For the newbes

Written by Lazerous


GN News

Written by Lazerous

So, here I am, thinking of what to write in the news.

Usually to find out what has been doing on, I would look at the most recent deaths, but...

The amount of suicides that has been happening has made that really hard to look at. Also, I have no idea who everyone is, if they're in families or not. So to sum up, the GN news isn't happening tonight. Sorry guys, but its getting to that time of the round, when silly season kicks in, and everyone starts dieing! Too much to keep up with.


Written by SeerDale

Did you know that a chicken is the closest living relative to the great Tyrannosaurus-Rex, so next time the butchie calls you a chicken for backing out of a mission, don't take it offensively.

In the world there is estimated 25billion chickens, pretty shocking as there is only 7billion humans in the world.

And here it is, the way everyone knows the famous chicken from your local McDonald's


Chat Etiquette

Written by Lazerous

So, are you new? Wondering about Main chat? Thinking about giving it ago? Just a few random letters to see if it works? NO! Please don't

A few simple Do's and Don'ts that even the oldest of Gangster Nation players seem to forget.

Do have fun in chat, its there for us to socialise with each other.
Do use chat, to talk, not to spam, just talk. Talkings fun, and it improves your social skills!

If your going to sell stuff in chat, or remind us that you have something in the auction house. You only need to tell us once, not 5 times within the space of 10 seconds, we can see.

Don't spam, please, its horrible, its annoying and finally

Game Updates

Written by PEKKA

Quite a lot has changed game wise since anyone last decided to explain about, here are a few of many changes:

- Medals have now been renamed as "Accolades" which is another term for merits, you will also no longer be able to hide your Accolades from your character profile.

- You will also not be able to hide your friends list from your profile.

- You will not have to option to share your bullet count with your family bosses.

- If you make a silent kill you will not receive killing Accolade (medal) until you publicly share the kill.

Movie time!

Written by Lazerous

So, time for my video of the week!


How not to treat new players

Written by Lazerous

On the subject of the new guys, the thousands upon thousands of them. The amount of people signing up to GN reminds me of this:


So, why should we treat the new guys like people? Well, lets just say, if your a twat to them, they'll probably leave and won't play. The biggest aspect to GN is its community, the community needs to grow. So how do we not treat these players badly?

Well, rule one for me, is when they ask for some help, give them some help? Its not hard, most of the people reading this will understand how GN works, and be able to help

Rule number 2, dont scam them. Yeah, its a gangster world. But don't start trying to make money out of them, like one little sad case did. Trying to get them to give him $2mill to join his family, this guy didn't even own his family, and I'm lead to believe when they found him out, they soon removed him from their family.

Rule number 3, if you get to a position of influence on the game, ie: you become times editor, then don't publish an entire issue, on how bad the "noobs" are. You were one once, remember it.

A word from the editor

Written by Lazerous

So, thanks for reading, and heres a little mood music.