Hero's and Villian's

Written by JoeyJ



Written by JoeyJ


Dammit Herb: Cinna's Version of Events

Written by Pup

Alright, the story you've all been waiting for. Eagle Enterprises and Bad Boyz shooting each other. You've got the lucky opportunity that your two Times contributors are from each of the families involved. You can hear from Joey, probably in GNTV, in Bad Boyz (BB), and me in Eagle Enterprises (EE). So listen up peasants, this is what happened from my pawspective:

It all started with Herb...doesn't it always? So we were all chilling in our EE Estates, when Rian..from EE obviously, slammed his beer down on the table. He has been enjoying his time at 50, and has been developing a bit of a beer gut if you ask me. He decided he wanted to do something other than just sitting around. So he decided he wanted to shoot Swan from Bad Boyz because she had a store, and more importantly according to KingEagle, "Why the fuck not?" So Rian (EE) shot and killed Swan (BB), but he's gotten a bit rusty and shot silent by mistake. Way to go Herb. What he didn't do: Get another bullet store. What he did do: Piss Bad Boyz off.

In retaliation, they gathered their troops and stormed EE Estates. Focus (EE) was outside tending to his flowers, so as they approached, Daenerys (BB) grabbed him and ended his life. The flowers will probably die now, thanks a lot Dora. That kill was just the beginning as they continued to storm the Estates. EE, unsuspecting, was caught off guard as they were playing cards and bickering. 
Methodman (BB) saw Sparta (EE) sitting in the corner by himself, not invited into the group to play games. Methodman killed Sparta and then, noticing his own limited supply of bullets, retreated.
Candace (BB) cornered a weak player, Chokersback (EE), slowed down by his heavy weight and inactivity. Somehow she died in his backfire, which is a mystery to us all. ShowBiz shook his head at this attempt and shot ChokersBack, finishing him off. He fell to the ground and all signs of life left him. This is why you don’t play with clowns children, some IT shit going on here.
Determined not to screw up anymore, Bandida (BB) and Daenerys (BB) selected their next victims. Bandida (BB) noticed that ScaryLeaner (EE) seemed strong as she was an old account with 0 kills. Bandida decided she would take this one, since she too had not made a kill in a long time. Bandida took a deep breath, expecting quite the fight. However, Bandida was strong and took down ScaryLeaner on her first try. Daenerys (BB), or Dora, confident with her lotto wins found Toker sleeping, and laughed as she killed him. She looked at her fellow family members and waved them to continue deeper into the Estates. She smiled at them and said “Come on, vamonos, everybody lets go!”
At this point, EE hasn’t done shit to defend themselves since the first kill. Now, Rian (EE) started all this. So it would make sense that he would be went after next. JoeyJay (BB) decided to go for this level 50 that had killed Swan, and he decided that he would take Elayna (BB) with him just in case things went downhill. They ran towards his direction, but quickly ran out of breath and needed to walk the rest of the way. Joey reached for his gun, but Rian turned quickly and shot Joey. Elayna, upset over the fall of Joey, turned and took a shot at Rian. Rian however shot her down, making his third BB kill.
Both of these kills were in backfire, as EE has continued to not stand up for themselves and do anything. What are they thinking? Lets just sit here and see if we close our eyes BB will go away?

At this point, BB decided it was time to stop dying in backfire, and start killing these EE members…who again are not yet fighting back because who knows why. BB may or may not have killed DarkSoul from EE, we all know where his soul is going. Feeling energized from the the fight heading in their direction, BlackBeard (BB) found LittleBlowMe (EE) resting and held a pillow over his head. Darren (BB) came around the corner and came face to face with Clunge (EE). At first Darren was stunned to see a woman so close to him, but he quickly regained his composure and shot her right in the heart.
FINALLY, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, EE decided to wake up and do something about this fight. Irritated that he had to wake up after just two days of rest, Stevo (EE) killed OGTyler (BB) as he entered the room. What an OG. DonShaw (BB) saw this encounter, and as Stevo went to sit back down, he shot him in the rear end. Blackbeard (BB), confident in himself after his kill of LittleBlowMe, strutted up to NAS (EE) and attempted to shoot him. NAS had enough of all this, and slapped BlackBeard in the face before shooting him and shaving his beard. Mika from EE was then killed by CactusJack (BB). I told Mika not to touch it, but he didn't listen and ended up covered in thorns and bleeding until he passed away.

