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Written by SuperNova


After a good start in ranking and being the first player to drop his protection to create a family, the "Republic" boss "Con", decided to kick all of his members and close the family. He then joined "The Firm" and committed suicide shortly after.
The reason for this dramatic change of events is unknown, some people are blaming it on the weather.


In the Seacroft Godz, the underboss "bountyhunter" killed his own boss and took over the family.

The leader of "The Crimson" was shot by a member of "Arrivals" family, killing him in backfire. The shooter was still breathing when we got to the crime scene. He was laughing with tears of joy dropping down his face for dying in SuperNova's backfire. We asked him his name, "bellout" or "bellend", it was unclear because he was choking on his own blood.
We later found out that the shooter was actually SuperNova's biggest fan that had been harrassing him for some time in hopes of getting some attention. He did things like sending insults to his facebook (that were actually encrypted love messages), stalking his family to try to get to him and even changing his name to include SuperNova's real name so he could pretend they were married.
A sad love story that ended tragically, as his family was wiped in result of the Crimsons retaliation.

Patsy, from "Insomnia Godz", tried to sneak into the "Milf Hunters" Night Club to have a few drinks and show her dancing moves. Unfortunately for her, "Rastamouse17" was working there as a bouncer and didn't let her in, "there's something wrong with her hairline" - he said. Patsy felt insulted with this, drew her .38 special and shot him! What she didn't knew was that "Rastamouse17" was actually "Vegan" and the bullet ricocheted in his extremely thick chest hair that grew on him due to all the healthy and not so yummy food he eats. Patsy died from this incident and when her family boss, TheGodFath3r, knew about it, he packed his bags, closed his family, faked his death and moved back to Sicily.

Dedicate a Video

Written by SuperNova

From Betwyn (Charly) to Rob

Message me for next issue "Dedicate a Video". Most funny video will be published.

Round 12 Highlights

Written by SuperNova

٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ PLAYERS

Image Brawadis
After having his backfire wasted by HuntDr and his load crippled, Brawadis took the risk and shot down two OG's with a minimal load (i believe around 300k were spent in the two targets). Surgical precision or luck?
With four OG's and a level 39 killed, this account is one if not the best in the killer category of the round (quality speaking).

Image Bunny
Bunny had the most kill points of the round with a total of 377 points for 14 kills. A couple of war related kills another couple on backfire and the rest just for sport. Not quite the harmless fuzzball after all...

Image Cain
Some people have a tendency to get into trouble but Cain surely wasn't one of them. This player was able to avoid the heat and make his account survive for 104 days, which is impressive. Having stay low key for the entire round, Cain was eventually killed by his own family due to a misunderstanding.
As it was expected from the oldest account in the game, he got the number 1 spot on the ranking leaderboard.

Image Faith
Faith had a total of 318 kill points for 25 kills. This was a low level account (died at level 20) and so was his kills (level 13 average). None the less, he reached his goal and he clearly puts lots of effort in killing as he has shown in his previous accounts.

Image Jennifer
Best account of the round. Jennifer had a killing portfolio of three OG's and two level 40+ wasted. She had all the accolades except the Gold Lotto Winner (dammit butchie) and the 2nd place in ranking leaderboards, losing to Cain by 55k points (but lets not forget Cain account lived 104 days and Jennifers only 64).
She died in the Panthers Elite/Soul Asylum war, taking a level 50 and a level 41 with her before she was killed by Lyric. Simply beastly, well done Jenny.


(-(-_(-_-)_-)-) FAMILIES


The Crimson Foe
The Crimsons had a rough start, the family was dropped after a coordinated attack where several families were involved, and after that they were targeted and constantly shot at by those same families (till mid round), retaliating every time till all involved families were wiped or simply ceased fire.
With most of the family exhausted and retired from the round, a few remaining reds were able to retake the number one spot of the family leaderboards.

Panthers Elite/Soul Asylum
This two families were the strongest for most of the round. They would eventually fight each other in a war that was possibly the most interesting of the round.
The Panthers Elite won the war, but Soul Asylum did had a couple of wars before whereas The Panthers didn't do anything significant. In this war The Panthers were extremely disorganized and suffered major losses. One can only wonder what would had happened if Soul didn't had those two wars before.
Anyway, both families deserve an highlight, for surviving the most time and giving the game some action when everyone was already thinking of the next round.

Team Titans
For a first time family, formed by mostly new or low key members, they gathered quite the kill points, 1,373 to be exact.
They didn't get into any major conflicts, politics or dramas during most of their existence, and just kept shooting mostly randoms and having their fun. They got the 3rd place in family leaderboards. Well done.

Betwyn's Poetry Corner~Soft Silver Light

Written by Charley

On this cold November night
I trudge along the path I know so well
The wind whistles
Through the barren trees

Snow flees before the wind
Driving through the air
Melting on my skin
Catching in my hair

The air is so cold
My feet are numb
My face burns
But it keeps the bottle just right

Each drink I take
The rye goes down
And the fire
Radiates within

I get to my spot
Where the forest clears
And the river runs
My favourite place this

My refuge
My sanctuary
Free from the outside
Free to be me

I tilt my head back
The bottle balanced on my lips
The last of the rye burning its way down
My resolve fortified

I stand on the river bank
The river's running high, but slow
So still, so calm
It's like a mirror in the darkness

I pull off my clothes
The wind chills my skin
The moon breaks free from the clouds
Bathes me in her pale silver light

I slide off the bank into the water
So cold, every nerve screams in shock
A rush to my brain
But I take another step out

I look down at the water's surface
I see my reflection
Lit by the moon
But it is not me I see

Another step
The water is past my waist
I can hardly feel my feet now
Yet another step

I lay back
floating on my back
Arms outstretched
Still holding the empty bottle

All I can see is the moon
Through the skeletal fingers
Of the leafless branches
That silver ball of fire in the dark

All I can hear is my slow beating heart
My shallow, laboured breaths
Ever slower
Ever softer

I feel so cold
So tired
I feel myself sink below the surface
I open my eyes again

I can still see
The moon hanging there
Her soft silver light
Slowly fading away


Written by SuperNova

Lotto - Latest winners

DonLyon - $18.7m cash (<1% held)
MrSexy - 184k bullets (9% held)
BigStiff06 - $14.5m cash (10% held)
LilGangsta - 240k bullets (2% held)

BlackJack - Best tables

Las Vegas, NV - $18.5m
Detroit, MI - $9m
New York, NY - $9m

Slots - Best jackpot locations

Austin, TX - $3.7m
New York, NY - $2.7m
Baltimore, MD - $2.5m

Latest winners:
New Orleans, LA, BIGGIECHEESE, $3.8m
Chicago, IL, Stonecc, $5.5m
New York, NY, AnnieOakley, $9m
Compton, CA, AZY, $79.7k
Atlanta, GA, blabla, $1.6m
Miami, FL, LilGangsta, $4.6m
Detroit, MI, JohnFisher, $7.1m
Austin, TX, blabla, $11.4k
Baltimore, MD, mike2003, $224k
Las Vegas, NV, Chesse, $2.4m


Written by SuperNova


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