Round 16 Awards

Written by Elayna

Player of the Round

1st - BlackBeard
2nd - Senseless
3rd - Elayna

GN's most underrated player

Joint 1st - Blackbeard and Salt
3rd - Starfall

Best Newcomer

1st - PriinceVegeta
No 2nd or third place but the list as follows
Noodles, Kratos, BoilerBob, BG, Salt, Starfall, Aly07, RoyalK8, Vizigod, LadyAnna.

Best Killer

1st - BlackBeard
Joint 2nd - Sensless and Starfall

Best Single Kill

1st - Squirtle killing Rob
2nd - Rob killing Elayna
3rd - Wayne killing Omie

Most Helpful Player

Joint 1st - Akasha and Starfall
Joint 2nd - Pea, Elayna and Quizno50

Most Loyalist player

1st - Elayna
2nd - Akasha
Joint 3rd - Kitkat and Pea

The Family Hopper

1st - Stu
2nd - WizisBack
3rd - Diable

The Rafa aka the Pain in the Ass Award

1st - AVM
2nd - Wayne
Joint 3rd Kratos and MadMax33

GN's Funniest Player

Joint 1st - Davie and PHX
3rd - Negan

Best Family

1st - Sanctuary
2nd - Camorra
3rd - Fiore

Best Family Boss

1st - Elayna
2nd - KitKat
3rd - JoeyJ

Best Family Underboss

1st - PHX
2nd - BlackBeard
3rd - Safcftm

Best Family War

1st - Camorra VS Eagles Garden
2nd - Sons of Anarchy VS Moose Kingdom
3rd - Sanctuary vs Wolfpack

Best Family Take-Out

1st - Senseless taking out Eagle Gardens
2nd - Rob and BG taking out Camorra
3rd - MooseKindom taking out Hardcore Royals (Day 5)

GN Legend

1st - Akasha
2nd - Jenny
3rd - Helt

Special Recognition

-PHX for the best auto correct.
-Phil AKA SailorJerry.
-Most EMO award goes to Focus.
-LordMoose for being the most rudest player for shooting Elayna over a dumb extort and generally being rude, thank you.
-All the SOA for new players
-Happy for doing fuck all.
-Elayna for being loyal, helpful and honest.
-Blackbeard for taking 3 ranks 50s out.
-Waters for being fit.
-Elayna for taking over the times.
-Akasha for keeping slots jackpots high.
-Fan for getting killed alot.
-Mike for all the positive game changes.
- pumba, pimba, pomba, helt, K8, Vizigod, Shaw, Pea, Fan, Bruno, MadMax33, StepsRabbit.
- Pimba Pomba, StepsRabbit, Pea, Phil, LadyAnna, Vizigod, Davie, JJ, Kangura, Elayna, Sindel for keeping the game fun in a, Most of times, Boring round.