Welcome to 119th issue of times

Written by DivineWolf

Welcome to 119th of the times i hope you enjoyed my Christmas special and i hope you like this one even more.I will do my best but no one will ever top joeyjay shout out to joey for being an epic times editor.now that we got Christmas out of the way lets have a real times.


Written by DivineWolf

"Shoutout to FOREV3R from Clay - Your one awesome lady ❤️ "
ShoutOut from Ram4Fun to Monkey you have smelly balls
ShoutOut from DivineWolf to everyone who supports me in the times thanks guys
special thanks to Elmo An ColdKyle for supporting me in the times
ShoutOuts from DivineWolf to everyone who doesnt like my times just dont read it
ShoutOut to PHX she dropped nearly 6 fams single handedlyDivineWolf
Big shout out to DaddyMonk3y, love his big banana!!! PS Who the fuck is Keiran anyway"-Elmo
ShouOut to kingtravvis2 for weekly rankings
ShoutOut to Monkey for dying in a lv.2 bf
ShoutOut for Elmo dying in the same persons bf 7 times
ShoutOut to Cinna the big\dog for being killed by dylan
ShoutOut from DivineWolf to MaryJane 420 mj

Ideas to Improve GN

Written by DivineWolf

-Add a daily log in reward-DivneBear
-Add 15min on detectives-xcv
-Make it to where you can shoot any amount at a target-xcv
-Add a system to buy cash like credits like $1 for 1.5m in game currency-Forhire7
-Add Notes to the bounty so you can tell them why your bountying them-Christopher2
-They should let rep and S&W pile up not reset every day-DivineWolf

Joke of the Day

Written by DivineWolf

Police:Where do you live ?
Me:With my parents
Police:Where do your parents live ?
Me:With me
Police:Where do you all live ?
Police:Where is your house?
Me:Next to my neighbors
Police:Where is your neighbors house?
Me:You wouldn't believe me if i told you
Police:Tell Me!!
Me:Next to Mine


Written by DivineWolf

are you drunk yet vadar?
09:57pm kieran5001
nah vadar your pp is realy rasist mate
09:57pm quinton
09:57pm Vadar
09:57pm quinton
09:56pm Vadar
09:56pm Vadar
09:55pmquinton you look racist ?

is this chat in a nutshell or not ?

Surprise invterveiw with Vadar

Written by DivineWolf

What vader said when i surprised him with an interview. lol

anyone that worships the bear is good in my books shes alright ?
[x] 10:09 PM

what do you think of maryjane the top ranked player ?
[x] 10:09 PM

[x] 10:08 PM

[x] 10:08 PM

whats you BC ?
[x] 10:04 PM

not sure about favorite tbh but killing adel this round with 23k made me die laughing i still laugh today about it haha
[x] 10:02 PM

what was your favorite kill you ever made
[x] 10:00 PM

plymouth squad should be that family name but i like them too
[x] 09:59 PM

what about the mad hatter family
[x] 09:59 PM

i like focus and a few others in there
[x] 09:57 PM

What are your thoughts on the public enemy family as a whole ?


Written by DivineWolf

Xcv Killed Derekacorah
DivineWolf Killed MyHouse
Rainbowballs killed savagemann
The witness said: "Good job, you guessed that right. I can positively tell you that IScotiaI DID kill Laca. Thanks for the $1,000,000 too!"- Start of a war ? we will see
Rainbowballs killed IScotial
Then something happens noone expected Daddysgirl from El Temido killed Erby and Marie wiping Enchanted Illusions
RainbowBalls killed Kieran5001
rip to dale with no reveal
Rip to beardedguy no reveal ill miss you buddy *fires 21 shots*
Three days ago a Nazi Leader: Adolf Hitler, commit suicide on day 80. He sadly died without making a nazi family.Hes Trevorisme now if you want to kill him again lol

This got me right in the funny bone

Written by DivineWolf

I don't target cheap people...
Target me I have money
I don't give a shit about u either
Warrage well nobody cares about you or your sad pathetic non existent life

that comeback had me rollin i dont know why but it struck me as funny as f***

Music to Match the feeling

Written by DivineWolf

When people treat the game as a reality

To all the GN legends

Died well keep this in mind

"Level" Improvement Suggestion!

Written by DAM

With the addition to increase in money, respect/disrespect points, and S&W; Why not add bullets and cars.

Ill break it down:

Money/respect points/S&W is at normal levels
cars come on different levels from above
bullets come on different levels from above


All together!

Shoot me a message and let me know what you think!

Short war

Written by DivineWolf

Once upon a time in the illustrious eagle towers the kingpin himself was doing his ironing when Iscotial climed up into the window in the back room unheard.Since it was Christmas the defense of the tower was lacking and that how Iscotial got in.He lined up the shot and Just as he pull the trigger from that back room and as soon as he did rainbowballs entered the room watching as he could do nothing to save lace in time and in his moments of grieving over his dead friend Iscotial escaped.RainbowBalls swore vengeance for his dead friend.After Rainbowballs
and ram4fun search and along the way they found Iscotial and RainbowBalls yelled die you scottis prick and fired 20k in his direction.Iscotish unable to hide suffered a severe death.Rainball not happy decided to pay to have the G Squad dropped.

Accolade achieved EAGLE DEFENDOR-RainBowBalls

You witnessed RainbowBalls kill IScotiaI. You had detectives follow the shooter who is now being tracked in New Orleans, LA. but the times editor cant shoot peaceful like


Written by DivineWolf

I know this one was better than the Christmas one.But how did you like was fun to actually take time to produce one.Thanks for reading this times.If you liked let me know
also remember just a game have fun and keep the killing up.I know there was no video but i nearly broke my leg in the attempt thats why there aint one.
and if you want to vote fr me as editor ill do my best to do better every times