A GooD LucK Wish!!!

Written by y2j

Hello everyone!!As a Gangster..you all are doing great ..Just keep doing your best and keep stocking bullets so that no one can think about to pull a trigger over your head.one more thing..always beware of the scammers just coz they can waste your credits,bullets as well as your some precious and valuable things..so always be alerts :) and at last!!best of luck you guys!!Good luck for the Loto(but dont try to put your money and bullets just coz of % coz its depends upon a pure luck and you can win with 1% and can also lost at 50%) ,For the BR(just as usual it fail and need again and again to try lol),for the slot machine(as usual its hard to win but dont kill anyone who won the jackpot lol ), At last!!Good Luck to you all!!Be Safe..Keep stocking bullets and try to use a tool thats called Mercy..Good Luck Guys!!!!