There was a storm, but it wasnt on GN!

Written by Plainy

GN News!

Written by Plainy

Well yeah, nothings happened. But I do have something important to say!

I played football on Sunday, and got very wet. There was a lightning storm and everything was so cool!

But in other news, this is most probably going to be my last issue for a while (Unless something exciting happens between now and sunday).

I've taken myself of the voting list, so good luck to who ever is next editor, and no I wont help you!


Written by Plainy

Last issues winner was Shine with the guess of Superior. Well done to shine for guessing the correct Gangster!

This weeks is this rather lucky chap. Dancing away with his eyes closed having no idea that there is a girl in front of him. (I had to crop the picture because she was only in her underwear!).

So lets see the picture.


Well it certainly surprised me to find out he wasn't a fat nerdy looking fellah! Thats the only hint your getting!

I will put the winner on my profile!

So usual rules apply, the winner will get 500k!

General News

Written by Plainy

Welcome the General News section with me, SuperioR!





Funny Messages

Written by Plainy

Time for some interesting messages. First one you need to read from bottom to top! Unnatural Selection family chat!

[10:20:14 PM] <SuperioR> We are pure Geniuses
[10:20:05 PM] <Plainy> IT MAKES NO SENSE!
[10:19:54 PM] <SeaN> whaddaup wid dat
[10:19:53 PM] <Plainy> It makes no sense
[10:19:51 PM] <SuperioR> We dint have a line of them tho
[10:19:50 PM] <Plainy> exactly!
[10:19:50 PM] <SeaN> there's four people
[10:19:48 PM] <ReDMaN> well it said i did
[10:19:46 PM] <SeaN> Supercars only have 2 seats
[10:19:44 PM] <ReDMaN> AND I CRASHED
[10:19:40 PM] <ReDMaN> YEAH
[10:19:35 PM] <Plainy> tis what Joker did!
[10:19:32 PM] <Plainy> You can get more cash in a school bus
[10:19:28 PM] <SeaN> And handling is 30%
[10:19:21 PM] <ReDMaN> school*
[10:19:19 PM] <ReDMaN> yeah i thought you could get more bullets in a shool bus
[10:19:16 PM] <SeaN> speed only 50%
[10:19:15 PM] <SuperioR> So im down
[10:19:09 PM] <Plainy> go for it!
[10:19:08 PM] <ReDMaN>
[10:19:07 PM] <Plainy> haha
[10:19:00 PM] <SuperioR> you can get more cahs in a pick up
[10:18:52 PM] <SuperioR> Technically
[10:18:36 PM] <SeaN> PT-124513 Pickup Truck$111,800

Your Bank Robbery is now complete and the team managed to escape with $1,974,100 in pure cash, you each received $493,525.

Our deduction was sound!


The second one is from main chat, I have no idea what is really going on!

[12:23:05 PM] <Leprechaun> TRIPLE WHAMMMMMMY
[12:23:02 PM] <HulmeY> you must be jokin ?
[12:22:54 PM] <SuperioR> Now your making a joke about a joke about a joke
[12:22:31 PM] <Leprechaun> superior i think so ye... oh no ive gone cross-eyed
[12:21:47 PM] <SuperioR> yes, but was that a joke about the joke ?
[12:19:44 PM] <Leprechaun> that was a question as well as a joke*
[12:17:26 PM] <Leprechaun> speaking of cows does lizz still play

And thats it!

A Word from the editor

Written by Plainy

If you want to come and do the times for me (i.e to get you more votes in this weeks times vote) then message me.

Thats all I've got to say!

Cheers for reading and thanks for voting. I know Wizwang will be over the moon!