Death Match is upon us!

Written by BetwynMawr

Round 12 Deathmatch begins Day 103 04:30 PM with the round ending Day 112 10:30 PM. Round 13 begins Friday 24th February 07:00 PM UTC.

So, in 12 and a half short hours, this round comes it's provisional close, and the silly season begins.

Love it or hate it, Death Match is here!

It's your chance to even a score, to rack up kills.. or to take an 11 day break from the game.

Death Match, truly is what you make it.

Bark Box Forever. Keep it in da times

Written by Pupicorn


While Cinna was tragically killed before finishing this weeks Box, I do hope all future editors hold a place for the Bark Box going forward.

Betwyn's Poetry Corner ~ Like a Cloud

Written by BetwynMawr

The sun is shining
The river sparkles under its soft touch
Like diamonds spilled onto a counter...

I'm floating..
This is how a cloud must feel..
The breeze gently pulls me..

Suspended in the air..
Moving with the breeze..
The ground below does a dizzying dance

To float like a cloud..
To be free..
To go wherever the wind takes you..

The grass below is so green..
With the sun shining so strongly..
It almost glows..

The air is sweet with the smell of tulips
Freshly bloomed..
A riot of red amongst the green..

The birds chirp happily amongst the branches..
Their sweet song
Lending tranquility to the glade...

The wind picks up...
A cloud crosses the sun...
The rope, creaks...

Betwyns Poetry Corner~Jailhouse Symphony

Written by BetwynMawr

I pace back and forth
Tapping each bar as I pass
Each bar has it's own tone
My jailhouse symphony

I know this song so well
Been tapping it out
All my life
The floor well worn

The gloom presses in
Hard to breathe
But when I scream
No one comes to free me

It's funny actually
The things you know
But refuse to acknowledge
Bury them deep

And they say knowledge
Will set you free
That knowledge
is power

if I know
Why do I feel so powerless
So unable

If it sets you free
Why am I still here
Trapped by own mind?