Calm before the storm (Hopefully)

Written by Plainy


GN News

Written by Plainy

Unfortunately only going to be a small issue this evening, due to lack of anything happening and things like that!

No one of importance has died, nothing has really happened. Unless you count Captain getting kicked from Panthers Elite because he constantly begs all the time, and clearly the owners of Panthers Elite got annoyed and kicked him. Other then that, that’s it!

General News

Written by Plainy

Hello and Welcome to General News with me, SuperioR!.






Written by Plainy

Well yeah, last issues guess the gangster was guessed within minutes of the issue being done! The winner was kiwisweet and she guessed correctly it being AzteK.

So its time for the new guess the gangster, who is this rather good looking chap (Why do I never get women?)?


No clues right now, you’ve got to guess without them. Next time we’ll have clues!

So normal rules apply, winner gets 2 credits, so simply message me and the first guess wins!

Profiles are profiles

Written by Plainy

Well profiles are profiles right? This week we have ChaoticX.

His profile will be rated on style, content, pictures, text, music and my overall opinion!

So lets have cheeky look at his profile.


Style: Good looking profile, bit gay like but its all about ChaoticX 4/5

Content: Has pictures, text and music. Everything that a profile needs 5/5

Pictures: All made by himself! Love them all 5/5

Text: Usual text that everyone sayd 2/5

Music: Awful music, everyone gets let down by this! 2/5

My Overall opinion: I like his profile 4/5

So his average score was 3.6/5

Funny Messages Section

Written by Plainy

Only got one sent to me, so here it is:

[09:12:15 PM] <PHX> omfg

[09:12:05 PM] <theclown> onli worth 700k per 1k

[09:11:54 PM] <1nstinct> Buying 10k bullets 7m put in ah

If you have one you want to submit, then message me!

Video Time

Written by Plainy

Moms Driving

Written by Plainy


Submitted by John

A Word from the editor

Written by Plainy

Well that’s another issue done, only a short one tonight folks. Sorry kinda tired with the kid next door constantly partying and keeping me up all night!


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