Written by Jezki

My name is Steve I am better than you. I have a few contributors who will also write nonsense so feel free to blame them if the times is shit, if you do find yourself disliking the his times however please be aware that your opinion isn't valid as I am better than you. Luckily fluffy won last week so I don't have much to compete with, thanks for been shit fluffy xo

P.S Dragons aren't real but chlamidiya is

Eagle Facts

Written by Jezki


Eagle lives matter (apart from Jamals for obvious reasons)

• Chuck Norris fears the beak
• Eagle knows Victoria's secret
• Eagle tells Simon what to do
• Eagles can hear sign language
• Eagle is the reason Waldo is hiding
• Eagle does not lie he simply alters the truth
• Eagles have bigger dicks than horses
• Professor Eagle invented electricity
• Father Eagle can stop time
• Eagle can drown a fish

Cinna's Bark Box

Written by Steves40


My name is Jace aka Cinna aka Gn's favorite Pup and I'm better than Steve, which in turn means I am also better than you. Welcome to what is always the absolute best section of the times, my BarkBox. I talk about whatever I want here because it's mine, not yours. Normally I would have some kind of action to report here, but the majority of you have just been hugging, flirting, and licking ass so there has been no action. Whatsoever. Congrats on turning a gangster game into a sit and sometimes click buttons game.

There are some mediocre at best things that have happened that I suppose I can dull you with. NOTAGAINOMFG was killed after whining that he did not want to help his family shoot because he wants to hug his account and not do anything. So he got killed for being a beg. We don't like that shit. He is now TwistedSucks.
Ant was one shotted at 50, with 0 kills, after jumping from fam to fam trying to be granted extended life. That’s almost as bad as Steve being shot 3 times at 40. Almost. Isn’t that Steve dude supposed to be good too?

Shout out to the diehard huggers with 0 kills or purpose:
Happy77, Level 50.
Eartht0aimee, Level 46
Stumanlivo, Level 50
Ellis, Level 47
Darkangel, Level 50
QueenJessica, Level 50
Shanti, Level 50,
Smokin, Level 50
And too many more to name.
Day 70+…Why are you even here?

Also shout out to all the people that messaged me inquiring about joining Anarchy but not wanting to do anything to prove themselves. Do you think we got to where we are with letting any rodent in off the streets? (Okay we did that once with Jamal)
Vote Jezki again so he can be your editor again next week, vote for the BarkBox.


Written by Jezki

As of my times election the action thus far...


Thank you for reading.

Interview with Tom Jones (Secluded)

Written by Jezki

So Thomas thank you for giving up your precious hugging time

I feel the term "hugging" is a term that shouldn't be used when describing me

I'm sorry you feel that way Thomas' would you prefer I call it cuddling?
Anyways tell us, how long have you played GN

First of all Thomas? This is too formal of a title. I don't cuddle I just chill
I started around beta roughly or shortly after, been on and off over the years

Ok so Thomas I'm doing the questions so if you could refrain from questioning me that would be great.
What has been your best memory/moment in your long career with us?

Ok sorry sir, I won't ask anymore questions. Well my best memory would be hitting 50 for the first and only time so far in my long spanning career of GN. Took me several hundred attempts but I finally did it all by myself

Well that's er impressive I guess?
So obviously after playing the game for so long you must of made a few friends and enemies over your time, care to put them on blast...

Erm I've met some decent people on here yeah, met more cunts than anything, wait can I say cunts? Well I said cunts twice now so it'll be fine. Erm Ash/Hulmeys alright for a manc, Cinna/Pup isn't too bad as long as he's not being emo and hating me but th biggest cunt has to be Fenn, dude threads more lies than anything, thought he was a friend when in reality he's just a crackfiend. Also not too keen on the whole Crimson/Foe lot mainly Helt and Azy. Second they die they spew BS and don't stfu. Back out of retirement next round I here

Intersting (rolllllllllll)
Thomas a little pup told me you were interested in joining our wonderful group of people next round, but you won't shoot to earn your stripes. Any comments?

That little pup is correct. Pup asked me to shoot when they was avenging you dying at 40, again...


He asked me to shoot after it all went down and I couldn't just shoot whilst I was in revolver. When I'm in a family, I'm loyal to that family, once I die I'm a free agent unless I wish to go back to that family. Also I've not stocked for the most part of this round, current count is 5k BJ is a bitch.

Well that's all very noble and soft Thomas I think that's all the shit I need to fill a gap, thank you for your time.

