The Quick Times

Written by Moses


Looks like ReDMaN's reign has ended

Written by Moses

You opened fire on Plainy with 200,000 bullets and killed them. You took their $2,211,229 held in cash and bank accounts. You also took the bounty of $26,000,000 that was on their head.

Well alot has gone on yesterday and today, and ReDMaN sold 300k bullets by mistake in auction house, leaving gangster bidding on then, SexusDeus got the stick for it, but proved he didn't take them, ReDMaN asked to lend the money so he can stock and buy his bullets back, but seemed like plainy wasn't having any of this, so ReDMaN took revenge shooting 200k bullets, this brought Plainy's reign to an end,

ReDMaN may return leaving family's in worry such as my own family Los Zetas, and many other family's... ReDMaN then commit suicide

Few Words

Written by Moses

Just want to thanks you all for letting me have the chance to be put me foward as editor, may not of done a good job but I give it a go,

all i ask is for your vote to give me the chance

thanks, CurranDesigns