New Mafia Family coming?

Written by BetwynMawr

The other night, I was minding my own business downtown, when I was called into the shadows by a strange man. He was dressed all in black, but not the flashy styles that some wear. No, his outfit was a somber affair, and come to think of it, I didn't see a zipper, or even buttons.

Now this man, he had a flat brimmed old fashion hat, and wow, he had quite the beard. He talked in an affected way, like something out of historical movie.

He warned me a new Mafia was coming. That they would take control. The Quilt trade, would be theirs. That butter would soon be churned only the old fashion way.

So, for now, they are raising a barn in the valley where they harvest their grain, but keep an ear out for the creak of their buggy's...


is he for real? should we be worried?

Rock Paper Scissors

Written by BetwynMawr

As we all know, RPS is a popular way to solve boredom here.

But... it's also led to some snap Rage Suicides

What is your favourite thing to gamble in RPS?

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Cinna's Bark Box

Written by Pupicorn


Hey everyone, I’m Cinna. The vast majority of you will know me, as you should. Since my fellow GN villains and I only play about the first 40 days of each round, I have been absent since then. So I have been catching up on what has been happening in GN since we finished our time playing…and there was not much to catch up on. When we leave we apparently take the game with us.

Coincidently enough, when we finished our round at about day 40, Monkey’s squad was having some issues with Beth. To sum up that fight are two words: Drama and bullshit. I return almost 2 months later, and they are still at it. Shocker. After receiving some details from Beth’s family, I have learned that, like always, Isaac is the root of all evil and problems. Can never trust pword. Always sniffing butts and lifting tails. According to a source from Panthers Elite, they themselves shot first without anyone from Sesame Street shooting. Everyone was just chilling, but then Panthers Elite reports that Isaac (of course) was being ruff and said that he wanted to shoot their family. This perceived threat scared them enough that they decided to shoot first before Sesame Street shot them.

Now, some background, Isaac says shit to everyone. If you don’t know this by now, come on. His bark is worse than his bite. So this was probably an extreme emotional overreaction, which is no surprise coming from a family run by a female. So, Sesame Street says that they were minding their own business and were not going to shoot anyone. However, this could be a personal agenda for Beth, because her group has apparently been targeting Monkeys family this entire round. That’s months of fixation everyone if my sources are true. In dog time, that's furrrever.

Isaac provoking individuals is not a surprise to anyone, so Panthers Elite very well could have been threatened. Now, I was a bit late to the pawty, but I did witness Panthers Elite kill multiple members of Sesame Street, including Elmo, ruining the lives of children everywhere. This was not without casualties of Panthers Elite’s own members. Their commander died in Elmo’s backfire, and Sesame Street did manage to kill maybe a couple other people…but they didn’t really do much in response because they were all dead. Woops. Panthers Elite has so far taken the most lives…but come on guys, who shoots Sesame Street? Pawful. Do you hate children that much?

The Man in the Green Hoodie

Written by BetwynMawr

So, I sat down the other night with man in the Green Hoodie. Our very own, Butchie Gweyno. We mostly talked about the history of this place we all know and love.. or at least, are obsessed with and addicted too.

Betwyn Mawr: So tell me Butchie, when did you start this world for us, and why?

Image The game has been around since January 2005, so just over 12 years now. I was 14, there were a couple of similar games which were popular in school at the time. I already had an interest in web development so I decided to create my own browser game, mostly learning as I went along.

BM: How/why did you use the name Butchie Gwenyo?
Image The name was based on the family dog, his name was Butch.

BM: What was the most memorable request you ever had and why? What request do you get the most?
Image Uhhh I don't really have a memorable request, sorry! Nothing really stands out, I've dealt with many thousands of Help Requests over the years and these days deal with around 30/day, so I tend to fire through them as quickly as possible. You do get the odd crazy person but nothing stands out.

Usually just questions about how different things work, followed up by complaints about other players.

Interestingly many people don't use Help Requests and prefer to take guesses at how things work. We've seen loads of myths over the years, e.g. "if you're in prison when your bank robbery completes, it fails" (not true). So if anyone has a question about the game, just ask!

BM: What did you spend the first money you made from Credits on?
Image Server costs! The cost of running the game was a struggle as a teenager with no funds, in the first few months the server would frequently overload causing the game to go offline. That's when I started asking for donations, before later deciding to offer credits to support the overall running and development of the game long term.

BM: Have you ever thought of making a different style of game?
Image Yup, in the past there has been a few.

