Heard It Through The Grapevine

Written by Jaggy

We've all noticed that there seems to be a constant rivalry between TheAgent007 of Gehenna and Jokester the Boss of Lucifers Apprentice. So this reporter went into the field to do some interviews and bring you this investigate behind the scenes report on this situation brewing within the Gangster Nation.

I started by asking TheAgent007 if he would care to comment on the current situation. So he invited me over to the Gehenna HQ for an interview.

"Can you share anything with our readers regarding the situation in main chat?"

"I joined Gehenna and promised iDidi no shooting without her permission so its just main chat just having fun"

"So you're not going to be shooting it out with each other?"

"no its just a game and we are just having fun in main chat"

"Thank you for your time"

During the interview I was approached by a memeber of Lucifers Apprentice who wished to remain anonymous.

"Nothing he can say will change the fact he is a dead man didi already gave us permission"

"You're saying iDidi gave a greenlight on her own member?"

"She was told we are gonna kill him and that it's nothing personal she said it was ok but if she wants a war we will give her a war"

"Thank you for that information we will keep your name out of the times."

So I set out to talk to iDidi to confirm this allegation

"Hey Didi I'm here on behalf of the times and would like to know if you have any comments on the rumours of a possible war between Gehenna and Lucifer's Apprentice breaking out"

"no, there is anything going on, who said that?"

"my sources are confidential. So you deny that Jokester approached you saying he would go to war if he cant kill TheAgent007?"

"well its a lie. there is nothing going on. just someone here that joined with a past issue with lethal. and lethal is trying to make me kick him. but problem is i don't know who is lieing and who is starting or whatever. yes, lethal didn't say that. he simply said if he shots him, it is nothing against us"

"Have you told TheAgent about this? Are you saying you'd let him shoot one of your members just because its 'nothing against us'? In my humble opinion any attack against your family is against you."

"oh not that....but agent joined with the condition to stop the issue. although he has been arguing with lethal he won't shot no one. well, i am really about this. there is someone using that as an excuse to come for us. if it happens oh well, i can't do anything about it. yes, lethal didn't say that. he simply said if he shots him, it is nothing against us"

"Thank you for your time."

Finally I set out to talk to Jokester to get his side of the rumours the following conversation took place in the Lucifers Apprentice HQ.

Hey Jokester its Jaggy here on behalf of the times looking for any comments about a possible war breaking out between your family and Gehenna


You appear to be sleeping so I will just let myself out. Thank you for your time.

Shortly after conducting my interviews both TheAgent007 and AshCatchEm left Gehenna. Moments later the shots rang out. sturrige Attempted to Kill TheAgent007 but he reacted quickly and returned fire killing him first. Seconds later yeovil opened fire on TheAgent007 but once again he was too quick for the shooter killing him as well. Hours later iDannyboy shot TheAgent007 killing him.

The "Setup"

Written by Barbarian

GODOFWAR creates a family with Camorro called "GODS OF WAR" picking up a blackjack table for the family. Shortly after GODOFWAR leaves the family, appointing Camorro as the new boss. Then GODOFWAR joins "Lucifers Apprentice" and kills Camorro taking the blackjack table from him. After that Jokester kicks GODOFWAR out of Lucifers Apprentice.

Guess The Gangster

Written by KeyserSoze

Last Issue's G Was KeyserSoze. Jericho, TheAgent007, and Aurora guessed correctly congratz guys and gal... enjoy the prizes.

This Issue's Gangster is...
...Any Guesses?

first to guess correctly wins $1M game cash. Good Luck everyone.

Personal Ads

Written by KeyserSoze

There are no personal ads this week, however Guess the G is a donation made by a gangster who wishes to remain anonymous... So if you wish to place a personal ad please contact KeyserSoze, ads cost $250k per ad and all proceeds go towards competitions and Guess the G. Contact the editor for more information.


Written by Jaggy

Just a summary of how GangsterNation's Valentines Day party went down...

Who gave Gemma tequila?

Quote Of The Day

Written by Jaggy

"When a man loves a woman VERY much...
Or when a man pays a woman VERY much..."


A Word From The Editor

Written by KeyserSoze

Lately a LOT of players have been asking me the same question... "Who can you trust?" and it's gotten me thinking. Who DO I trust? Well first there's myself, then there's my family and my friends and that's about it. So to answer that question, I have to say WHY I trust the people that I trust. I trust the few I keep within my circle because they have earned it. It took years to build up those relationships, and in a moment that trust they've earned can be shattered. So if you're new here and wondering to yourself "Who can I trust" the answer is simple, trust YOURSELF, be cautious with people. If they earn your trust then I suppose you owe them yours. If a stranger wanders up and offers you something, it's generally best not to take it... The game should not be any different. Trust your instincts and good luck playing the game, "It's a dog eat dog world" so watch out when you're out there cruising the streets of Gangster Nation anything can happen out there.