Still waiting for the storm

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GN News

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So what’s happened? Well we’ve had one incident. And that’s it for the past 2 days. Well what happened?

JohnLocke shot Leprechaun and died in backfire.

And that’s it for the Gangster Nation News!

General News

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Welcome to the General News section with me, SuperioR!.






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Well no ones guessed the gangster yet, so here he is again with some handy clues:


So here are the clues:

1) He has a music list on his profile
2) He has recently changed his name
3) He’s been in such families as Genisis

So, yeah, if you guess you get 2 shiney credits. Get guessing and good luck!

Profiles a Profile

Written by Plainy

Well profiles are profiles right? This week we have Shine.

His profile will be rated on style, content, pictures, text, music and my overall opinion!

So lets have cheeky look at his profile.


So, lets get reviewing!

Style: Old school style, picture music text. Just how I like it! 4/5

Content: Well it has everything doesn’t it? Pictures text and music! 5/5

Pictures: Some damn find pictures right there, and I do like the colours and everything 4/5

Text: Oh dear oh dear, bit of hate towards another player. Not good 2/5

Music: First single I ever bought, beast of a tune! 5/5

My Overall Opinion: Great profile, really like it! 4/5

And the average score is: 4/5

Video of the edition

Written by Plainy

Well, this got submitted by RedMan this week. You decide if this gangster is gay or not!

So, this is Nocturnal, he dances for money, and sometimes performs other things in the back of cars and on cam!

If you have a video you wish to put in, then message me!

Messages Section

Written by Plainy

Well this week we have 3 submitted messages, 2 of which were from the same person. So lets start with those first!

[08:12:19 PM] <John> Anoybody wanna bet that when 1nstinct logs on i get a message saying you are 2k points ahead of me in rankings you are sad?

And here is the 2nd one:

[I]Message sent day 21, 02/08/12 08:30:04 PM by 1nstinct:

Sad fucker
fuck that, theres no fun in the round if you speed to 50, im taking my time

Message sent day 21, 02/08/12 08:29:19 PM by John:


Message sent day 21, 02/08/12 08:26:28 PM by 1nstinct:

You must have nothing better to do than click away

Message sent day 21, 02/08/12 08:26:07 PM by John:

Message sent day 21, 02/08/12 08:18:51 PM by 1nstinct:

1400 ahead of me now
you sad bastard ;p

And the 3rd one is from Unnatural Selections family chat!

[11:02:13 AM] <HulmeY> brb gunna build a boat
[11:02:08 AM] <SeaN> brb
[11:02:07 AM] <SeaN> i need one m8
[11:01:59 AM] <HulmeY> lool
[11:01:47 AM] <Plainy> random as fuck
[11:01:41 AM] <SeaN> brb ganna buy a suit

Vader vs. Batman

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Word from the editor

Written by Plainy

Well another issue wrote!

In the next issue I will be doing an interview, if no one requests one I will pick someone who is online at the time. So please message me asking for an interview!

And that’s it

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