Day Out with Tery and Lesley.

Written by Elayna

One afternoon PHX was wondering the streets of Detroit off to her club meeting with everyone from Camorra, suddenly she heard that Nemesis1 a family member from United killers had hunted down her son and killed him in broad daylight. PHX was angry storming round the streets hunting Nemesis1 down.

Eventually PHX got told by her detectives that he was sitting in a bar in Detroit, unable to get there herself she head to the bars in Chicago seeking local gangsters help.
As she enters the bar she see Shakur and RickySpanish having a beer, she walks up and asked them if they knew Zombi3N4tioN, they both reply " very good lad, such a shame what happened to him" she takes a seat, after a few beers, shots and even a pole dance PHX was drunk and whispered to shravan that Nemesis1 is in Detroit, then she picks her bag up and walks home.

Shakur Comes out from the toilets wondering where PHX has gone, RickSpanish said she was speaking to shravan and then walked out. He phones her asking her what she was saying to shravan, PHX replies "what you talking about I've never spoken to shravan, i was talking with you when i left" Shakur said "you've been speaking to shravan i have been in the toilet" the penny had then dropped for PHX she says " I've told him where Nemesis1 is i have told the wrong person" in the next breathe she then said "i will get another lot out for 30 mins pretty sure hes in Detroit but me being a friggin noob who knows".

RickySpanish had been doing abit of business himself speaking with Nemesis1 about arranging bullet transfers in exchange for credits. As Nemesis does the deal with butchie to transfer RickySpanish 10,000 bullets butchie gives him a deal if he takes these bullets to RickySpanish he wants to keep 4000 of them.
They both agree to these terms and RickySpanish got his bullets.

The Detectives arrive back confirming that Nemesis1 is still sitting at that bar in Detroit, PHX picks up her phone and tell Shakur.
Shaku replies back via text message stating he will put the guy in hospital as he reckons he will lose the fight against him.

Shakur now in the city of Detroit heads the the bar the detectives said, as he enters the bar he saw Nemesis1 sitting there drowning his sorrows, Shakur pull out his light machine gun and open fires and killing him. to his shock to still be here shakur heads for the aiport.

On his Travels to the airport Shakur hears someone shouting him, as he turns he see Grace from United family, Grace said "Time to die? Shakur replied "i Wanted a new name anyways" Grace then grabbed the Light machine gun that shakur had and said "here's to your new name".

In those dying moments Shakur had reflected on what he had done, his final breathe he said “piper perri vid right next to ya name Fenn”

Wise Words

Written by PHX

Firstly I would like to thank Elayna for letting me waffle a bit in the times.
As most of you will know I'm the GN granny.
And with age comes a few downfalls.

1. Memory

That time when you set dets for someone then you transfer to the wrong person !!!!
Shakur.....Jesus fuck hahahahahhaahahah

Shakur I’m fucking pissing myself

Shakur I heard it was cloudy with a chance of transferring the dets to the wrong ducking person

This is how one GN youngster treats your GN granny Shame on you Tery lol

2 Senility

PHX you have remembered to buy a gun i hope lol

Shakur I’ve had lmg since 15 lol

PHX so youve not upgraded ?

Shakur Lmg is top gun lol

PHX d'uh just realised what lmg is ffs

Shakur You make me laugh you really do lol

PHX serious friggin thick moments today

3 Body loses firmness


4 Non existent sex


Mercury... i do love you really you ol bastard
Nitti Nora....stop shoving creme eggs up your bum you'll get piles

On that note thanks for reading an old woman's drivel. I'm gonna jump on my scooter and see what trouble I can cause at the pensioners bingo.

Have fun on gn all and remember if you transfer dets

Guess The Gangster

Written by Elayna



RULES: Has to be the gangsters CURRENT name and in my inbox and not written in chat

WELL DONE to the winner of the last guess the gangster,

Correct Answer was : Zombi3N4tioN

Mighty Matters Rant

Written by MightyMatter

Well first off I would like to thank Elayna for letting me Contribute to the times.All the "OGs" of GN should know me of course,but if you dont you must live under a rock.I am Matter,Only one of the cuntiest players in all of GN.The most Toxic player that Gangster Nation has ever seen!I would like to say that You all are Plebs and You should quit and send me your bullets.Also I would like to thank TomJones for Donating all his bribes Via Rps to yours truly.Second off I want to start a "Best Quotes of GN" section in the next times, So get to DMing me Your quotes for My next article,Thanks Cunties.
TomJones~"Fuck sakes matter quit taking all my bribes"
Yours Truly,
Mighty Matter


Written by Elayna

Okay so to the last survey i did

To the most Annoying player on GN i got vary of results no a clear winner to publish.

Scones with Jam then cream won the vote hands down.

New Survey

What one feature on this game would you Change?

Thank you

Written by Elayna