Drinkin again, Thinkin again

Written by DrunkEagle

After an interaction with what I considered a long time friend on this game today it has made me reflect on my years of playing this game.

Things aren't always what they seem. More than one giant backstabbing tends to happen at least every round. People are by nature, are shady and self serving. Shit happens. Blood is spilled, people talk of asperations. One team wins, the other looses (and often sits around, speaking crap and yammering about how they will get even). One person ends up on top, and often leaves a strew of people feeling betrayed. Sometimes not, but the one on top, often ends up leaving many with a very sour taste in their mouths. Bitterness breeds more bitterness.

In the end, this is Gangsternation, not Hugnation, not WarmfeelingNation, but Gangsternation. Rob, steal, kill, scam, pillage... MAKE A FUCKING NAME FOR YOURSELF. MAKE SURE FOR WHATEVER REASON YOU MAKE AN ENEMY, THEY WILL FUCKING RUN WITH FEAR JUST BY HEARING YOUR NAME. But remember, in the end, its just a fucking game, not something to be taken as real life.

I've got alot of friends on this game. alot of people I'm loyal as fuck to, alot of people I'd kill for, and vice versa.

No ones a mind reader. Share your plans with your friends. Just remember loose lips sink ships... and families...

Cooking shit with Mick

Written by DrunkEagle

In this edition of cooking shit with Mick, I'll show you how to make Carnitas tacos/pulled pork.

for this recipe you will need
Chili Powder
Dried onion
Pink Himalayan Salt
Ground Black Pepper
Liquid Mesquite Smoke
Lime Juice Concentrate
Garlic Salt
Sriracha sauce
Crystals Hot sauce
1 pork shoulder roast, bone in.
(if you are Jewish, Muslim, or just don't dig on swine,
you could use a beef bottom or top round, bone in preferable...
just don't think about using that tofu shit)
fresh rosemary
dried chilies de arbol
one navel orange
a crock pot

In a bowl mix 6 tablespoons Chili powder
1 tablespoon pink salt
1 tablespoon garlic salt
1 tablespoon ground pepper
2 tablespoons lime juice concentrate
1/4 tablespoon liquid smoke
4 shakes of dried onion
3 tablespoons crystals hot sauce
2 tablespoons of sriracha

take a fork and stur that shit up.
when you are finished it should look like this

Now is the time to bring out your pork shoulder roast.
Get a good knife, make sure its sharp
interesting fact, the closest you can come to cutting the flesh of a man
is cutting the flesh of a pig
it is amazing what a man can do with a decent blade
most pork shoulder roasts will have an extra flap of fat on bottom
cut this shit off, its not hard. Get er done, bish.


Now that you've learned how to cut a person up, its time
to take that paste you made and slather it all around that wonderful slab of pork
your hands will get dirty, but we should all be used to that by now...
Whos hands have really stayed clean?

put that shit in the croc pot.
put that shit on low heat.

now that shit is slathered up with the chili powder paste, and put on low heat
you need to do a few more things, bitch...

put in two dried chilies de arbol on each long side of the pork roast
two sprigs of fresh rosemary aswell
put the lid on the croc pot. crack a beer.
not whiskey mind you, just beer...
get on gn and start ranking. this shit is going to take awhile.

an hour into this shit, you take that navel orange and cut it in half
as if it was your worst enemies throat
squeeze that shit ontop of that meat like you were squeezing out the life
of someone you truly hate...

3 hours into it, removed the dried chilies and rosemary
put the lid back on at let it sit another 5 hours.
keep ranking on GN and drink beer.
at this point, take two large serving forks.
push the bone out of the roast, and shred the meat
drain 80% of the juice out of the croc pot
before you start shredding, the meat will look like this

now at this point, you can make some pico de gallo
put that shit into a flour tortilla or a corn one
some cheese, some sour cream, some sriracha
a bit of freshed chopped onion and iceberg lettuce


you can slather your favorite BBQ sauce onto this meat
put that shit on a bun

call it pulled pork and enjoy.

oh, also, RANK BITCH

Ask Mick

Written by DrunkEagle

In this section, you can ask me about anything
Life, GN, Women, Jail, Booze,
how to survive in the wild

ask and I shall answer

send your questions to my inbox

GN pics

Written by DrunkEagle

I am very disappointed in you plebs. only one person other
than myself submitted a picture


and despite King Steve saying he would show his if I showed mine, here is mine
I expect him to show his in the next edition
I do realize heavy is the head that wears the crown
yes, I finally shaved off my beard and yes, I am a ginger


Wayne not mighty

Written by DrunkEagle

its been pretty apparent that Wayne has been annoying most everyone in chat. its become so bad at this point, most folks have blocked him. I have given people an opportunity to voice their opinions on this public forum.

Wayne, you are an annoying prick. Your dad should've pulled out.

There should be a one-time special feature in the game where people get to vote for a player getting chat banned for life, like the Times vote. This feature should be used for Wayne and then removed from the game.

I legit hope wayne gets raped by goats

Cinna's Bark Box

Written by RobsDad

The best section of the times that Joey has cruel been withholding from the people.

and Mick says Cinna needs to write like before, because it was good and could be again.

Shout outs

Written by DrunkEagle

From an anonymous person: Its Phelons birthday on sunday... day 59 ? can you also add that i wish him a very happy birthday, and his blow up doll is in the mail ?
To infinity and beyond.

From me to Wally: Soon child, soon.

from Sinister to Panther: I can't believe you thought there were only two curries. ?

from OmieDaHomie: Shout out to my Mom, Mom i made it. Plus, shoutout to sammiee for being such a nice kind person. ps please let me come.

Anon: Shout at to the King... Love you ? ?