Lucifers Apprentice VS La Sociedad Secre

Written by Barbarian

The family "Lucifers Apprentice" Fired aggressively at "La Sociedad Secreta" killing 4 members in the late hours of day 74, and 2 more on separate occasions after this date. However "Lucifers Apprentice" lost a member of their own in the attempt to kill "newakii" who was Underboss at the time, incidentally this was seen as an action to waste the backfire of the target, an action often known as Backfire waste/Bfw. Moments later "newkaii" was killed.

Within minutes later "Throne" boss of the family was killed in the same fashion as his late member "newkaii". Shockingly it was not a member of "Lucifers Apprentice" who was responsible for wasting his backfire, but intact a recent member of his own family "Dale". Non the less the plan was the same, and moments later "Throne" was killed. However.... In the short moments of the death of his underboss to the death of himself, "Throne" appointed "exive" as his underboss, who took over the family upon his death.

In the mix of this action "Spud" shot and killed "MrAfrican", also known as "Badman" a former level 50 in previous characters, who stole $300,000,000 from the bank of "The Usual Suspects" and then left the family. He was then swiftly killed by "Batman" for his treasonous actions, however "The Usual Suspects" do not believe that this was justice for what he had done.

Also in the late evening of day 74 "iChief" killed "TheAgent" gangland style, taking over 3 properties in the process.

On the next day "adios" silently killed "Spud" who was the active Underboss of "Lucifers Apprentice" at the time of his death.

The following day, day 76 "exive" was killed by "Jokester" The family "La Sociedad Secreta" was no more.



What's the first thing you do?

Written by Barbarian

We asked 10 random players what the first thing you do when you log on to Gangster Nation.....

"just buy bullets"
"Scratch cards"

"Scratch & Win"
"I would say Family events first"
"Check my events to see if i got shot"
"first thing i do is check my events"
"Buy bribes"
"Car theft"
"Reply to this message"

Game Updates

Written by Barbarian

Breaking news, You can now no longer heist if your timer is not ready game makers announced:- "Fixed an issue which allowed participation in a Delivery Heist whilst the wait timer was still in place". If you didn't know about this you have missed being able to participate in delivery heist even when your timer says you can't for a certain period of time.


And now comes a change that will allow other players to pick up a player businesses, such as the bullets store and Airports. Before the game change the protection integrity would expire around an estimated time, allowing players to stop protection and pick up 12 hours later. The change has made the wait time for the integrity to expire at different rates, there for being actually random. So keep an eye on the integrity if you want to take over protection of a business.

Family tax now takes tax away from extortion this was never in place until too long ago.


Keep up to date with game changes via social media sites such as Facebook&Twitter

Recent News

Written by Barbarian

"Walt" dies in the backfire of "Gamora" ending his 4 kill streak.

Film News

Written by Barbarian

50 Shades of Gray hits cinema today however critics seem to believe it will not be as much of a success as the nobel written by E.L. James.

Elsewhere the trilogy of Fast and Furious is set to continue with Fast and Furious 7 being released in to theatre on April 3rd, we have an exciting trailer for you below.

Sport News

Written by Barbarian

Aston villa are on the hunt for a new manager due to Paul Lambert being sacked, leaving Villa in the relegation zone of The Barclays premier league. The current shape of the table can be seen below.


Tonight's T.V

Written by Barbarian

If you're sitting at home wanting to find something to watch tonight, your in luck. Brand new NCIS: New Orleans begins tonight on channel 5 at 9:00pm Game time.

If this doesn't take your mind we have a classic Terminator 2: Judgment day Over on E4 at 9pm Game time also.


Written by Barbarian

Currently sitting at the top of the UK hits is Ellie Goulding with - Love me like you do, which features on the 50 Shades of Grey film soundtrack.

Guess The Gangster

Written by Jaggy


Message this gangster's name to KeyserSoze to win...

Prize - $750,000

Last gangster was Luke aka stylezz.

Funny clip

Written by Barbarian

Try not to let this guys thoughts effect your Valentine's Day

Ask Jaggy

Written by Jaggy

Dear Jaggy,

Have you got relationship issues? Trouble with the opposite, or same sex? Can't master that backhand? Wana switch it up a bit? Always die in backfires?

Well here at Ask Jaggy Inc. WE CAN HELP!!!

Hey buddy,
Remember to send me your questions for *cough* comedic *cough* advice!


Written by Barbarian


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"looking for anybody selling credits msg KeyserSoze"

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