The Bloody News

Written by SuperNova

Boosie17 was a level 15 highroller, which drawn the attention of RunD.
RunD followed Boosie17 into a dark alley, pointed his gun at him and as he was about to shoot, Boosie17 also drawn his six shooter, turned back and shot him.
Fatal and Shaw were nearby when they heard the shots, they walked into the alley and saw the two bodies laying on the floor bleeding. Fatal, that took both for dead, tried to reach Boosie17 pocket for some easy gainz, after all the night was young and she needed some funds to have some fun with Shaw. It was fatal for her tho because Boosie17 was still alive and shot her to protect his life savings. Shaw ended this madness by mauling Boozie17 to death with his guitar, Nirvana style.

Wasn't long after TimeForThat started her family "Badd Azz Loyals" that KingOrry tried to show everyone who owned the hood by firing his gun in the air and shouting "PUT SOME RESPEK ON MY NAME!". Quizno, that was watching the all thing, by his bedroom window in the RevolveR headquarters, couldn't help but laugh as he was as high as one can possibly imagine. KingOrry, that wasn't that much sober himself, felt offended by that and aimed his gun at Quizno, but before he could even pull the trigger, Quizno had already put a bullet between his eyes and killed him.
After that, RevolveR's boss Panasonic, sent two of his hitman, Stacy and Banana, to teach "Badd Azz Loyals" the real meaning of that name, and dropped them silly.

BountyHunter was a guy that liked to shoot. He was careless about who or which family he was shooting, and the unavoidable happened, he got killed along with his underboss (BigL) and his family, "Dragon Born", was dropped. No one claimed the kills yet.

SuperNova had just woke up when he got a message from one of his undercover agents. "_An attack to the Crimson family is imminent". After analyzing his secret agent's "intelligence" (links below), the Crimson leader knew this was going to be a battle against the clock. The attack was coming from the family "Why So Serious", they had already set detectives on both Crimson leaders with the intent of killing them and drop the family. SuperNova then shouted to his lazy troops, that were having a party downstairs, "_WAR INCOMING!" Bunny that had passed out shortly for drinking too much carrot juice, jumped from the sofa and, while trying to maintain balance and articulate words, also shouted to the troops..... "_T-Terminates wid sextreme prejudick!".
SuperNova then called his homies at RevolveR and asked for a hand, which they were happy to give since they were as bored as a blind guy watching a silent movie. Not knowing how many shooters "Why So Serious" had set on the Crimsons, a plan had to be made quickly to eliminate all possible threats.
EvilOwl and Vegan hid behind some bushes at the entrance of the Crimson headquarters and waited for the "Why So Serious" assassins to close in. They waited until the last minute to give time for the rest of their squad to surround their enemies base. And when the two green assassins were just a couple of meters away, both fired two deadly shots with no possibility of defense. EvilOwl put his sunglasses on and with an evil smile taunted the dead bodies "_You shall not pass.". After cleaning the gunpowder from his Armani suit, Vegan reached his good old Nokia (also used for personal defense) to signal the rest of the team to attack.
Crimsons along with "RevolveR" shooters, then proceeded to assault the green mansion, killing everyone inside that could be a threat to their family. "Why So Serious" was dropped and their members were seriously obliterated.

The Crimson: EvilOwl, Vegan, KryptoX, SuperNova, MrsWalker
RevolveR: Dexii, khiladi786
Why So Serious: STRINGS, Riddle

The Crimson: EvilOwl
RevolveR: Aleixs
Why So Serious: ZED, Hex69, Badman, Relic, Riddle, BIGGIECHEESE, MrSexy, Unwanted, AccidentalAl, STRINGS


"BlvckJvck", the Underboss of the Syndicate, was killed by Constantine, possibly for denying him shelter after he found out he was one of the "Why So Serious" members that were warring the Crimsons. Constantine tried to run from the crime scene unnoticed, but the cleaning lady spotted him and rushed to warn the rest of the family.
After a while, Crimsons decided to finish what they started and sent a hitman to kill this last remaining threat. The Crimson hitman found Constantine in Titans territory, and right when he was getting ready for dirty business, a sniper bullet flew right in front of him and hit Constantine in the head, killing him. It's unknown where the shot came from.

As if it wasn't enough to be shot by a runaway rogue, Merkules (previously BlvckJvck) lost over 1000 credits in the RPS game to MaryJ.
For MaryJ this was quite handy as it gave him a good ground to start his own family "Highlife". As for Merkules, dayum bro... what a shitty day...

Five Game Updates Wanted by the Players

Written by SuperNova

Image Bank Robbery
There's only one car that can give you the gold bank robbery accolade and that's the Mercedes Sprinter. The Sprinter is extremely hard to find and it's as slow as it gets, which means the chances of passing the BR are pretty low. You probably won't have the luck of finding this car, except in the auction house and they usually sell for 5 to 10m each. All of this results in being extremely hard to get the gold accolade, I could say only 1 out of 100 accounts will get it and that's not even near of being an overstatement.
Solution: Update payout in other cars or bring more cars to the game!