EE decided that they've had enough of BB being in their Estates causing a ruckus. We go to sleep early ffs. Erkin (EE) put down his croissant, and shot Bandida (BB) before she could make any more kills. Erby (BB) was loading his gun, ready to shoot whatever EE members he came across. He had his men out bringing him a target, but before he could get his shots fired, ExaltedDemon (EE) killed him in one shot. Not bad for shooting a level 40 that has barely shot at all.
Daenerys (BB) then began to talk big game in main chat, with the public watching. She portrayed herself as a strong, dangerous individual. EE members began mentoring Daenerys so she would hit 40. This didn’t go as planned however, because when Daenerys hit 40, she hired on EE's level 50 members, and then used credits to drop level to 39 before anyone from EE could hire on her. Tbh, I pawsonally thought it was a lame move. Im sure it was a certain dragons doing. EE members were pushed to drop to level 49 to be able to reach Daenerys, but it would take them time. In that time, Daenerys used the rest of her lotto to kill PsychoKitty (EE). Daenerys (BB) had detectives out for our KingEagle. Her detectives were 12 minutes away from coming back, and she had plans to waste some of our lovely eagles backfire. However, Jennifer (EE), who had dropped from level 50 to level 49, shot Daenerys before she could cs in Eagles backfire.

The fighting still did not end here. Imaan (BB) was on his way out of the Estates when he ran into NAS (EE). NAS had killed Beardman (BB) and shaved his beard, so Imaan was hungry for revenge. Imaan shot NAS before he could react, and watched as he fell to the ground.
This may be the bloodiest, longest running battle GN has seen this round. It was too much for some to take. Eagle Enterprises and BadBoyz both unfortunately lost some who have taken their own lives. Monkey (EE) and Pickles (BB) both committed suicide and joined their fallen brethren.

At the end of the day, this is a game, and we are here to have fun. Joey and I are still able to work on the times together. EE and BB are still able to joke around and have fun with each other. Friendship remains on both sides. Take notes people, this is how it's supposed to be.

Stricly Business

Written by JoeyJ


News From Eagle Towers

Written by JoeyJ

Wayne our roving raving reporter was down-town Gnsville on Eagle boulevard just outside Eagle Towers, on the evening of day 77 around 8.25pm GN time reporting on a mugging incident, when all hell broke loose. This is a transcript of the events from our brave reporter on the scene in the middle of one of the bloodiest battles we have ever been witness to.
due the the graphic nature of the evening events video of the event is in the hands of the GNPD where ChiefWiggum is currently selling it of to Activision to turn it into a shoot-em-out video game.
What we have been able to do is to write up a full and somtimes graphic Transcipt of the night happenings from Wayne's report.

"Hi all and welcome to the lovely setting outside Eagle towers, where recently there has been a crime wave of old people being mugged while waiting for the bus.
we have an eye witness to this, ladies and gents this is Bl.................OMG What the fuck was that................TAKE COVER..................."

Wayne ducks for cover behind and old lady sat at the bus stop

"Well that was unexpected, Badboyz have just arrived at Eagle Towers in full force, well nearly full force.........All hell has broken loose their is gunfire and explosion coming from the lobby of Eagle towers, i'm gonna get a little closer to the action and see if I can find out what is going on."

"ok I have found somone who can help explain what has just happened and why"
"Hi takes a big breath well what the fuck man, they have turned up in mass, I mean seriously what the actual fuck"
"I apologise the live viewers of the words used by PeaNutZ, there was a few choice words used then but I guess we can edit that out later". "so Miss PeaNutZ can you tell the viewers what you know about the goings on today"

"Sorry about that but man that was fucked up. Yeah ok well what happened was, Rian from Eagle Enterprises decided he wasn't to happy that Swan from BadBoyz got a nice new bullet factory up and running in his backyard, So he decided to have a pop at Swan to get the shit for himself, but the idiot decided to shoot from a distance with his long range shooter with the big silencer attached. So basically when he clipped Swan's wings he never had chance to move into the business before old Butchie got his hands on it"

"Ok thank you, we will hear more from Her later, I have just had a report that Focus was doing a bit of gardening when BBz Turned up and was first to be Shot by Daenerys wasting no time in popping a 45 in the back of his head, Its all gone quiet for a mome..................Nooooooooooo.............Sparta has just been thrown out the 4th floor window, and I can see MethodMan leaning out with an evil grin on his face.
Ladies and Gents I am moving inside the lobby of Eagle Towers to get you a more accurate report, Back Soon"

"Okays guys I'm inside the lobby and we have bodies and blood...oh shit sooooo much blood...and is that....I do believe that's a piece of brain matter hanging from the lobby's vast and extravagant chandelier, Must go on...Must go on... I can see that Candace From BBz is dead from what seems like the unmistakable wounds suffered by Chokersback's back fire."

