."
Langerz - "Congratz on not quitting yet my G."
Pea (Teteley) - I very much enjoy the sweater you knitted for me."
Reebz - "Vince Staples is a goat don't lie."
Dylan - "Best car dealer on GN."

Now lets do some player to player shoutouts!!

-PrinceVegeta shouts out Noodles for scripting to 50 undetected.
-Noodles shouts out BigChicken for being gay. (Which is false G)
-MaryJane shouts out BigChicken for being the best burrito.
-Lang shouts out everyone.
-Mutt shouts out GN for making it hard to hit level 50.
-KingPizza shouts out Fan saying and i quote "Fan is a fat prick that only flirts with girls with moustaches."
-Judge shouts out BigChicken for being finger licking good. (hmu ;) )
-Noodles gives a general shoutout to all the new 50's this round.
-TomJones shouts out MaryJane for being #1.

Next Segment... Memes


Straw Poll

Final shit, bit a news

-Really the only important news, Davie(BigChicken) is a top killer :o he will be taking donations and prayers.
-Oh wait, you all asked for it, the almighty bears return, is sometime, cant tell ya when soz. :(

I hope you all enjoyed, i put alot of effort into this and this was very time consuming for me, if you have any thoughts be sure to give your constructive opinion either in chat or in PM, i hope you all enjoyed and are exicted for future "Davies Dirty Corner" articles! - Davie

(yo legit this is probs the best article* to happen in times ever tbh)

*-written document, not vid, that right goes to my mans joey


Written by kiritooooooo

Yes your read it correct double XP is over and now you cheap twats can go back to buying mentors for 20kpp congratulations to s0Ohan on finishing double XP with the most points hope you enjoy them free 25 creds :)

But yes mentors are now going to be 20kpp finally you tight motherfuckers can stop crying into your keyboard when you have to pay 30kpp to 40kpp

When speaking to s0Ohan I asked if he has anything to say regarding the recent win of double XP he said the following

well i would like to give a big thanks to all that helped me and share love with LadyFknPurr because she did a awesome ranking since start of round...we can't forget we are both in our 2nd account above lvl 45

Murder in GNVille

Written by kiritooooooo

So you may have heard police and ambulance sirens on Day 39 in GNVille Town Square at around 12:15PM there was a shooting and the gangster known as PizzaSteve was found dead at the scene with multiple bullet wounds he was a solo gangster who had no family to report the death too. No arrests have been made and there won't be the police are not treating it as suspicious and the case has been closed the officer said as he announced the case file has been closed "its only PizzaSteve" The shooter Grimmutt is still at large and if seen should not be approached as he is known to bite unless he has been fed which is unknown to us in the Times Office

Question Time

Written by kiritooooooo

So quite simple I went around and messaged every single family boss and underboss the same message

Hey it's kiritooooooo with the times just a quick question for the family boss and underboss

This is what some had to say

What's the best thing so far about this round in your opinion?

Best thing is that this round has so far been relatively peaceful.

Dream Killers

not a open fire list with just noobs dead


nothing not a fucking thing worse fucking round i have ever fucking had

Me, because i'm back ? oh god, i think i'm getting a ego ?

Hell Raisers
Oh yeh I forgot ermmm I don't like the vehicle theft beta PD is life and I like roullete becisw it always wins

Lone Wolves

The admin kill and ban of Rob

The Goodfellas

Hi kiritooooooo! I just started playing GN half of Round 16. For me the best part so far is that i got to know other players better now, so less enemies and more friends!

The Elites

Not much is good tbh. Once people start shooting and stop being pussies.. then that will be the best

I'm really enjoying the people and leading a family. I also like the new VT Beat... it's nice to have more selection ?

The Retirement
That I'm still part of it

Shout Outs

Written by kiritooooooo



Shout out to MrWop from myself for being a deluded mag sunderland may be in league one but Newcastle would still lose to us FTM

Shout out to Asset from myself for Blackpool away meet me on Pleasure Beach at HT they have already scored 4 past us haha

Shout out to Yuuki from myself We need to find someone to be our Yui!

[x] 10:39 PM Al
i wanna shout out s00han saying i wanna be one of her many boyfriends and husbands ?

Shout out to Davie the taco folding killer Mexican

shout out to all my naan breads

shoutout to all guinnies and wops

shoutout to people losing their loads in RPS

Thanks for reading

Written by kiritooooooo

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed i might make another in a few days time remeber if you liked it vote for Kiritooooooo :)