The Awards for round 15

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Full Awards List

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The Awards list of winners and runners up will appear in the next issue of the Times, For now you will have to watch GNTV for the Results.


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From issue #100

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13th Jul 2013

Jagged's Interview With Mike

This is Just one of the question's asked at the time almost 5 years ago.

What would you like GN to look like in 5 years?

I'd just like it to still be here. The website is stable so it's all about perfection now, it would be nice if people were still interested in playing for many years now. Of course we'll see the odd new feature too.

Most importantly, I'd like to have made a strong move into mobile by then. Native mobile and tablet apps.

The Times Would like to say well done on this i believe you have defiantly made this already.
Please see previous issues #100 for full interview.

JoeyJay's Joke of the Day

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Two old retired Female Gangsters, PHX and Patsy, were outside their GNsville nursing home having a smoke, when it started to rain.

PHX pulled out a condom, cut off the end, put it over her cigarette, and continued smoking.

Patsy: "What's that?"

PHX: "A condom."

Patsy: "Where'd you get it?"

PHX: "You can get them at any chemist"

The next day, Patsy hobbled into the local chemist and announced to the pharmacist that she wanted to buy a pack of condoms.

The guy looked at her strangely (she was, after all, in her eighties), but politely asked what brand she preferred.

"Doesn't matter," she replied, "as long as it fits on a Camel."

The pharmacist fainted.

Thank you

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Thank you For Watching Hope you enjoyed, and please do keep them shout outs coming. And any news you got no matter how small I can and might use in the Times.