Wayne walks to the corner and once again see's what he had for breakfast
"ok I can see the lifeless bodies of ScaryLeaner & Toker, with BBz members Bandida & Daenerys standing over them laughing."

color=gray]Wayne makes his way up the stairs following the BBz members, but not to close he don't want to mess his charming good looks up[/color]
"I'm back, now on the 12th floor of the Towers and I can see JoeyJay and Elayna power moving into position to shoot Rian, who it seems unaware of them approaching. JoeyJay pulles out his gun and befor he manages to kill Rian turns and guns down JoeyJay with his MiniGun, Elayna tries to react but its over for the Elayna as well, That's a lot of Blood"
Wayne Spotted 3 members of BBz heading to the EE Gym so followed them in
"ok Blackbeard, Showbiz & Darren has just openly walked into the Gym and opened fire Killing another 3 members of EE, Littleblowme full of holes against what was a mirror, Chokersback is dead on the Benchpress with Clunge slopped over a large deflated ball, This is bad guys and gals real bad."
"okay strike one for EE, i have just seen Stevo kill OGTyler as he was loading his Tommy Gun, but befor he had a chance to reload DonShaw took revenge for the kill gunning down Stevo as he was taking cover in the sauna"

"Man glad i caught up with you, i just seen Blackbeard, CactusJack, Bandida and lead By Erby go up to the 18th floor swimming pool, ITS NOW RED MAN I MEAN ITS THE REDIST POOL I HAVE EVER SEEN. calms herself and carries on to camera They was hunting down NAS, Mika, Erkin and ExaltedDemon. i don't think it went quite to plan though as Nas got Blackbeard befor he shot and then CactusJack popped Mika in the pool, Bandida and Erby was up on the Diving Boards Sniping down but Erkin and ExaltedDemon was way to quick for them man they shot first and Erby is now resting in the Shakespere."

"Wow thanks for that PeaNutz but you better get behind me an.........where the fuck you going......get back.........Fuck sake she's gone on up stairs the crazy bitch........we can cut that right, don't want my fans to think I am some sexist monster or anything....."

Wayne had made it to the 99th floor where the top 50's hang out
"I am here on the 99th floor where the 50's lounge is and i can see PsychoKitty has been Killed by Daenerys, finally BBz have worked there way up to killing a top rank, but wait whats going on OMG its Jennifer, she has just walked up to Daenerys and put a bullet into her as she was running up the stairs to KingEagles office, that was a close call let me tell you"

"This reporter has seen enough i need to get back down and get this to my editors for all to see. deep breathing as running down 80 sets of stairs
Breaking news i have just seen Imann throw a grenade at Nas who has picked up the grenade and is running........in my fucking direction.........shit run.......FUC............"
Wayne is silent for once, still and in several pieces along with Nas from Imann's grenade

It was at this point PeaNutz found the camera attached to Waynes hat that was still on his head but no where near his body, She then handed into me at GNTV headquarters, but this was not for the fainthearted so i as your Reporter decided to only let you read the transcript from this most horrid and friendly of wars.

Later a report to the Times come in that

OmieDaHomie said "Im ready to walk in with the white.. il have to ask sergeant steve tho"

JoeyJ replied to this with a snap that "lmao he demoted from king to sargent lol"

Cinna's Bark Box

Written by Pup

Welcome to the BarkBox. I think we all agree that Joey needs to do GNTV in his garden more often, I'd like to see Casper the dog next time though. So much of GN sits in their houses all day behind a computer screen, clicking mindlessly. Seeing nature on GNTV is the closest they will come to actually being outside. It is a wonderful service for those players of GN that are truly in need. This weeks edition of the BarkBox includes some news (real, not fake news), and as requested, some stripping pictures of GN's finest showing off what they've got to try to take best in show. BTW, it's Cinna..not Cena. So it's pronounced Sinn-a. Ya know, Cinna, Casca, Cassius. Stay in school.

Onto the news. Stevee of EE dropped to level 30 to make 3 gangland kills, dropping 2 families in the same night. Impulsive little lad. He decided to hunt down and stalk the lair of the family Lost Insanity. Looking through the window he saw boss and underboss, TheStare and AlienQueen, enjoying some porridge and evening tea. TheStare apparently did not see Stevee's stare, and Stevee swiftly shot them both and disappeared into the darkness. Without their boss and underboss, the family scrambled and disbanded, falling. However, they decided to pull themselves together and overcome this with a new boss and underboss. They worked together to form their new family into Mutts Marauders. Even though they may have Lost their Insanity, they did not lose their bond for their family. Stevee went on to shoot Diable, boss of Hitem School, dropping the family. Stevee then died in backfire (about time) to SuchIsLife, who went on to kill ChimpEagle (After his strip tease of course). SuchIsLife was then killed LittleBlowMe. (He did in fact blow him)

Highly requested was for the BarkBox to include a stripping section this time. Don't you all have the internet for that? Even so, as I am a pup for the people, I have gotten the best of cameras, and caught our players in their spare time. What are gangsters without a little stripping action? I have decided to include some of the finest species on GN in this section, posing as they put on a little show.

Steve, our KingEagle: After he comes home from the iron throne to his Eagle Estates, he likes to unwind with a little drink, smoke, and dance.

ChimpEagle/Monkey likes to throw on some bunny ears and put on a show for anyone that will watch. I captured him in his element.

Amplify/Azy..She loves the pole, but the pole does not love her. If she does that to steel, what will she do to you?

And yours truly, Cinna.

Thank you

Written by JoeyJ

Thank you For Reading Hope you enjoyed, and please do keep them shout outs coming. And any news you got no matter how small I can and might use in the Times.