The News v187

Written by SuperNova

Well, it's been a while since my last issue...
I won't be formatting this column as usual and picking all the news details, I'm a bit late and that takes some time and work and Walker and Azy have put some effort into this issue so I want to be sure I don't miss on publishing this...
Summed up...:

Image GN looks like a software store now, with every family having its own v2. This started because FOE decided to make a second family, so let me clear this one myself... That happened to keep our inactive players together and was meant to be a low-level family, which turned into something else when Hulmey decided to invite Joey's Crew there. Which was fine with me, because I have much respect for Donna and Joey and their core members. FOE and RevolveR are friends, also there are foes in RevolveR and we might ask each other help like everyone does with their own friends! But keep in mind, the core of that family is Joey's Crew and they have their own leaders and a mind of their own!

Image New game updates on group robberies and profiles! (you can now get the gold bank robbery accolade with a savana)

Image DEATHSQUAD was dropped by FOE after RunD killed a FOE member for his cash lotto. The remaining members joined Wig's family "Highlife"

Image Syndicate was dropped by Light Squad. The motive seems to have been an old grudge from last round. Sonic closed Light Squad and joined FOE and his crew spread to different families. Syndicate members started Nexus.

Image Nexus was dropped by Highlife. The motive seem to have been an old grudge from last round (is anyone else noticing a pattern here?). Nexus crew spread to different families.

Image United v2 was dropped by Team Titans v1 and v2, following a conflict that have been going since early round. United v1 interfered (after claiming they had nothing to do with United v2) and started shooting Titans v1 and v2. Titans v2 made the mistake of placing a spy from United v1 as underboss, so United v1 killed Titans v2 boss and claimed that family as their United v3. In the meanwhile, some random noob made a United v4 family, but he decided to shoot Celeste (Lvl 5 Bree) and died in her backfire dropping his own family.
With so many V involved I think it's safe to say someone had to get the D...

Image Anarchy was dropped by FOE. Bunny got killed again (stop shooting the bunny FFS), Steve got killed at Lvl 40 again and Rob decided to have a go with Vegan but ended up eating his broccoli.

Vegan VS Rob

Written by Walker

Dominance & RealMoose aka Rob & Steve shout out to Vegan like.....


United VS Team Titans

Written by Walker

United & Team Titans went to war with one another, each family had a second family due to the high population of their groups. Rumer had it that Team Titans planned to shoot at United, but United was unaware of when this would happen.

United sent in an undercover loyal member to obtain as much information as they could, shortly after they began to shoot each other. At this point, Team Titans lost a boss and United's undercover member was set as underboss of the secondary family.

United used this to their advantage and took out the remaining boss so that they may have the leadership of the second family. United now has control of Team Titans second family after Team Titans eliminated United's second family.

United have declared that this is now their family and have no affiliation to Team Titans.

Casualties have been made on both sides and the shooting has stopped for now.

Admin Feedback

Written by SuperNova

Ok! As promised here's the admin reply to the suggestions made in issue 184 (Five Game Updates Wanted by the Players):

Image Bank Robbery
It's important to get the right balance with group crimes. They are designed to be difficult to pass with a good haul, it would be too easy and boring if everyone escaped with large amounts of money or bullets each time. It should be noted that many players insist on using the largest capacity vehicles for the biggest potential hauls, at the expense of their success chance. Sometimes it's better to pass more often with a smaller haul, so my tip to players would be to look for a more balanced vehicle (OK chance and OK haul, rather than poor chance and great haul).

That being said, we're always monitoring the results of these group crimes over long periods of time to tweak things. We understand the Gold Bank Robbery accolade has been incredibly difficult to achieve, and as such we've recently reduced the requirement from $12m to $10m and (very, very slightly) increased the payouts. There may well be further tweaks in future but we'll be monitoring these most recent changes first.

Image Keepsafe Garage
As it stands, this isn't an idea we're planning on implementing. However we could potentially integrate vehicles with Life Insurance in future, it would just require careful thinking first to decide if this would be a good move for the game or not. If we were to do this, it would likely be a case of retaining the top x % of your vehicles in terms of value, or allowing the user to toggle insurance on/off for each vehicle in their garage (rather than a completely separate tab or garage). We haven't had many requests for this so it's not a high priority for us to look at, we do however receive many requests to integrate crime pass chances with Life Insurance, so that's likely where we would look first if we decided to expand Life Insurance in future.

Image Police Chase - Global Top Attempts
You are absolutely right, this feature needs some re-working in future. The simplest solution would probably be to just remove the ceiling as we did with Bomb Defusal, we will see when the feature is next reviewed ?.

Image Slots
The Slot Machine can struggle on some systems due to the way it works (it's related to the spinning of the reels rather than any kind of "anti-cheat" system). We don't receive many complaints about this and the Slot Machines are frequently used so we can only assume it works OK for the vast majority of players. We have looked at improving this before but the amount of time it would take to refactor the reel spinning is unreasonable for the result - we would rather use this time to work on other areas of the game. It's certainly on the (very long) TODO list though. If players are having trouble with this, feel free to let us know so we can get a more accurate idea of numbers. For anyone who is experiencing problems, I would suggest trying to restart your web browser or closing some tabs, plus you could also try a different browser (this won't work for everyone but can in some cases).

Image SuperCars
Yes, we're still planning on bringing racing in the near future. Right now we're working on an improved mobile interface (in beta, very much a work in progress but improving over time), a new Vehicle Theft (developed but waiting for other vehicle updates to be ready), Driving Training and Car Racing.

Weekly Ranking

Written by Walker

Last week's weekly ranking from Days 17 to 24 are as follows -

1st - AZY
2nd - Venom
3rd - ProfDrHunt

Congratulations to you with your accolades.

