Welcome to the 118th Times

Written by DivineWolf

Welcome to Article 218 of the Times Christmas addition

Shout outs

Written by DivineWolf

Shout out from Elmo to fatfuk Cheers to him for being the best Fatfuk in the game!
Shout out to Cloud
Shout out to IcomeWicked
Shout out to ColdKyle
Shout out from DJClowney to everyone Merry Christmas
Shout out from DivineWolf to joey the legend times maker
Shout out from FOREV3R to CLAY ... carry on being amazing ❤
Shout out from Rainbowballs to DivineWolf
Shout out from RainboBalls to crazzyd for being a b****
Shout out to KingBong420 to everyone Happy 420
Shout out from Rainbowballs to everyone Merry Christmas

Ideas to improve GN

Written by DivineWolf

-add a credit lotto-DivineWolf
-Increase max level from 50 to 55 or 60 -IcomeWicked
-Do more bullet rush more (3x bullets in the store than normal for 12hrs)-IcomeWicked
-Add protection on slots like similar to Black Jack protection-DivineWolf
-GN should lower the bullet tax from 40% to 10% like money is-Charlotte18
-They should add holiday events everyone can participate in-DivineBear

Christmas song Gangster Version

Written by DivineWolf

Let it Snow/Let them Rain
Oh,The Gangsters outside are frightful,but being stocked is so delightful
and since we've got no place to go Let the bullets rain,Let the rain,Let them rain

These wars show no sigh of stopping i brought some popcorn for watching.The Gangsters are running low so Let the bullets rain,Let them rain,Let them rain

We are finally stocked up now,Now its time to get back into the storm as i hold my bullets tight and hope they get me through the Night

As the wars come to an end and all my friends and family are dead,But as long as they are revived back from the dead Let the bullets rain,Let them rain,let them rain


Written by DivineWolf

Thanks for reading my version of the times i hope you guys liked it.
Also thanks to all who got me elected
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