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GN News

Written by Plainy

Welcome to this very special part of the Gangster Nation news. It’s special because we have more then one thing to write about.

Last night a hell of a lot of fun went down! There was some plotting in family chat, and if its one thing that this keep reporter has learnt over the past years of playing Gangster Nation, is that if your going to plot something make sure you can trust your members and not recruit just any old bean!

So The Council had a plan, a very dastardly plan. They were going to shoot Nasty Basterds (Insert number 4’s at your leisure). They messaged reserved, who is friends with pretty much everyone on the game (but me thankfully and now Jack as well!) This is what the message read

Today, 02:57:18 AM from Jack
Subject No Subject
Wanna bfw?

Now clearly this message had got to Infidel and PHX, who decided to act after learning that The Council were going to shoot NB at 4am in the morning (I never understand the whole 4am thing, I like and need my beauty sleep so I make sure I go to bed nice and early!) PHX acted swiftly organising shooters, and of course The Council swiftly departed GN being our first family wipe. Later on Jack re-signed up and denied everything and PHX kindly donated this message to insert into the time:

Message sent day 9, 21/07/12 08:45:40 PM by PHX:

to all those that helped us remove jacks balls today
and turn him into a little crying girl

for those that wernt here

he told a friend of mine his fam was planning dropping ours at 4am while we slept

we decided that he was being silly and dropped him first
he was in tears because he forgot to take the 150 mil out that he had in his fam bank

then he csed as nas

tip for future reference on gn jack <hopefully u can see this from heaven>

if your'e planning to drop a fam...........DROP IT dont talk about it

chatting shit usually comes back and hits you between the eyes

Later on, another plot arouse, The Brotherhood (with no spaces) decided to shoot at Los Zetas, again Los Zetas found out this piece of information from playing on this strange thing that UraniuM calls XBOX, real gangsters don’t play XBOX, we do the shit we wanna do in life! They soon swiftly dispatched The Brotherhood, who were the 2nd family to be dropped this round. All this fun in a number of days, oh I am being spoilt!

General News

Written by Plainy

Hello there and welcome to the General News Section with me, Hyperion!






Written by Plainy

Well its back, the original I’d like to say Guess the Gangster or now as I’m going with #GuessTheGangster!

This weeks Gangster is this rather good looking fella;


I have a number of cryptic clues for you:

1) He’s a self confessed internet troll
2) He had a brother that played GN
3)He’s had many good accounts, and hides even better!

So, if you think you know who this gangster is with the simply delicious side parting, then message me as soon as possible. The winner will win 2 credits, so get guessing!

(You may only guess one time, incorrect guesses will be placed on my profile, you will find out if you have won within the next issue)

Plainys Movie Section

Written by Plainy

Well I thought that this would be something cool to bang in here. Today I watched the film John Carter


So I watched this film, basically its about an American civil war veteran who gets teleported to Mars, and then has to try and get home. But he falls in love, and there was some fighting and it was massively lame. So if you get the chance to watch this film, the fighting bits are pretty cool, the special effects are also pretty cool but unfortunately the story sucks, not original at all, got to free a race of dieing people and stop the evil guy from taking over! Bore-fest

Video Time!

Written by Plainy

As some of you know, and some of you most probably don’t know, but an event happened last week that I really want to go to next year #IWasAGeekBeforeItWasTrendy.

Comic Con 2012, I have a special video for you all to watch, its not funny, but you can just simply enjoy the costumes that people have made themselves, yes they make them there selves

Right anyway enough of me mindless typing, lets look at the video:

If you have a video that you would like to have shown in the next issue, then just message me!

Profiles 'R' Us

Written by Plainy

So who’s it going to be? Well its going to be UraniuM!

We will be judging his profile on style, content, pictures, text, music and my overall opinion! So if you want to see his profile, here it is kiddies!


So lets get rating!

