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Written by Myst

Welcome to my first entry of the times, I would like to thank everyone who voted
for me and hope you enjoy the read. If you like this time please vote for me
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Lack Of Shooting

Written by Myst

Due to the lack of shooting this weeks new will be a little bit different as i do not have a main story to write about . I hope you all do enjoy the read though.

Interview With Game Owner

Written by Myst

> 1) Firstly how are you and how do you feel this rounds going ?

Good thanks, and players are enjoying themselves so I guess the round is going well!

> 2) Any upper coming features coming to gangster nation if so what are they?

Yes. We're working on customisable profile content, a new Vehicle Theft, Racing and Vehicle Training.

> 3) Will there be any other ranking features coming to gangster nation like drugs ?

There are no plans for new ranking features at this time, although we would like to incorporate a drugs feature back into the game in future.

> 4) Would you consider revamping families to make it so you have to work as a team to acquire things such as businesses ? for example reach certain milestones to unlock the business instead of buying if you have wealth.

We would certainly like to add more family orientated features in future but there are no immediate plans for this.

> 5) Thought about making properties player own and able to transfer etc ?

No plans for this, we settled on the current system after a lot of thinking - we've had player owned property systems in the past and they never worked very well.

> 6) where do you see gangster nation in the next 2 years ? with the activity ? will it grow or drop.

Naturally text based games are in decline as the use of desktop computers declines and mobile usage increases, the peak for this kind of game was around 2007-2009. That being said, we do have a mobile interface which is currently being improved with the beta version, so I would hope in 2 years the game is as active as it is today... after all we've already been around for 12 years and we have a great community here.

Player Weekly Interview

Written by Myst

This weeks interview is with HELT
1)How long you played GangsterNation?
I'm a relatively new player, started a few days before round 9 deathmatch, so that'll be a year and a few months.
2)Is Gangster Nation What you thought it would be?
Nop! I still learn new things every round and still get surprised with the things people sometimes do to get a leverage in the game.
3)How did you manage to get The crimson & FOE as one?
FOE always had good relations with The Crimson, both families play in a similar way and I've been friends with Azy almost since I started playing this. It was a troubled friendship, we shot each other a few times (had to show her who's boss ;)) but eventually we talked and settled our differences. Given that The Crimson was dissolved back then and Azy was playing for Anarchy, I decided to invite her to FOE and also invited some of her old Crimson members to make her feel more at home. Those few crimson members kept growing and it got to a point almost half were old crimson members so I decided to call the family a "merge".
4) Do you feel your group controls the game?
Not at all. The way to force control in the game is through shooting and influence. FOE is a defensive family, we never start beef we only end it, so any family has the possibility of getting organized and get better than us. We're strong through organization and game activity, we don't shoot our way up. We also have a policy of not interfering with other families businesses and we never had any alliances before, except this round with revolver, and that wasn't meant to be, it just happened and we let it happen due to events that happened last round, to make sure no one would play a similar trick on us this round.
We know there are a few players that spread the rumor that we're a big evil and we control the game, but that's just because we're usually on top and they want their own families to be there. So because most families can't exercise the same kind of game activity and organization, they just resort to schemes like that. Which is ok with us because they'll end up doing something that'll make us shoot them, and that's how we go up in kill points.
5)What needs to change within the game to make it better?
The possibilities are endless. There are mechanics in the game that can be improved, new features that would make the game much more exciting, but that can be achieved in time because we have an admin that actually updates the game according to players will. Just keep sending him suggestions and have patience because we all know his resources are limited and it might take some time.
There's another big factor in the game, which is its small community. That have positive and negative aspects, the positive one is that you socialize much more than in other massively played games of the same genre. You'll get noticed in GN whether you want it or not, and usually, people make friends here and that's the reason why most keep coming back. The negative ones are the people who take advantage of the small community and try to disrupt the game by throwing propaganda and insults in main. When it's done in a way to set up a scheme, throwing propaganda to get a leverage in the game, I think whether you like it or not you gotta learn how to deal with it. What is wrong is when you try to do that using someone's personal life. I think no one want's to have their personal life exposed, and most times distorted, in an online game. It's degrading and can actually affect someone's life. I think people doing this should be dealt by the community itself, in a "keep it in the game or get banged" kind of way.
6) Lastly, in your times edition, you said you was going to retire, What changed your mind?
I didn't change my mind, if you read it again you'll notice that I said I was going to stop playing the game "actively". Which I did, I'm not ranking my account or putting any effort in the game. I mostly log to chat and see how things are going. I just needed to lay off the responsibility of leading a family for a while.

