Inside the mind of Madmax

Written by Elayna

Was one Thursday evening and MadMax33 was enjoying time to himself, All of a sudden his phone goes off "beep" MadMax33 says to his self " I wonder who is contacting me"
Grabs his phone, glances down and see 1 new notification, as he opens his phone it loads up facebook messenger and 1 new message from Elayna. "omg why is she messaging me" opens the message it reads 'Can you get on gangster nation now pls'

MadMax33 for a few minutes is wondering why Elayna is asking him to pop onto the online game he plays. He replies 'hi there' Elayna replies back within seconds saying 'Can you get on GN pls' MadMax33 is confused as to why so he replies with a simple 'why'
As he waits and wonders why he noticed Elayna is typing then 'ping' her message reads 'Your member killed mine and I want her kicked'

"Oh no" he gasped, one thing MadMax33 cant stand is drama and now he is in the middle of it, he replies back to Elayna saying 'if i dont ?' she replied 'Then rip'

"I don't want to die" "Not Yet" MadMax33 begins to panic not sure what to do, he gets his laptop flashed up and opens up the internet page, as he clicks gangsternation website he begins to think of all the effort he has put on that game, how friendly he is to people and yet he gets nothing back.
He is now online, goes down to his family members and hover over the 'kick' button of the gangster named KittyKat, he takes a deep breath in then clicks Kick.

MadMax instantly regrets his choice but he didn't have any other option, he messages Elayna back saying "You kicked KittyKat from the family. are we cool now ?" Elayna replies with a simple "yeah ty"

As this unfolds KittyKat sees she has been kicked from the Royal British Legion family she take her thoughts to chat, in disbelief that her boss had kicked her rather then standing up for her and the family.

MadMax33 cant stand all this conflict and wants everyone to get along, only way to stop feeling guilty for his actions he is invites KittyKat back to the family.

Meanwhile in the Royal British Headquarters underboss DECKARD doesn't agree with his bosses move to invite KittyKat back to the family so he starts packing his desk up leaving the note address to PHX saying i've left them with there drama.

MadMax33 is now really unsure what to do, he doesn't understand what he should do, the only decision he thought would please people if he shut his family
so he said " i made my decission to close the family" Elayna replied "why" he stated "i can not control everybody in my family" this soon backfired <--- (get it).

KittyKat was fuming raging in chat, she was not best pleased with this decision, taken her rage into main chat for everyone too see, only way she could get back at MadMax33 to shutting the family down is to start throwing shots at his most loved ones.

It took MadMax33 seven minutes without a family to realise he shouldn't be without one so he had talks with AnaSilva and started BOPE Tropa de Elite.

Meanwhile all this is going on AlanCarr is on the hunt down for KittyKat to take revenge for killing his friend Syndrome, finally finding KittyKat shitting at the bar in Compton, He pulled out his light machine gun takes one look at her and pops her straight in the head.

Over in BOPE Tropa de Elite head quarters MadMax33 is receiving messages from RickySpanish, from one friend to another asking kindly if he could shoot and kill him as he has no bullets and would like a new start. MadMax33 takes him up on this offer,
so MadMax33 opens fires on RickSpanish but too MadMax33 surprise RickSpanish reacts shoots back killing MaxMax33 in backfire.

Reaction in Main Chat everyone is shocked no clue to why MadMax33 shot,
MadMax rejoins the game to post 'RickySpanish told me he wanted to quit Gn and asked me nicely to kill him , he said he had no backfire'
RickSpanish set him up.

Poor MadMax this is too much for one night. as he hits the log out button, slowly closes his laptop lid, walks over to the sink to grab a cup of water, walks to his bedroom and tucks himself in bed. "goodnight" he whispers.

Guess The Gangster

Written by Elayna



RULES: Has to be the gangsters CURRENT name and in my inbox and not written in chat

WELL DONE to the winner of the last guess the gangster,

Correct Answer was : Hit

Meet GN's Granny

Written by PHX

A little bit about me first.

I almost 10 years I've played GN never have i showed myself.
Shit or bust here goes.

This was 3 years ago at one of our daughters wedding.
Zombienation / Phil is next to me in the grey shirt
the 3 youngest are 3 of our grandsons
The man on the right is my husband of almost 40 years
The rest are 7 of our 10 kids

ive got a bush

Most of you will know Liesje / Aine shes played gn longer than me
and she loves her bicycle (look closely at her seat)


She really would love these rear lights but cant find them in Holland

And Mercury my ol buddy stop with the currys your'e always pooping
I saw this and thought of you


Matter's Rant Wall

Written by MightyMatter

So welcome back to The Second Rant From yours truly Matter.This round hasnt had much action,Many are hugging it out Kissing till end round or till Many hit 50.The Normal Fuckery is still about Such as Terry the Almighty Bogan of GN and Of course The Older players(Cunts) Such as Tom,Rob,Maid well all of Red fam to be more inparticular.However I have Succeeded to be the best In RPS.All is peaceful this round and Hopefully More action to come!
Phrase of the week, Adel~"Send Nudes!"
Yours truly,
Mighty Matter

Thank you

Written by Elayna