Welcome 15.1.2017

Written by Cain

Good evening and welcome to Cain's first ever issue of The Times. Would like to start off by saying how much I appreciate you guys and girls voting for me! Truley outstanded!

Now I would like to personally give a shout out to each and everyone of you! You lads and lasses make this game as brilliant as it is!

Gangster insight..

Written by Cain


Jennifer also known as the “Black Widow” or “The Cocaine Queen Of Miami,” was a drug lord for the Soul asylum family. Before mikemus reign, she controlled the cocaine trade through violence and intimidation–making $80 million a month. After serving only 10 years in jail on drug charges, Jennifer returned to her native Miami in January 2016 The same year, she gunned down Daddyeagle and continued to number one player


Realitively unknown yet cautious player started off being a drug dealer on the small time releasing his potentional in the drug trade he then moved on too money laundering within the New Orleans region! Stumbling across the alley one drunken night he found himself in a fight with three men AC/DC drew his gun first but with quick thinking cain managed to disarm him, Boom ? from that day on the taste of killing was an addiction.. Spends most of his time in New Orleans blackjack.


In the late 2000's, English mobster “” ricktza"" made his millions running the numbers and drugs racket in Compton region after other English mobsters left the area. With the exit of his competitors (due to the influx of Blacks and Latinos) “ricktza” was easily making tens of millions of dollars. As the front man Of the Mad Hatter crime family, ricktza was named Britains Top Gangster by Fhm weekly in 2016 thanks to his wealth of more than one billion dollars and his overpowering influennce!

Fancy featuring within the times drop me an insight into your life!

A gangsters prayer!

Written by Cain

Heavenly Father please here me tonight I need so much guidance to live my life right.
Sometimes the pressure is hard to bear I often wonder if anyone cares, how can I wake up another day knowing I live my life in this crazy way! Heavingly father forgive my evil sins!

Give me strength to resist these deadly sins and the wild life I desire, help me resist the temptation and the fire. Please help my FAMILY the ones in the need the ones the gun will fall too in my hour of need. God bless our mothers who cry every night worried we will die in the gun fight!

Please promise me father you will be there to protect my homies when war comes into the air! I just want to prove to my bro's that I'm hardcore I'm down for the fight, how will I die that dreadful night? Will it be a bullet or a knife in the side there's nowhere to run or to hide..

With moments left the life of a gangster begins to flash before my eyes show me the way give my heart the peace I have lost the fight thank you for your forgiveness and thank you for hearing my prayer for now you have to carry on the gangster heir!

Gangster life when

Written by Cain

When they call you ask no questions?!


Cains cash giveaway

Written by Cain


Now that's got your attention! There will be no boring sports update.. instead we will be giving away 2million gangsternation dollars

Question of the week is what did the English queen quote on Xmas day in her speech! Inbox Cain with answer

Competition ends Saturday January 21st
Winner will be drawn from random on all correct entries!

The times features

Written by Cain

Want to feature within the times albeit a solo interview or a shout out to your family, or maybe a groupie post message me we can have a chat see what's going down and organise yourself to become a contributor, doesn't matter your rank or experience great ideas deserve to be shared!

Madness in the air!

Written by Cain

After somewhat a crazy week In the gangsternation mortuary think we need to take a moment out and say R.I.P too all of the fallen warriors.

The most painfull goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained!