Gangster Nation Fashion Show Showdown

Written by 404

Good evening gangster’s crooks and conmen of Gangsternation.

You join us here tonight at the highlight of the social calendar the GangsterNation fashion show, everyone who is anyone will be turning up sporting the height of gangster fashion. Here is An4thema turning up now wearing what appears to be an all yellow ensemble, very fitting!

Over there we have the TUS crew turning up together wearing what appears to be a ‘blood of my enemies’ colour code, very in this season!

And over there we have. Oh… that is awkward…

404 aka Greatmoff and AVM aka (whispers ‘do you know? I’ve not got a clue … ) errr aka… somebody… have turned up wearing the same outfit. How embarrassing. If we just cut to a shot of the pair of them as you can see…



Well that’s a bit awkward isn’t it… The two of them seem to be arguing about it, AVM is insisting he wore it first and that 404 should have to change…

Incidentally our fashion commentators back in the studio have something to say on the matter what do you think?

Studio panellist: ‘Well it’s black, it’s hard to go wrong with black, although the way it fits to his figure isn’t particularly flattering. It also seems to suggest he is a G which also doesn’t seem to be true. All in all I’m going to give AVM a 3/5 for it.’


‘404 on the other hand is certainly managing to rock the look, it’s short it’s simple, it fits him perfectly, I’m going to give him a 4/5’.


‘Thank you to our fashion commentators back in the studio, well there you have it, AVM is saying he wore it first, but if our fashion experts are to be believed 404 wore it better. If we can get our microphones just a little bit closer we might be able to overhear what the two of them are saying…’

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What you think of my new profile man? ?

[X] Today, 01:15:28 AM
you think ur sick lol go lick beths ass

[X] Today, 01:15:53 AM
But then your family would be out of a job. ?

[X] Today, 01:16:59 AM
Hmm i dont have a family im with Isaac and we havnt licked anyones ass so yeh try again ..

[X] Today, 01:17:56 AM
Ah my bad, on your profile it says boss. Probably a bug. If you speak to Mike he should be able to fix it for you.

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Can we just be honest with each other for one moment bullshit aside?

[X] Today, 01:19:13 AM

[X] Today, 01:19:31 AM
Are you just mad because I'm wearing it better? ?

[X] Today, 01:21:00 AM
When your on top only way is down ?

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[X] Today, 01:21:35 AM
6 feet to be precise. ?

Well they do say that immitation is the sincerest form of flattery but apparently AVM didn't get that message and ... Oh dear and on that note both gangsters are reaching for their firearms, it doesn’t look like this one will be satisfied peacefully. And just like that another Gangsternation fashion show is ruined what does that make it… 9 of the last 10?

Thanks for tuning in. I’ve been your host Greatmoff. Back to the studio. 

Feeling Betrayed

Written by HappyMan

Does kitty,didi,iPikachu, Barbarian, Ashlee and Boomer (both about 3 times) all of whom shot at TUS from outside of that family not count as help? LA have made out this was their war and they did it all, could they have done it without the bfws and other families dropping TUS’s level 50’s?

Dropping LA:

As you all know An4thema helped plan this war with LA using Gehenna as a big part in the war. He turned up to have everyone else set dets then disappears off and doesn’t turn up when it’s time to shoot. He doesn’t take any active part in the leadership of the family and he gave my bullet count out to people outside the fam. Some boss he is. He doesn’t try to keep the fam together then he makes it official and outright joins LA himself. Because he screwed his own fam over I wasn’t going to let him walk away so I shot him. Then because LA kept talking shit in chat and as they won the war single handidly I thought I’d see how well stocked they were. Not that well it seems. ?

Oh and Moff was going to quit before you shot him. You fucked up. ?

The Truth

Written by HappyMan

The truth on why me and 404 dropped LA is simple, I had set detectives on An4thema just after he left Gehenna as i had personal issues with him as talked about in another part of the times but as we all know he had joined LA by the time my detectives came in so i still went through with the shooting.

I shot doodle for the simple fact that if i didn't go for him, he would come for me as i had killed a member of his family it was nothing more or less than that reason.

404 was going to quit the game but retaliated after Jihad tried to bfw him.

There is no other reasons for what went down between SB and LA.