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New Round

Written by Joey

Hi all and welcome to round 14 of our great game GangsterNation.

well I was planning to do a new GNTV last night, but due to me being a bit of a numpty I managed to delete the video I made instead of uploading it. Still need to work out how to use my new laptop.

Well all done now so hopefully you will be able to watch it, I am planning on getting a better editing programme of some type, this will make viewing for you much more enjoyable.


Written by Joey



Written by Joey

Achilles Profile Designs.

Making all types of images from name tags to full profile sets like his own.

costing depends on request. size, graphics ect.
will not exceed 5 million or equivalent in bullets or credits .

to advertise on this page please send details to Joey for adding into the Times.

Thank You

Written by Joey

Thank you all for watching GNTV and reading Todays issue of the Times.
Hope you enjoyed it andplease remember the more you give me the more i can add to it and make it a better publication for your amusement.
and remeber if you like what you see please continue to vote Joey as your Editor.