Special family edition of The Times!

Written by TomJones

Welcome to a special edition of the times! In the past, previous editors have asked each family a question or such, I'd like to change things up and let every family have it's own little article so they can speak about their family from within instead of outside speculation. I did ask every family at the time and below are the families that replied.
Hope you all enjoy, hopefully next times will have some more action following this double xp easter weekend!

Sons of Anarchy

Written by RavenII

The Sons of Anarchy is a crew that we started on another game many years ago. We fought a long war against an Evil Council that had largely dominated the game up until then. We emerged victorious with over 150 accounts under our command at one point. Shortly after our victory, the game died due to the amount of killings involved and the disinterest that was forced upon the victims.

However, the bonds of friendship that were forged lived on. The core members have kept in contact, even though we live in different parts of the world. We play other video games from time to time, like battlefield, and occasionally try a text game. This is one of the rare times where a good number of us have decided to give a text game a try without me having to beg people to play.

We're not a part of any current wars or allied to any families in this game. We are not looking to engage in any wars, but we are open to friendships. We do not have any current goals for this round, as it seems that the top families have largely secured their positions. This round is going to be spent learning the game and the people. Next round, we will have larger ambitions.


Literally the best fam ever.

Written by Reagan

like, the reds, need no introduction, best fam ever, only cause im in it, without me, id be almost as shit as K8's fam, but annyyywaaays, you already know were the best, so literally just accept it

its a gg on the round for everyone else

-davie <3

(Article writer rambling on here)
thats Tom, i know, no one else knew that either, who in the hell calls themself TJ, like, this isnt elm school my g, oh wait, you live on tea island, might not know what im talking about here
love ya tom <3


Written by Elayna

Welcome to Camorra’s Family
First I want to introduce myself if you all don’t no me by now, I’m Elayna Family boss of Camorra, I’m very friendly and helpful, so you need anything give me a shout and I’m happy to see if I can help.
Secondly I just want people to know that our family is currently not recruiting, I get messages daily requiring to join us.
Lastly just want to say Vote for Elayna (Me) for the times, you won’t regret it. :p

new name for the fam

Written by RELLIK

ok so anyone that has been around for a bit knows this is like the fourth installment this round of our glorious family we started as HELLS GATES got dropped became R H E C 1 got dropped again became R H E C 2 and then late last week we got dropped again so lets restart over and we became simply RAISE HELL so for anyone that is still playing this wonderful game of ours this is a shout out to all the BROTHERS and SISTERS that have fought and died beside us this round and who are no longer with us so love yall and for those that have remained loyal and true i personally would love to simply say thank you from your BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER RELLIK AKA MUTT and the rest of the family officers. AND CONTINUE TO RAISE HELL EAT CORNBREAD.

fam name # 2

Written by RELLIK

Raise Hell
The past couple weeks have been a time of change for the Raise Hell Crew. Trying to avoid Police interference with crime rates still rising, they have taken more precaution to avoid lock-up. Always a haze of tension throughout the city and the constant feel of eyes gazing upon you. To this determined Family it is just another speed bump ahead. The bonds of brotherhood & sisterhood run deep within the veins of this team. "Forever Forward, Never Step to the Side."

Thank You,
Rellik & Gamble

Royal British Legion

Written by MadMax33

We Love To Play GN


Written by MadMax33

Lesley, i will hold your hand on the red carpet
Lesley GN Legend ? do we nominate her for Hall Of Fame ??
Ooo furry dash
not beta tho
And a letter dull of bullets if u got shot
yea i played first version
yeah you got a postcard if someone mentored you
by mail ? o_O
Lesley you did play the first GN version by mail did you ??

Final say.

Written by TomJones

I did ask all the fams to write an article and what you see above is written from those few who actually replied. Some went into depth about the families, some just promoted themselves for times editor :rolling_eyes: however each piece was written from a member of said family.

Would just like to say thanks for the votes, I hope you enjoy the times I've done so far, if you enjoy reading these then vote for me for next week!
- TomJones <3