Image Keepsafe Garage
This one is for the car collectors, we're all thankful to them for buying our useless rare supercars for big money. Although not everyone is a car enthusiast, I believe many people in the game would like to have their own personal collection of cars, but simply don't bother because the risk of dying in GN is big, and when you die you lose everything you have in your garage.
The suggestion is making an interface just like the family garage, that could be accessed from within the player garage. The cars in this garage would be kept after death, its capacity would be very limited and the upgrades very expensive (it's a luxury after all!).

Image Police Chase - Global Top Attempts
Apparently, the records in Global Top Attempts are based on who reaches the best score first, which results in having the same person holding the first place for the entire round (even if he's dead). Another variable should be found to break the deadlock, or simply get rid of that leaderboard as too many accounts end up having the same top score.

Image Slots
The way this script eats resources is crazy... Lag, freezes and crashes, while spinning the wheel in laptops, are common even in decent machines.
I figure it's the "anti-cheating" part of the script that is demanding so much from the CPU, because looking at the app, there's nothing much on the basic graphics and spinning a wheel. Whatever it is, its bad and should be fixed/optimized.

Image SuperCars
Those beautiful and rare lambos, ferraris etc, when we get one our eyes shine with joy, but a few seconds later we realize how useless they are and just sell or crush them for a few bullets.
The admin already said that he's planning on bringing car races to the game to give supercars a use, but that was a long time ago and we're still waiting.

For next issue I'll try to ask the admin for some feedback about each one of the suggestions

Patron Saint O' Thieves

Written by Charley

Betwyn's Dark Corner ~ Solitude Abounds

Written by Charley

The wetness mattes my hair
droplets run across my skin
I breathe shallow
scarcely at all

I can hear the quiet sobbing
the cursing of her god
and footsteps
So many footsteps

The clicking of the cameras
That singing whine of the flash
I crave the emptiness
For everything to be still

The child once so full,
of hyper motion,
of obnoxious noise,
of lifeblood.

But now
now he is empty and still,
his blood a huge puddle,
leaking through the floorboards

Slowly the house empties,
quiets and goes still.
Darkness falls and I am alone.
Solitude abounds

Dedicate a Video

Written by SuperNova

This video contains scenes or language that some people might find offensive.

From Jamal (Ridah) to Steve (Riddle)


Written by EIN2


Welcome to another addition of Azys Basement !!!

First off I want to welcome you all into a new round I hope you're all ready to be whipped and tortured. With the first full week coming to a close, the rankings at the top are monsterous, making for a fun time all you slow peeps get moving. Sorry I'm a bit late!!


Welcome to Azys Assortment Shop where we serve a variety of normal and extra kinky needs.
We have added the new supreme vodka condom, it keeps the drunk goggles on just a bit longer for those ugly occasions, but who uses condoms anyway right!!!
There is also a new crotch button so every time he or she thrusts deep inside it pokes a button, why fake an orgasm when you have a machine inside to do it for you. I know all you lazy people will love that one. Scared of massages? We now also sell dilly's belly butter, you can no longer become pregnant with a belly rub.


My biggest D contest is still moving forward full speed, and sorry Austin you are out of the lead by a certain emo that would like to remain unknown, he's afraid to be abused by my GF.

Srry Bunneh no more contest don't kill me please !!!


I was recently asked what is love, and I gave a strange answer that many did not like, however I am here to educate you anyway on things I know absolutely nothing about. Love is but a business transaction. You give and receive but once you no longer receive as much as you'd like you find a new business partner. For example, some women want money, some want affection, and some just want to not be alone. The guys usually just want sex. So if the guy and the girl swap what they want everything is fine. That's a business deal right? I thought so.


.Did you know in some places there are masturbation bars where you can pay to masturbate next to other people WTF, sexy right?

. Did you know japan was also holding a contest where they have crowned a champion of masturbation, this is a real sport, I'm excited.

. In some parts of the world having sex with a body pillow is considered more normal than sex with an actual woman, only because it's safer, and helps to reduce population.


As we know I'm always accepting racing challenges and I was racing Steve last week and he's obviously wrecked me, humiliation, I feel so ashamed, I will take this loss but I am still accepting new challenges. message me with your wagers, details and rules.


- Id like to shout out to TequilaRose for always making me thirsty.

- All men for never making me rethink my sexuality.

- Dora for being an amazing person.

- Shout out to Jacob for, I don't know what do you do exactly. Love you anyway.

- Steve for some how becoming sweet for 2 minutes.

- Caboose for being the least genius person I know.

- EvilOwl / Pachino for being the nicest cunt bag I know.

- Funyuns for being the best woman to ever exist, Love you babe.

- Last I would like to shout out my fam for being the best group of cunts I have ever met fuck all you Bitches!!!

- Shout out to Helt and Steve for 40k points in a 1 week no double, Did you save time for anything else, Your dick swinging contest is mute neither of you are sticking it anything.


Well, it looks like we're about to come to an end, anyways, I love this community thank you all for giving me something to do. I'm glad to welcome you all into a new round. I hope you enjoy yourselves and have a very sexual round. Peace out, and love AZY. Remember never stop being yourselves.

Riding Shotgun

Written by Charley

This video contains scenes or language that some people might find offensive.

in other news...

Written by SuperNova

Congratulations to the last weekly winner Riddle, finished first with over 40k points. (sorry you had to die mate, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time)