Deathmatch Special

Written by Weetabix



Written by SugarPuffs


Hi all, well we are over the half way mark now on Deathmatch and so far it is going well (not for my family's).
We have had a lot of killing going on, not to many arguments(ok a few), but as far as i have seen all toys have stayed firmly in ones pram.
So what have i spotted so far.
Well the Reds finally got taken out by The Purples, with Quinton killing both Jace and MarsisBack in quick succession.
Top Ranked as of this moment is Khyne, Level 50 with 79,316

Valiant a Level 23 with 252 killpoints is currently top DM killer, will this be beaten by then end of it, watch and see i guess.

And Alderweireld stacked up a impressive 45 kills on one account.

Remember this is only correct at the time of me Writing it, and is subject to change.

And i know Akasha dosn't like me mentioning her in the Times, but i got this one odd thing that has happened that i would like to share.
Akasha killed Coolcobra in bf, taking out his family, not sure but as far as i can remember this might be the first family take out via BF

GN Awards

Written by Weetabix

Welcome to Gangsternation Awards for Round 15
please see below on rules and how to vote.
I understand that some of you have trouble copy and past the list as you play on a mobile, message me and we can sort something out to see how best to record your votes.

Players Awards

Player of the Round
Exactly as it says

GN's Most Underrated Player
This is for someone who has done things quietly and unnoticed

Best Newcomer
For someone first or second round of GN

Best Killer
Best overall killer, bot necessarily the one with the most kp's

Best Single Kill
For that one kill that made you go :o

Most Helpful Player
For someone who has helped you out with many things

Most Loyal Player
The player who was the most Loyal to his family and/or friends

The Family Hopper
That player who has been seen in more family's than any one else

The Pain in the Ass award
for someone who just don't stop

GN's Funniest Player
For the player that has made you :lol: more often than anyone else

Family Awards

Best Family

Best Family Boss
As it sounds

Best Family Underboss
Once again obvious

Best Family War
For the war that you thought was a good one

Best Family Take-Out
For the best 5 minutes of GN this round

Special Award

GN Legend
Ok new this time, this will go to someone who has done many good things over the last few rounds that you have played.

Also looking for anything special you want to mention that has been missed.
Someone who might not fall into any of the above but you want to mention. I will pick out a few, not all, and mention them.

How To Vote

Below is a list of all the awards, its simple just copy the list and then send it to me with your vote, following a few simple rules.

1. You can NOT vote for yourself. Repeat NOT
2. please add your most common AKA to the list when you send it in.
3. Only 1 vote per player, i.e you can only vote once.
5. You do not have to add a name to all categories, if you only want to send in a name for one or two then thats fine.
6. the winners will be announced on day 4 of the new round so you do not have to vote now you have till the end of day 3 to vote.
4. My say is Final.

And for the record this is for fun and i have no interest in cheating it in any way
i have done this many times and it is JUST FOR FUN!

Your most common AKA please.

Player of the Round=
GN's most underrated player=
Best Newcomer=
Best Killer=
Best Single Kill=
Most Helpful Player=
Most Loyalist player=
The Family Hopper=
The Rafa aka the Pain in the Ass Award=
GN's Funniest Player=

Best Family=
Best Family Boss=
Best Family Underboss=
Best Family War=
Best Family Take-Out=

GN Legend=
Special Recognition=

JoeyJays Joke of the Day

Written by Weetabix

Blackbeard walked into a bar and the bartender said : 'Hey, I haven't seen you in a while.
What happened? You look terrible.'
'What do you mean?' said Blackbeard, 'I feel fine.'
Bartender: 'What about the wooden leg? You didn't have that before.'
Blackbeard: 'Well, we were in a battle and I got hit with a cannon ball, but I'm fine now.'
Bartender: 'Well, ok, but what about that hook? What happened to your hand?'
Blackbeard: 'We were in another battle. I boarded a ship and got into a sword fight. My hand was cut off. I got fitted with a hook. I'm fine, really...'
Bartender: 'What about that eye patch?'
Blackbeard: 'Oh, one day we were at sea and a flock of birds flew over. I looked up and one of them shit in my eye.'
Bartender: 'You're kidding, you lost an eye just from bird shit?'
Blackbeard: 'It was my first day with the hook.


Round 16

Written by SugarPuffs


Thank you

Written by Weetabix

Thank you For Reading Hope you enjoyed, and please do keep them shout outs coming. And any news you got no matter how small I can and might use in the Times.