Style: Very good looking profile, slick, colours match everythings pretty much spot on 4/5

Pictures: CP and profile picture match, some sexy lil UraniuM picture at the top which I do like 4/5

Text: Well, really? ”Dover Athletic FC, Pride of the south!” 2/5

Music: Just a no 2/5

My over all opinion: I do like the profile, some things need tweaking but that’s about it! 3/5

So the average score was: 3/5

Message from the Gangtsers

Written by Plainy

Do you want your own part in the times? Your own special message? Well then all you have to do is message your Times Editor (Plainy) and boom, your message will be in the times, not matter how big or how small with no fee it will be in.


Written by Plainy

Well today the interview is going to be with Dexter, now some people think that the name Dexter was inspired by the well known children’s television show Dexter’s laboratory, but it wasn’t! Its actually based on a television show with a serial killer that only kills bad guys! Anyway enough useless trivia lets have a chat to young Dexter:

Plainy: Good evening Dexter, how are you this evening?

Dexter: Hello sailor, I am feeling very relaxed at this very moment, Yourself?

Plainy: Yeah I’m good, so whats going down in Dexterville?

Dexter: Is Dexterville a euphemism for myself as a person or just everything around me in general?

Plainy: Take is as you wish!

Dexter: Dexterville is under stress right now, alot of road works and alot of new people want to become a citizen and they just don't meet the criteria, but the mayor of dexterville is too kind to just tell them to Fuck off

Plainy: Dexterville sounds a fun place to live at the moment!

So what did you think to Cameron shooting tyler?

Dexter: It didnt surprise me, I knew they had some kind of feud I didnt think it would of been acted on so early in the round though

Plainy: Are you surprised that TBH didn’t retaliate at the time?

Dexter: Not at all, The difference in family strengths was overwhelming it would of been a pretty stupid move to attack a family which had members that wernt in reach of killing(especially ones holding the fam)

Plainy: If a member of TBH had of shot Cameron, what would you have done?

Dexter: I would of probably dropped the family, I would of logged in and thought it was a family issue

Plainy: Completely un-related question, what you wearing?

Dexter: I am currently wearing a Killer croc t shirt which I bought from the batman merch booth!

Plainy: That sounds awesome! What was it like being at the top of the rank list for so long?

Dexter: Honestly not all that satisfying, It reminded me of much time I have wasted just clicking around, I still would be top if it wern't for that darn pesky akasha *shakes fist*

Plainy: think your gonna make rank 50?

Dexter: Definatly, I've done it before, Just need to make sure I calm down ranking now because my problem is if I play too much in a short period of time I tire quicker and become bored, so just bursts of ranking will do me now until i'm 50 that's unless someone decides to pay me a visit with a shotgun in the middle of the night

Plainy: Well lets hope no one shoots you! You’ve got so much to experience and so much to do! Anyway 5 very random questions!

1) What is your favourite underwear

Dexter: Ummmm probably one of my superhero boxers =]

Plainy: 2) Have you ever slept in a shed

Dexter: Thats a pretty weird question haha no i have not

Plainy: 3) How many dogs can you walk at one time?

Dexter: I've never tried but im guessing maybe around 4 average sized ones?

Plainy: 4) If you drew me in secret Santa, what would you get me?

Dexter: either 100 credits or a batman pyjama suit

Plainy: I think I’d perfer the batman pyjama suit!

5) Whats your favourite flavour tip-top?

Dexter: The brown flavour. rofl

Plainy: Ah I bet you like the brown flavour ? Well thanks for your time, it was fun!

A Word form the editor

Written by Plainy

So, thanks for voting me for editor guys, much appreciated I do want someone that can create a good issue to get the times editor over me, so if you want to have a go at all, then message me I’ll make you a contributor and we’ll try and promote you!

If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas you want to put forward then message me (make sure any criticism is constructive, at the end of the day saying “your issue was shit” is non void because I’d love to see what you can do!)

T&C’s apply for any competitions

Rate 5/5

Cheers lovelies x

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