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GN News - Dexter

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Well, I just want to apologise for the lack of issues since Tuesdays! I have been a little busy this week with working late and seeing the new Batman Film (which was epic btw). So I’m going to make up for that with an issue right now!

So what has been going on in Gangster Nation since then? Well Dexter committed suicide. Now I was not going to mention this as I’m not sure if Dexter’s actions were original or if he was just craving attention? Maybe a little bit of both. Really not sure!

So, on his profile he said he wanted to be the villain. But I’ve been talking to my sources and one has said, that Dexter shot Giovanni because Giovanna was thinking about quitting, had no bullets so the kill was an obvious way for Giovanni to quit and not commit suicide. Another source came to me with the information that Giovanni had gone to Bruza and asked him to shoot to waste the backfire of Nasty Basterds (insert 4’s). After reading Dexter’s comments about not trusting Bruza to look after his own Nan, it is safe to assume if this happened Dexter would be annoyed and give him another reason to shoot at Giovanni.

The GN Public Relations Team

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The next big thing that we all wait for may be already here, 17 days in the round. A new company/service called The Gangster Nation Public Relations Team has recently been start up by one of the most brilliant users to ever play this game. It's a revolutionary service that has never been tried before.

Basically you pay somewhere along the lines of 77-91k, and you'll become a paying customer. When you become a paying customer, you'll get your own personal public relations agent. This agent will make you look GOOD. They'll frequently say things on chat and in the forums to sway people's opinion on you. Occasionally you might get a real winner in the form of a full blown article like Rolldeep or Mike.

Sounds too good to be true? Well it isn't. Popular and well known players on this game have already signed up for this revolutionary service and let their opinions be known in the official forum thread. It has gotten so popular that the company is overflowing with demand and is struggling to keep up. As you read this article the company will be in midst of expanding it's offices and its personnel in order to keep you. Background checks are plenty, and demands moderate, but anyone has a chance to be hired.

Check out the forum thread and message Ronaldodonut for a free information brochure today. You may also message him to join the team, and become part of something bigger than any player, and any family on this game. ?

Guess The Gangster

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Well, no one has still guessed this #GuessTheGangster and its just gonna keep going, so yeah lets have another look at this sexy fella!


So last times clues were:

1) He’s a self confessed internet troll
2) He had a brother that played GN
3)He’s had many good accounts, and hides even better!
4) He’s from Essex (hence the dodgey side parting)
5) One of his account names is a famous food!

Here is the 6th clue, which really is going to make it soo obvious!

6) He once had an account name which was named after a famous Cat and Mouse duo!

So, if you want to guess, and you win you will get 2 credits!

Good luck, and message Plainy

(If you want to be Guess the Gangster, then just message me!)

General News

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Hello there and welcome to General News with me, Hyperion!





Video of the Edition

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Well my video of the week is this!


If you have a funny video (which appears no one ever does) and you want it put in the times, then message me!


Written by Plainy

There are many ways to say willy, heres my list, followed by a willy video ?

Laughable disaster (aimed at mike)
Third Leg (me)
Fanny Pounder (debatable)

and finally Plainy.

If you have anymore please email us at : [email protected]

Heres the video ?

Well He's Flipping Like Crazy

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Random Messages

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Here is a completely random segment of chat i think you'll enjoy! (Read Downwards!)

[01:34:10 AM] <Earl> If the world was going to end, the government would try and do something to prevent it or try and make it possible to move to another planet for us all to live on

[01:34:14 AM] <Porcelain> the day its suppose to end im getting drunk as fuck then i will wish im dead the next day

[01:35:17 AM] <Earl> what day is it spose to end?

[01:35:35 AM] <NuFc4LIFE> i would go and shag my bird then lick my cum off her fanny

[01:37:11 AM] <NuFc4LIFE> i would smash an old woman in the face n fart on her

[01:38:45 AM] <Earl> me n my mates spread a joke about the world ending a couple of years ago in school, loads of people started crying

[01:39:24 AM] <Mike> you have weird people in your school Earl... where do you live?

[01:39:37 AM] <Earl> Nottingham


Movie Madness

Written by Plainy

The Dark Knight Rises


Well, I just want to start off by saying there will be -no- spoilers in this article. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, I’m just going to basically talk about how good it is and why it is without mentioning any of the story.

But I think I should start off with my only criticism of the film, which you can get from the trailers. Is Banes Voice. The whole point in Christopher Nolans Batman films, is that it has the fundamental idea “This could happen in real life” if a rich boy had his parents murdered and went crazy and got trained by a bunch of super ninja’s, then yeah! Banes voice was just so, cartoony, it just doesn’t sound real. He sounds like Darth Vader. It is also so annoying!

BUT - The film as a whole is brilliant, the story is superb. I didn’t expect the twist, but I did work out what was going on (I.e who was who, you’ll understand when you watch it) I am a massive Batman fan, so you’d expect me to!

The emotions in the film, capture you from the start to finish, you feel what everyone feels, your on the edge of your seat to find out what is going to happen next!

If you are a batman fan, I recommend you go and see it, if your not a Batman fan, and you are a straight male, you need to go see it for Anne Hathaways Ass.


Close ups of that in this film, make it a definite 10/10 a must see.

Also, The Dark Knight trilogy, I’m going to say it, best one since Star Wars (the originals not the prequels)

A word from the editor

Written by Plainy

So another times issue done! Hope you enjoyed it.

Erm, I am looking for

A person who wants to be interviewed for the next issue (this can be anyone, message me and we will do it!)

People that want they’re profile rated, I’m going to do a massive issue on just profile ratings if I get enough, so message me!

If you do spot anything in chat (I.e print screens from people showing that they did not send someone disrespect but having porn up in a tab and hoping no one would notice) then please please pleaseee copy and paste it and send it to me! It’s worth the giggles surely?

Thanks for reading, See you next time

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