Before GN was "Road Rage" which wasn't successful.

I made a game called "Criminal Force" which was somewhat successful at its peak, it has since been passed onto someone else.

I also worked for many years on a game called Theme Park Manager. This was really different to Gangster Nation in that it was quite visual, being based around a map of your theme park. However this was shelved a couple of years ago because it was just too big of a project for two people to tackle and we had other things to get on with in our lives!

No plans to make any further games in future, just ensure Gangster Nation continues to be the best text based gangster game out there :-)

BM: What have you been doing lately?
ImageWorking on Top Secret GN projects for the new round.

BM: Any inside info you'd like to share on the upcoming changes?
ImageThere's going to be a new style of Vehicle Theft to address various problems with the existing one. This is actually fully developed right now and ready to go into BETA soon. This will run alongside the existing Vehicle Theft until players have had a chance to test it out fully, we've gathered feedback and made any changes necessary.

There are also plans for Driving Training and Race Track features (car racing is one of the top requests) hopefully to follow shortly after the new Vehicle Theft. There may be some other changes before the new round too such as adding the fixed success chance / payout to Delivery Heist, this has been successful in removing the confusion around Bank Robberies.

BM: Thank you for your time Butchie, is there anything you want the playing community to know?
ImageStating the obvious: if it wasn't for the community, there wouldn't be a GN. It's all about the community, so thanks to EVERYONE who plays and I'm just really glad you're all still enjoying Gangster Nation 12 years on from its original creation!

Betwyn's Corner ~ One Last Final Failure

Written by CareFailure

He stands there,
head down,
griping the sides
of the dirty sink.

His knuckles bloody
and bruised.
They ache in tandem
with his quickly beating pump

He spits out
more blood from his mouth.
wipes his bloody nose
on his tattered sleeve.

and slowly,
he lifts his head,
looks into the spotted mirror.

His lips mashed,
his nose, trying to look
over his shoulder.
His cheek a peculiar shade of purple.

But when he looks,
into his own eyes.
He doesn't see, the
honeyed brown colour.

He doesn't see,
the protector I saw.
The brave,
the better man.

All he sees,
is every single failure
he's ever known,
playing out like a movie.

His heartbeat quickens.
His hands squeeze like vices.
With a guttural yell of anguish,
he smashes his face into the mirror.

The blood was congealing,
mixed with the mud and dirt.
He was found dead in a rest stop.
One last final failure.

Betwyn's Poetry Corner ~ Gleam

Written by BetwynMawr

The darkness of predawn
My alarm awakens me
The chorus of Absolutely Nothing
Eases me from sleep

I slide from the warm bed
The cold hits me like a double shot
The air stabbing my skin
The floor burning my feet

Involuntarily I shudder
My body craving warmth
Flip on the bedside light
The dim light illuminating the room

I shuffle across the room
Over to the door
I reach out to grasp the handle
The cold metal bites at my fingers

The door opens with soft creak
Over my shoulders
Around my body
The light spills out

There in the hallway they stand
Totally motionless
Eyes trained on me
Gleaming in the dim light


Betwyn's Poetry Corner ~ Paper Walls

Written by CareFailure

I don't remember exactly when I started.
Not even the day I stopped.

I do recall it was after my father died.
To help shield me from, well, myself.

My apprehension,
my angst,
from drowning me.
Brick by brick I'd wall them out

It would bring a calmness to me,
although, to look at the sheets,
Wet and stained as they were.
You might not understand.

I'm not even certain why it worked.
I mean, I'm aware it was just a distraction,
but, was it the wall itself?
Or just the brainless busywork.

I stopped in high school.
I'd like to say,
I'd matured past needing it.
That the swirling inside was gone.

Or possibly that I'd found a better way,
but, all of that, would be lies.
Truth is,
I felt out of place, belittled.

I traded in my paper, my markers and pens.
I traded in my paper bricks.
Replacing them,
with considerably more adult distractions.

Firstly, alcohol,
to drown the voices.
To get that false euphoric high
and the bravado that it brings.

Also sex and what passed as love.
Held the swirling at bay.
The boys made me feel wanted.
Needed, if only in that moment.

I sometimes catch myself.
About to draw bricks,
on paper, or even the walls.
But I know, they'll just be torn asunder

I do sometimes wonder
Am I the only one,
who drew paper walls?

Who Will Be the Next Editor?

Written by BetwynMawr


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