THE TIMES BY Chief Wiggum

Written by Unknown

Times are hard in the world of GN...We all know...a robbery here, an extortion there...were does it end? we are all just trying to get by.

Nice to be back in a fresh new round..i can smell conspiracy and murder in the air already...and it smells good.(policeman)

The Dead Files

Written by Unknown

Alot of death already in the world of GN. Sadly Suicide has been the number one killer of gangsters in the world. some notable names are.....


All were bright young souls well on there way to gangster stardom R.I.P

The Police Scanner

Written by Unknown

News and gossip spread like fires, but only the important stuff catches the eyes of the GN Police Depot....This is the police scanner

(policeman)....(dispatch)-Base to wiggum
(chiefwiggum)-This is wiggum go ahead
(dispatch)-code triple 6 in the miami district_ can you respond?
(Chieifwiggum)-what is a triple 6 again_over
(disbatch)-suicide wiggum_ triple 6 is a suicide
(chiefwiggum)-Roger_ i thought it was a sandwich special_they always have great sandwiches in the miami district_you sure its not a sandwich special disbatch?_cause i will go to that
(disbatch)-no Chief its a suicide
(chiefwiggum)-yeah im not going disbatch_dead people dont make sandwiches_go ahead and send a rookie_Over and Out

A Crime Scene

Written by Unknown

See You on The Street

Written by Unknown

Well i hope you enjoyed the Police Times...dont forget if you want more police footage and files, vote Chiefwiggum for times editor(policeman)

Look for me in the chat and dont forget to stock up on police bribes (my boys in blue love a good bribe)

keep ranking and spanking people

Your faithful servant
Chief Wiggum(policeman)