Chief Who?

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GN News

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Well, the gangster nation news. So what has happened. Well there was some people who chatted abit, a few people committed suicide and 1 or 2 people got killed.

Our most notable deaths were of Clyde, who was boss of Confectorium, and then Artex decided to drop the family. NB got their revenge after Dexter had quit!

Also Trizmo died, after being hit listed for $12 million, Ollie shot him, and claimed the $12 million reward!

Finally, Chiefwiggum died, well all that can be said is this


We also have a few new credit features! All fun and games, check out the credits page for more information on this!

General News

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Welcome the the General News section with me, SuperioR!.





Instinct of 1nstinct?

Written by Plainy

Well he’s like marmite, some of you love him, some of you hate him! 1nstinct, people say he’s crazy, I think he’s alright. Just don’t ask him to print screen things else you might find out that he’s watching some kinky videos!

Plainy: Hey, how are you?

1nstinct: I'm very good thanks, Yourself?

Plainy: I’m just all dandy thanks! So what’s been going down lately?

1nstinct: Good

Nothing much same old same old, Yourself?

Plainy: I don’t think you get the point, I’m suppose to ask the questions kidda!

So, how did you feel when you got found out watching porn whilst playing GN?

1nstinct: Well in all honesty i forgot it was even there LOL, and when john said in chat i thought wtf is he talking about, then i realised and felt embarrased

Plainy: Were you enjoying yourself at the time?

1nstinct: No haha because i wasn't even watching it, it was just there from a while before

Plainy: Oh so had you enjoyed yourself then?

1nstinct: Off course ? Who doesn't

Plainy: Erm, A-sexual people? Enough on that anyway! Talk me through what you did last round to make so many people dislike you?

1nstinct: Erm i think the word i should use is a total noob

Begged for a lot of shit, Shot people for fun and caused trouble when i shouldn't off, Made too many people dislike me, I aint going back to me old ways no more.

Plainy: What made you change?

1nstinct: Didn't like the fact everyone hating all the time so just decided to say enough was enough and changed

Plainy: I didn’t hate you, but I thought you were really annoying (still think it now tbf) the change has done you good! You’ve got a decently ranked account and a lot of respect points, how does it feel?

1nstinct: Well everyone has there opinions of me so thats okay.

And tbh im not fussed about ranking and respect, i just like logging on chatting to friends and knowing im not hated by the whole of gn anymore

Plainy: Its my opinion that you shouldn’t pretend to be something your not, are you pretending to be something your not?

1nstinct: Nope im not i am myself and myslef only

Plainy: That’s good to know! Have you got any targets for the round now?

1nstinct: Nope im not i am myself and myself only

Plainy: Well time to wrap up I suppose! 5 random questions!

1) If you drew me in the GN secret Santa, what would you get me?

1nstinct: I would get you a santa clause hat

Plainy: 2) Describe your current underwear

1nstinct: Calvin klein, tight, blue

Plainy: 3) Whats your favourite animal?

1nstinct: Erm will have to say Dog

Plainy: 4) Whats your dream girl or boy?

1nstinct: Haven't got one, just a girl that aint fake i suppose

Plainy: 5) What is your favourite Olympic event and why?

1nstinct: The only one i enjoy is Swimming, Diving, and the running, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, just for the fact they are the only ones i enjoy everything else bores me

Plainy: Well thanks for your time! Chat later <3

1nstinct: Anytime

cya x


Written by Plainy

Well its that time again and we have finally had a winner! A WINNER, yes a real winner, after a full week of people guessing wrongly we have a correct answer.

The Gangster was Jerry aka Meatloaf, and the winner who had his 2 credits until he died was Kufar.

Anyway, onto this issues #GuessTheGangster. Lets look at this sexy fella, and when I say sexy, I mean SEEEXXXYYY


So, who is this guy? Well I can inform you that he has pictures of himself in just his underwear that he sent to girls when he was a player, he’s not a player anymore tho!

I also like his goofy little beard!

So who is he? Inbox me with your guesses, the first correct answer wins 2 credits!

Movie Madness

Written by Plainy

Well, the movie that I am going to review today is spy kids 4.

Well yeah, it was shite. Honestly and truly shite. The only reason why it might be worth watching is purely for Jessica Alba in a cat suit.

Excuse me for 5 minutes whilst I go appreciate that thought!

*5 minutes later*

Well yeah, the general story line is about 2 kids who turn into spys (just like spy kids 1, 2 and 3) there is a super villian that is trying to destroy the world (in this instance he is trying to stop time) Jessica alba in a cat suit and guess what, the kids beat the super villian with some super lame gadgets with the help of the original spy kids (btw, the girl is pretty hot now and shes 24 to ?)

So my rating of this film? 3/10

Profile Rating

Written by Plainy

So who’s it going to be? Well its going to be Mike!

We will be judging his profile on style, content, pictures, text, music and my overall opinion! So if you want to see his profile, here it is kiddies!


Lets get rocking!

Style: Mike is a stylish chap, simple sweet and short! 4/5

Content: No text, but it has a picture and some lame song which I’ll get onto later 3/5

Pictures: Well I’m not sure if it was done on paint, BUT it still looks pretty nifty 4/5

Text: No text =[ 0/5

Music: Lets have a listen…Erm, could imagine Mike sitting in his car bobbing his head with his shades on. Really not my cup of tea though! 2/5

Overall opinion: I like Mikes profile, always have 4/5

And the average score was: 2.83/5

Video of the edition

Written by Plainy

I’m running out of ideas, so this is probably going to be the last time I do this unless someone gives me videos!

Enjoy abit of Luke Skywalker (aka Mark Hamill) doing the joker!

Your Funny Messages

Written by Plainy

So lets see these funny messages that I have gained for this issue:

Someone talking about having a life in chat:


Someone getting confused:

ReceivedToday, 10:54:41 AM from Sasuke
SubjectNo Subject
are u joe

And that’s all I’ve got, if you have a funny message, then please message me with it!

Thor with a Phone

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A Word From the Editor

Written by Plainy

Well another issue done, been a good boy for a couple of days now with a 2nd issue. Hopefully next issue should be on Thursday, with any luck!

Thanks for reading, thanks for voting and remember rate 5/5

Cheers x

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