Original gangster 50

Written by Walker


Well done to SuperNova for reaching level 50 on day 16

Well done to AZY for reaching level 50 on day 24

Well done to Venom for reaching level 50 on day 28

Well done to MsKitti for reaching level 50 on day 28

Level 50 requires 100,713 level points!



Written by EIN2


I'm Azy and you all should know me, the most hated and loved player of GN. Hope your ready for another stay in my basement, prepare your minds & your bodies.


- We now have the chocolate tank, lock his or her head in it air tight with little room to breathe, funnel liquid chocolate thru the top, and watch him or her struggle to breathe as he or she is forced to drink all the chocolate & eat their way out of the chocolate box. This is a perfect item for when you think your partner needs more chubbs.

- New from china tired of sex, want your boy toy of the week to leave you alone , we now have the super glue blow up doll, as it orgasms super glue gushes out causing him to become stuck inside of it giving you some extra free time.

- In our new pill department we now have sextacy pills available, pop just one and you will be ready to go for days just remember no food or water they cancel out the effects.(Warning: may cause uncontrollable periods and erectile dysfunction.)

- We now have the beer bong with special unnamed alcoholic substances and or hallucinogens. Who knows, but who cares take one hit on this bong every thing will turn beautiful for weeks who needs beer goggles.


As we know I am no longer allowed to do this contest as it is inappropriate, how ever concluding this segment i am completely traumatized from all the images i have witnessed. I hope my pain from it entertained you well enough. I now need investments for a new memory send donations asap.


I've been told by many people I am the Anti Christ, the biggest cunt bitch in gn, and even the darkest person they have ever met. I'd just like to let it be known on record i am all of those things thanks for finally noticing.


I had no one to race this past week , and what would u know I came first in weekly such a downer didn't win any thing, no racers alive I guess. I also hate to say that will be my last race as I cba any longer. Thanks for every one who has ever participated. I enjoyed it and had many fun times.


With every update I've seen made to this game over the years, the game has died a little more and more along with my burning passion to play it, this recent update to block 99% of my style of pics has been the last straw for me.(We can not be censored!!!!). I know weird but pics and profile building was half the game for me, so most will be happy to know this will be my last aka :p . I love all the great people i have met here, and ive enjoyed the time spent getting to know each and every one of you.


- Negan for actually playing the game for the first time in the many years he has been here, you still suck just a little less now.

- Vegan for actually liking vegetables what the fuck who likes those, he must have had his spinach this week though as we can tell by his awesome performance.

- Venom for hitting 50 about time, finally got off those slow pills and took some speed.

- MsKitti for being a very nice person and also hitting 50 congratulations been waiting on you :D .

- Owl for being the biggest softy i know, Love you RUI <3 .

- Matter for being noob of the year.

- Helt for being every man and womans dream p.s you still suck noob.

- Steve for hitting 40 twice and dying at 40 twice also by same person shame.

- Rob for being forced to eat his vegetables.

- Tom for still gambling his life away.

- Bunneh obviously for being an amazing lover as always, and putting up with me choosing this game over her on many occasions.

- Finally to Ant because he hates it apparently, with any luck he wont win another cash lotto.


I hope you all enjoyed Azys Basement should be my last at least for a very long time, i thoroughly enjoyed meeting each and every one of you even if we don't always see eye to eye, I wouldn't have had as much fun without each and every one of you.

Love AZY

Dedicate a Video - Triple Ozzy Special

Written by SuperNova

From SuperNova to:


Squirt (turtle)

Beth (LadyPurr)

Double XP

Written by Walker

Starting Friday 24th 7pm game time


Obtaining the most point in this time will win you 25 credits

iPhone Players

Written by Walker

If you play the game via iPhone/iPad you may find it extremely helpful that you can shortcut to the game onto your home screen for easy & quick access to the game.


Take a quick look at the tutorial here

I'm afraid there are no plans to create an app for Apple's App Store, it's simply not within Butchie's capacity to do this as indie developers with limited time available.

Don't forget to like & follow the official Gangster Nation Facebook page to stay up to date with game news.

Tech News

Written by Walker

Google Maps Can Now Help You Find Your Parked Car




Written by Walker

Each month has a full moon, but the next full moon, the one in April, will be the Pink Moon. This year the Pink Moon will be visible on April 11, and its name doesn’t necessarily come from the name of the moon itself, but from flowers called Phlox, which bloom in the early spring.


Gangster News

Written by Walker

A new book presents a new theory about the two decades-old mystery surrounding the murder of the rapper Tupac Shakur. According to the book, Tupac was the victim of an assassination orchestrated by the CIA.

The Central Intelligence Agency respond with this statement



Fails of the week

Written by Walker

No Comments

Written by SuperNova


Local alert

Written by Walker


If this is yours or you knows who's this is, please to advise them to collect the hat ASAP


Written by SuperNova

That's right! Good news for all you cunts out there and terrible news for the ladies! I will stop actively playing this game today or tomorrow.
There's no particular reason for this, I'm just tired... being a leader of a big family is no easy task, and I've been doing it for over a year. FOE will still play, with new leaders, and I'll be around to chat (although I won't put any effort in ranking or stocking).

-- --

To my crew and friends: We made bonds that go beyond the game and I'm very grateful for it.
To my enemies: Respect for being worthy opponents, let old grudges die with me.

And to everyone else, respect fits everywhere, even (especially) in a gangster game. Banter is healthy when it's kept within game topics, picking personal life stuff to burn people in main is just retarded and if you do it you should get mental help.

-- --

Concerning the game itself, you should all be happy to have an admin that's willing to update the game according to the players will. It can only get better in time if you guys keep up the initiative of sending feedback to him.

-- --

And that's all. Goodbye and have fun, everyone!


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