New round

Written by ElaynaDM

See you all in the new round.

Don’t forget your have until day 3 to get your votes in for the round awards.

Been a pleasure team.

Davies Dirty Corner

Written by KingDavieDM

let me introduce myself; my government name is David but people just call me Davie
I Am Currently Top 5 GN Players All Time
Best Gambler
Best BFW'er All Time
(there are more but im sure all the womens panties are soaked)

"So i'm sure you all love #UnbiasNews, and i 100% guarantee, with me on board, nothing will be anything BUT THE TRUTH! :D" - Davie
Have you done your weekly bowing to your Red overloads today? No? Okay bow your heads, and close your eyes (obviously we give you permission keep your LEFT eye peeked open a little bit so you can read this) and sing "oooooh our reed overlooards, we understand that dm hooolds no valllluuuee, we accept that you shall always be supeeeeriiourrr"

So i asked a few of gangster nations finest "What is your top fam from this round? pre DM of course!" and these are there iNtErEsTiNg 100% REAL replies!! -

ElaynaDM- " reds "
MaryjayneDM- " reds! "
ChooChoo (aka autoclicker noodles)- " obv reds like come on "
MasterBear (*fat ugly bear)- " Gotta give props to the reds, really putting in WORK! "

you heard it folks!

Now for my final segment, gonna shoutout some lovely people

Elayna- ( read the outro to find out why ;) )
MJ- For being the soul reason i won all that money then died with it all
TheTruth- For always asking me wither or not im watching the game
TomJones- For being a slightly tolerable brit
StuManLivo- For loving me no matter how he acts in chats
K8- herpes
Noodles- Autoclicker
Dylan- For always giving away my blts even though i try to help him
Mutt- For not understanding the word Satire
Jamal (aka kenzik)- For actually telling me his real shit name
Jenny- For talking to me the first time this round
and for my outro, i just wanted to say that, me and Elayna are like best friends now, she finally see's through my harassment as tough love, and now our bond will never be severed, and im proud to announce, were getting married! I know i know, send me wedding gifts now kthx
- davie