Top Killer Dropped

Written by Myst

(For the humor of the players)

Wig Boss of HighLife was killed on day 38 by Negan VIP of FOE Rumor hasit that wig was gambling at his local casino when it got heated with Negan & Negan waited for wig outside with his goons and dropped wig.

Real Reason
When I asked Azy Underboss of FOE why Negan shot Wig she responded with the following image.
So note to all do not threaten FOE or this could be you. Wonder in the upper coming weeks will their be a retaliation attack ? Only time will tell.

Updates GN Needs

Written by Myst

(1)The families capacity should be decreased from 15 families to 10 families, Because
you should have to work for your family to be on the statistics page by working together
with your associates by terminating a weaker family. By this slight change will always ensure
constant wars to obtain a spot on the families stats page.

(2)Being in a family means nothing, Why not have it so the family has to work as one to obtain the family businesses.
for example currently you can purchase all the family businesses straight up if you have the funding. Why not have it so you
have to reach a certain milestone as a family to unlock the businesses , Each business has a different milestone.

(3)Family group crime, There should be a 6 man group crime to raid another families banks.
For example its like a bank robbery but you rob another families bank. But if you fail
you all get a penalty point for example they auto rob X% of your family bank or you go into a unbreakable jail for X time.

(4)There should be a drugs feature. A mafia game without one ? C'mon. You should have to buy a drugs lab in each state and upgrade them for X cost
then collect the payments daily . If you miss the pick up time slot then you lose that days daily income. This ensure players visit all locations.

(5)Mission. The current mission are boring and unrealistic, There needs to be some sort of story line with the missions. For example Have 5 family bots
you pick one and you do a certain story mode based on that family. Then when you die pick another family mission and get a whole new set of mission.
This ensures players do not get bored of the game and stay interacted.

(6)Certain Caps On Protecting Properties. I feel to balance the game a bit there needs to be a cap on the amount of properties a players can control.
For example you can hold 1 of each property if you try to claim another it does not allow you to take over. Also families should only be able to protect
1/2 bullet stores.

(7)Music on profiles. You should be able to have music on your personal & family profiles.

(8)Their should be a tab on family profiles saying kills. It should list all the revealed kills that family members have obtained throughout the round.

(9) Maybe a credit lotto :)

(10) Poker

(11) Boxing. You fight other players the winner is based on the users boxing level. wagers can be money , bullets or credits.

(12) You should be able to pick your own family color. Or simply have different colors so families are distinctive & have their own color & not another family has another shade
of your color .

I know the admin of this game may not do all or any of these changes but i feel this game needs to become more balanced & more fairer.

Current Stats

Written by Myst

Family Statistics
(1)F O E
(4)The Pride
(5)Psychopath Gang
(9)Dead Man Inc
(12)Rehab Therapy
(13)Titan Mafia
(14)Zyam Family

Top Weekly Rankings
User / Level / Points / Family
1) ProfDrHunt Level 42 28,695 RevolveR
2) stumanlivo Level 40 28,002 RevolveR
3) White Lion Level 38 26,124 The Pride

Top Kills
1) Wig 12 HighLife
2) WhadupTho 8 No Family
3) Charley 8 No Family
4) MissCarla 7 The Pride
5) Intermission 7 FOE

Top Kill Points
1) Wig 315 HighLife
2) Vegan 180 Highlife / FOE
3) Focus 144 The Pride
4) Khyne 122 Psychopath Gang
5) prayers 99 The Pride

Recent Kills

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Shout Outs

Written by Myst

(1) I would like to thank everyone for voting me to write this weeks times.
(2) Shout out to everyone in ShadowCrew & United
(3)To mike who is constantly updating the game for our enjoyment
(4)From WhiteLion GN is the congregation zone. For all walks of life may i add.tell your friends.

Gangster Jokes

Written by Myst

(Q)What do you get when a blonde and a New York gangster breed?
(A)A juvenile delinquent who spray-paints chain link fences.

(Q)What do you get when you cross a gangster with a garbage man?
(A)Organized grime

(Q)What did the gangster's son tell his dad when he failed a test?
(A)They questioned me for 3 hours but I never told them anything!

Video Of The Week

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Written by Myst

(Prize 1million)

Message me the correct answer and ill do an online draw then announce the winner.

(Q)Rearange the letters ,What country is this dnaliaht
(A) ?

From MethodMan

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Thanks For Reading

Written by Myst

Thank you all for reading this weeks times. If you enjoyed it vote me for future times.