? Gangland slaughter ?

Written by Cain

**Eye witnesses needed**

A man believed to have had close ties to The mad hatters boss Ricktza was gunned down in Miami on Saturday, in what police described as a "settling of accounts."

Erby, 23 was killed Outside his office in the city's neighbourhood, sources told Gangsternation Times

Erby reputedly served as Ricktza right-hand man when he had control over the The Mad hatters

Ricksta the longtime patriarch of The Mad hatters , is currently doing wide searches to find those responsible

Butchie, an organized crime expert, said the pair met regularly when erby ran the city's organized crime circuit.

In the early 2016 when Erby was in prison, they kept in touch by phone, High links from prison life are pointing Soul asylum as the most likely link due to Erby taking over the racketeering and drugs smuggling via new Orleans docks.

Butchie said the shooting appeared to be linked to a "settling of accounts" within the Gangsternation world

** No witnesses are yet to come forward however at the scene of the crime a knecklace with the letter L was found** This indicates a struggle at the scene! I'm sure he didn't go down without a very strong fight !


? Extreme gangland murder! ?

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The Mad Hatters boss with extensive mafia links who was shot dead in a suburban New Orleans street was concealing a multi-million-dollar debt.
Ricktza 35, was alleged to have “ripped off” $100 million from rival gangsters ahead of his execution-style shooting in leetwood avenue in the southwest suburb of on Monday night.
As police continue to investigate the targeted murder, there is no shortage of theories as to what may have been the motivation for the hit-style shooting.
Born into The biggest organised crime group The Mad hatters mafia, and having forged links with career criminals Marie and organised crime specialist Erby, Ricktza was destined to end up dead or behind bars.
A friend of the young man told The times news he “had a lot of enemies” and there were “plenty of people” who would have wanted him killed.
Mixed up in drugs, crime, and believed to have become an informant to the butchie Crime Commission, police insiders have suggested there could have been a number of reasons for the execution
“It could be anything — it could be drugs, it could be sleeping with someone’s missus ... you never know,” one cop told the gangsternation times!

** leaked investigators at the scene showed images of a abandonded getaway car strewn with bullet holes the car also had the personalised registration of J3N F1R **


? Day 78 rankings ?

Written by Cain

After the recent Gangland slaughter Soul asylum have now officially taken top family spot with 655 kill points!

** Soul asylum 655 **
** Panthers elite 610 **
** Brotherhood of sin 591 **

All too play for withing the gangsternation round 12 over 30 days left before deathmatch. Where will you finish up?

? Keep calm we know ... ?

Written by Cain