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Written by JoeyJay

Death and the Gentleman Gangster

Written by Icey

Thick fog rolled in a few nights ago over the GN world. theCause was out for his evening bike ride when he came across a Blue beauty strolling the streets. Her high heel stilettos echoed on the cobblestone streets. She was looking kind of melancholy so theCause being the gentleman gangster that he is stops to ask her what is troubling her. She confides in him that she is looking to have some one kill her, boredom had been setting in. Shrugging his shoulders and always willing to oblige he agrees, but takes some precautions to have proof of her request. The deed is soon done and life goes on as normal for this happy go lucky gangster.

Next day when theCause is out at the distillery getting the speak easy order for the nights festivities, the dark shadow comes out of the alley and fires on the unsuspecting fellow. Lo and behold its the Boss of of the blue haired beauty revenging the womans honour. What the hell was this a set up? One has to ask one self.

Friends and family gather not wanting the death of their agent to go unanswered and they drop the now boss and right hand and so goes their family. An eye for an eye, no undue malice.

Fast forward to tonight the fog has lifted but clearly in the minds of those that have the ability to think you have to ask yourself….REALLY? In your mind the music plays loud and clear…

Company, always on the run
Destiny is the rising sun
Oh, I was born 6-gun in my hand
Behind the gun I'll make my final stand
That's why they call me

Bad company
And I can't deny
Bad company
'Til the day I die
Oh, 'til the day I die
'Til the day I die

Rebel souls, deserters we are called
Chose a gun and threw away the Son
Now these towns, they all know our name
6-gun sound is our claim to fame
I can hear them say

Music uplifts our souls lets all just head to the local for a round or two!

Sidebar Requested by the Legal Eagle-Names have been changed to protect the innocent, any similarities to events that have recently gone on are purely conincidental and no legal action can be taken against the Times.

The Killing of Shady Angel

Written by BiggerRonnie

As you may know there were rumblings in the jungle earlier this week when ShadyAngel got murdered by a mystery suspect. This shock revelation lead to an outcry by Seth and Dylan wanting to know more about the situation. It is also reported that Tia was unable to comment on the proceedings and has fabricated a cover story insisting that it is not her behind the killing.

In an interview with Antmar, leading gangster and all round G he told us the blood of his enemies is his favourite food, he gets his clothes from a dumpster but as for who killed Shady Angel he had no answer A cover up? Who can tell.

NotMaid refused to answer any questions leading to even more confusion. As I began to delve even deeper I found out that the word on the street that TiaWilliams was behind the ordeal. It is reported that a fall guy took the blame for the shooting who shall not be named however the real killer has turned out to be that of TiaWilliams.

We are still searching for answers, please do not direct any hate towards Tia for her actions. She had her reasons I am sure.

I've been your reporter,
You've been reported.


JoeyJay's bookies

Written by JoeyJay

Hi all and welcome to JoeyJays bookies

For those of you who have seen this before it will be the same format as last time, for those who have not please see below for full instructions.
How it works.

1, send me the game/match/race you would like to place a bet on and the team/score you want.
And as long as i can find it on the web site i use you can bet on it.

2, i will send you the odd's and the max bet that i can cover. so if i said max bet was 2 mill, you can bet anyting upto and including 2 mill.

3, you send me the payment of the bet and i will place your bet in this forum for proof of purchase. ignore the tax its easier that way.

4, if you win, and win some of you will, i will send you your winnings.
Many thanks and have fun.

Just a small not if you get killed in any way between making the bet and collectin your winning you lose the bet as it is with your previous name that the bet was placed.

Most of the above can be found in the forums.

many thank Joey.

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

Written by BiggerRonnie

The hood ain't what it used to be, it's a well known fact.

The thing that keeps us going is the one thing we all care about. Bullets.

Whether you've got 1K or 20K the thing that is for certain is that not all of us will be around to see the end. There are rumblings and rumours that Itamar and Antmar are twins.

Listen to George Michael.

Yorkshire Footy Corner

Written by Iniesta

Hey guys welcome to the sporty part of the times where i will be letting you guys know a few of the irl scores of the English Football Teams all the way from the Prem to the League 2 it will be 2 teams in each league per report so if your supported team is not in the episode it maybe in the next one, Underneath every game i will tell you predictions of what i thought the outcome would be.

Stoke City 2-0 Sunderland

Sad day for Sunderland fans like myself as they are left as the only team in the premier league without a win With Stoke getting their first win against there relegation rivals Sunderland.

My prediction Stoke 1-3 Sunderland

Liverpool 0-0 Man Utd

So the battles of the reds again as we saw the most decorated English teams battled for the honours both teams had the chance to get the winning goals but the keepers were too good and both left with a clean sheet as Liverpool and Man Utd both share the points with this 0-0 draw

My Prediction Liverpool 3-2 Man Utd

QPR 1-1 Reading

Points were shared as neither side could get the winning goal in the 1-1 Draw between QPR and Reading

My Prediction QPR 1-0 Reading

Barnsley 2-4 Fulham

Barnsley were humiliated at their home Oakwell as Fulham put 4 past them with Barnsley only getting 2 goals

My Prediction Barnsley 0-3 Fulham

Scunthorpe 2-1 MK Dons

Scunthorpe put themselves 4 points clear of second place Bradford city with an impressive 2-1 win over MK Dons

My Prediction Scunthorpe 2-1 MK dons

Oxford 1-0 Bradford

Bradford left the Kassam Stadium without the 3 points they needed to help them become top of the League 1 as they slumped to a 1-0 loss to Oxford

My prediction Oxford 0-4 Bradford

Doncaster 1-0 Colchester

we will start this match on a good thing for everyone, As James Coppinger's British heart Foundation charity Shirt which was worn by the number 26 in the game against Morecambe in which doncaster won 1-5 coincidentally it was also the game that gave James his 500th appearance raised £4,000 for the charity, Doncaster rovers fans were all wanting the shirt worn by the player who is the only person to reach 500 appearances for the South Yorkshire team

I was at this match and supported my local team Doncaster as they got a 1-0 win again colchester keeping them on the heels of Plymouth in the Battle for 1st place in league 2

My prediction Doncaster 1-0 Colchester

Plymouth 2-2 Portsmouth

Plymouth were held to a draw by former premier league team Portsmouth with former Doncaster Rovers player Kyle Bennett helping his old team close the gap on Plymouth who sit pretty in 1st place

My prediction Plymouth 4-1

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