The Times

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Gangster Nation News

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Hello, this is my first ever times, so I might be a bit rusty, I've got to thank you all for voting for me as Plainy(the main editor) dropped out to give someone else the chance, and now I've got the chance, so let's see how it goes

So Here Go's...
Its been an interesting week in gangster nation, there's been a few killing's, the bullets have been flying.

First of all, there have been a group of 'transformer's' entering GN, offering out their auto-slime no many characters, giving grief, acting like they run the show. Some people thought it was a laugh at first, but then it got on people's nerves and then started the killings off. Shine started of killing fondlebee, then finally finishing off the autococks by killing faptimusprim, then that finished the reign of the autococks. after a bit, in chat, shine started arguing with a few characters in chat and then got on a gangster's nerve's, then it seemed Michael had enough and then searched shine and then killed him, he shot around 170k...

The Chat Room

[11:37:07 AM] <CurranDesign> what a dumbass
[11:36:56 AM] <John> (noob)
[11:36:53 AM] <John> :lol:
[11:36:41 AM] <ISicarius> :lol:
[11:36:40 AM] <PulpFiction> lmao
[11:36:40 AM] <danny89> i didn pt my name as uknown
[11:36:17 AM] <VISTARO> y put ye name as unknow then post in here haha
[11:35:25 AM] <danny89> You have successfully extorted $241,190 from VISTARO.

General News

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well done Team GB




The Game

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first person to message me wins 500k

How can you add eight 8's to get the number 1,000? (only use addition)

message me the answer, winner get 500k


The Interview With Michael

Written by Moses

Message sent day 31, 12/08/12 11:37:59 AM by Michael:

US might leave me be i think, dunno about shines pals

Message sent day 31, 12/08/12 11:36:56 AM by CurranDesign:

so are they going to kill you, or leave you be?

Message sent day 31, 12/08/12 11:36:22 AM by Michael:

yep for shooting when i was told not too

Message sent day 31, 12/08/12 11:35:28 AM by CurranDesign:

have you been kicked out of your family now then?

Message sent day 31, 12/08/12 11:34:51 AM by Michael:

told me to fuck off with this face :lol:

Message sent day 31, 12/08/12 11:33:57 AM by CurranDesign:

what did he do wrong too you, to make you shoot him?

Message sent day 31, 12/08/12 11:33:36 AM by Michael:

He's a cunt

Message sent day 31, 12/08/12 11:32:54 AM by CurranDesign:

why did you shoot shine, did he do anything wrong?

A Loss Of a Teenager With Many Dreams

Written by Moses

Kyle WinterBottom

On The 4th of august 2012, i sadly lossed a friend, who was close and a loving person, he was only 16 years of age born on the 8th February 1996, he was a friend to many people, and had many hopes and dreams ahead, he played rugby for Hull and Wigan Warriors, on the 3rd of august he had a massive fall from a 40foot drop and landed horribly with, serious injuries, he was on a life support machine until for a couple of days, until the doctors said he wasn't going to live, so he sadly past many, he was an amazing person and dearly beloved, rest in peace angel, love and miss you loads <3



Few Words

Written by Moses

First times, and I hope it went well and enjoyed it, if you have any suggestions, you want me to put in, 'if' I'm not editor, then don't hesitate to message me

The Times By, CurranDesign, @ashchriscurran

Shout out From SexusDeus To Storm

I love you but you need to cook more because im going hungry 8)