Question Time with....

Written by iElayna


Q.Whats your name and where do you come from?

Primal: My name is Helton John and I'm from Portugal #represent (Ana és boa como o milho)

Mutley: I am Stephanie, I was born in Luton in the UK, but now live in Ireland

TastyBites: My name is Ali and I'm from Sunderland UK

AlanCarr: Im Tom from wales

How long have you been playing GangsterNation for?

Primal: Been playing since late round 9

Mutley: I started playing GN halfway through round 12.

TastyBites: I started playing round not long ?

AlanCarr: I been playing this since round 8 or 9 so a few years now.

Q. How are you finding the round so far?

Primal: How I'm finding about the round ? well, I haven't found the round yet

Mutley: The round so far is ok, some days boring, others exciting, surprised a few have left also

TastyBites: The round has been slow..outbursts of shootings expected and totally though..!!

AlanCarr: This round has been going quite well for me got a few more accolades than the last few rounds.

Q. Would you change anything about this round or future rounds to come?

Primal: I'd like ppl would stop trying to monopolize the game by allying with everyone, it's the competition that makes a game be a game, logics 101

Mutley: hmmm yes, I would like to see families stick to there own family, and it is fine to have allies, but think they should not be able to go shooting together. if a family wants to shoot another, fine do it, but do not get another family to help you.

TastyBites: As of yet I wouldn't change anything in the round, well except the killings of my family members..Future rounds..something other than just missions, let's be able to race some of our cars...I know suggestions for this have already been put forward.

AlanCarr: I don't think I'll change much for the rounds.

Q. Is there anything in the game you would like to change?

Primal: remove scratchies refills, they have the potential to turn the game in something completely pay to win and should be removed

Mutley: have a max of 15 50's, and if you want to be a 50, you have to kill one

TastyBites: I'd like to change anon feature on bounties..I see the need for it in other aspects, but come on let's see who actually wants us dead..surely would liven things up ?

AlanCarr: the change I'd like to see is the opportunity for gangsters to attempt to steal other gangsters cars from they're garage.

Q. Lastly... If you could be in charge of the game for 1 day what would you do?

Primal: If I was in charge for one day I'd fire Mike

Mutley: hmmm if I was in charge, lol, slots would pay out all day long, hahaha kidding, No bitching in main. lol

TastyBites: If I was in charge for a day..I'd add a feature every hour to be able to boost bullets..I'd take away anon bounties.

AlanCarr: if I was in charge of gn for the day I would probably make this option avaliable.

Guess The Gangster

Written by iElayna



RULES: Has to be the gangsters CURRENT name and in my inbox and not written in chat
Winner will receive 2 Credits
WELL DONE to the winner of the last guess the gangster,

Correct Answer was : XxbeckiixX

A Question to you....

Written by iElayna

" What one Feature would you change on GN "

Cap scratch n wins

i would like to see an old feature brought back, locking of the cars on the garage.

i want GN to add bodyguard option , so the bodyguard and the one protected must be in the same city , but the bodyguard protects the target ?

limite the amount of 50's say 10 50s only then 49's will have to kill the 50s then rank to 50 ?
We defo need cap the limit on 50's then they will be shot at . maybe family group crimes to raid other families banks ? maybe family tasks and daily goals ?

That should be the feature to change no bullets tax

No Gambling or Mentors.

more levels, maybe 60-75

I'd change the Vehicle theft, Be able to target a certain vehicle

the CS, it should be paid with creds or the "suicidal" should be add to bounties instead of auto-kill.

Bring back 500 per level min

Letter of Resignation

Written by 6LACK

Although the journey has been fun, it has come to an end. My tenure as a "red" was interesting to say the least. As most of you know, the game has been highly unbalanced. In light of that, the players online list has become very very short. Highly understandable, right? In effort to provide more balance, I will be starting my own family as I stated in the last times edition. This family is filling quickly, so inbox your interest ASAP. This family has no allies, nor enemies. With a new round should come a new start. The game has failed to see that for the past 3-4 rounds. I want to make one thing clear, I am not starting this family to take on "reds", I am starting this family to create balance. I can assure you we will have a lot of fun. Successful or not, lets see how it goes :)

Shout Outs :

-JaceyPenney- Im sure you won't be reading this, but in case you look back through these one day, you will see I showed the love. Much love brother!
-Steven- For always believing in and worshiping me. For admiring my organization skills, and for getting excited when I send him Dick pics.
-Robert- For being an emo cunt, sending me weed pics, n always begging to come through so I could plug him.
-Jen- For being sly as a fox, the stealthiest Red of em all. The Queen killer.
-Jamal- For being da shit, and providing me with your name to make my first fam.. (Rob Sucks Jamal) Don't forget ... you're still adopted Jammy.
-Chimp- For not ODing like Rob said. Always keepin it real, organizing shit with me.
-MJ- For being a chat slut, and feeding me when I needed it.
-Stu- For being a funny emo cunt.
-Christine- For being emo always.
-Thighs- For being a sexy dutchess.
-Tom- For always ignoring me
-Tery- For being a weirdo all the time.
-KittttttyKittttyKittttty- Although not red anymore, wanted to let everyone know shes NOT A PUPPET! <3
Thank you for the laughs and good times, original reds. Good luck on the rest of your journey!

P.S. - IF I didn't give you a shout out, you're not a real red, you're a puppet. :kiss:

Tribute To A Hero

Written by MadMax


Thank You

Written by iElayna