I am a very noble and soft person. Thank you for choosing myself as an interviewee, I look forward to glowing reviews in the upcoming times. Good day


How to win the lotto

Written by Jezki

How to win the lotto in 3 easy steps
Step 1 Image

Step 2

Step 3 - collect

The List

Written by Jezki

So as you may or may not be aware next round there will be a ban on hugging but on top of that some of you unfortunate lot have made 'the list' the list is as follows;

Mike - Handing lottos to undeserving huggers, hair loss, weight gain
Ryan - Rushing me to do the times, running to suck next mans dick
Fenn - Ginger call centre creep, welsh idol told me he's a crackfiend to so...
Walker - Sucks dragons, beats chicks when drunk
MrsWalker - Taking aboves penis
Focus - Fenn's well fed dog ?
Eagle - Getting merked at 40 a stupid amount of times
Rob - Yank Helt, keen fisher ✊?
Helt - Portuguese Rob, crimes against minors (just a rumour, started by us)
Bunny - Victim of aboves crimes, also wanted to put them near eachother again
Azy - Always drunk, always has to tell us she's drunk. Doesn't drink.
Jamal - Token black guy
Cinna - Transgender
Ballout - No explanation necessary
Monkey - Plotted to kill us but still creeps into bed
Ant - Scouse, died at fiddy with nothing
Hypno - Has a weed card, won't ship it over
TomJones - Doesn't like hugging won't shoot anyone
Ash - Same as above ish (Fraudelent kills)
Aimee - Works 2 hours a week, claims she's tired
Pink fam - Hugging all round disgustingly shit counts
Lethal - Dickhead

Banter w/ Hypno (Round 13 Recap)

Written by FunnyBrooke

I'm Gone, but I'm still here.... Call me Helt.

Steve did a pretty god damn good job roasting the above huggers (cuddlers) use whatever terminology tickles your fancy. Round 13 has been a real shit round to say the least. I bought loads of creds and didn't do anything remarkable other than BFW Hulmey wasting 476k of his bullets after him scamming me 130 creds(Then sent back). I also lost 1k credits to Wig on RPS.

I shot FOE/Crimson/MainCauseOfHugging all round, which was fun. Helt cried alot, which means mission accomplished.

If you think I'm a cunt now, wait till next round.

Hypn0tiC Shout Outs!

Written by FunnyBrooke

Hi, Im Hypn0, you've probably never heard of me before but I want to give some people some shoutouts.

Ash aKa AyeeSsh aKa British Hypno - For always keeping it real. For sitting in your freezing cold car during the winter to charge your phone while the power was out to wipe FOE with us.

Andy aKa Rock - For being a real life gangsta and also always keeping it real. Feeding each other anytime we needed it. Team work makes the dream work.

Qtex - for bringing me here to this fucking addicting game. Despite our completely different playing styles we had some fun and stirred some shit up.

P - For being the coolest Canadian I know. You probably have the most perseverance of anyone I know on here... Always getting shot for our shenanigans... Welll usually I was the one who cause our deaths but thats alright. Maybe next round you will be able to rank to 50 in peace B)

Steve aKa Eagle - For letting me get down on some of this times action.

Sweepea - For getting to 49 then CSing.

All of Anarchy for keeping it real and playing the game wrecklessly. Thats that shit I like.

I dont have anymore time to include anyone else. If I forgot you, I apologize. Thanks to all of NWO for the fun this round. I had a blast. We didn't accomplish all I wanted to, but we had fun. For the most part. Till next time!

Weekly Targets

Written by KingDuck

So as this round has reached it's peaked before day 80 I think a fun idea to get shooting to happen is having weekly targets (If you participate in this Iwill love you).

Weekly targets will consent of 5 lucky people that I pick if you kill any of the 5 people I pick there will be a reward (maybe if i'm feeling nice). There will also be a special target that to whoever kills them gets a prize (even if i dont want to give one). The targets of this week are listed below

1. 243
2. wipass
3. ega
4. Federal29
5. Repo
Special target. Twistedsucks
Hope everyone who isnt hugging try to participate and happy hunting


Written by Steves40

Give me my cat back Michael.

I have the ultimate challenge for the people of GN. If everyone could send in a help request with the content #FreeRobert that would be great. Lets try to get 60 separate requests in, one for each day that GN's favorite pussy cat is banned. We can do this, challenge accepted.

This means war Mike

G of the week

Written by Jezki

Jen, don't question me why. She wins don't like it smd :)