Trick or Treat

Written by Elayna


Halloween is tomorrow so im doing a little competition

Send me your halloween pictures and the best pic will win

1. Of your halloween costume

2. Of your pumkin

Winner of each one will receive 6 credits.

only one entry per player
got to be a picture of you in your costume
has to be the pumkin you made


Sharlottie Vs Sammi

Written by Elayna

I know everyone in interested to know what went down between Sharlottie and Sammi, so i asked them both to give me there views on what happened on day 83
I could only get one side of the story so here is what Sammi had to say


Me and a few others where trying to track down who has been sending me -5rp everyday. We looked at who had come online everytime.
After a week of the same shit, Sharlottie came on and within seconds of her coming online for a week i got the -rp.

So we thought it was her.

Me and an anon ? Sent her -rep me -5 and them -8..

Harsh but funny.

She then put it in chat n blah blah so I told her it was me.

I then got send her fam chat in which she said.

"If it was Sammie im shooting her"

She was giving it all large in chat so I gave it back. Saying I have slept with all the guys I have met off GN, and that I 'asked' someone close to her if I could send them knacked pics. LOLOLOL

So I posted what she said about killing me in GN Chat and said..

"Are you actually going to do that seen as it was me that sent them, or is it yet another one of your lies"

... Oh not forgetting I called her crazyeyes or sumert..

She didn't say anything... And I died LOL

"Apparently" I called her a Slut in chat.. (the only person that used that word was Rey calling it me lol)

And 'Apparently' me asking her if she was lying was me asking her to kill me TWICE.


Guess The Gangster

Written by Elayna


Here is a game we all know well
Can you guess the cheeky smile of this gangster?
2 guesses per gangster

1st Prize $1,000,000
2nd Prize $500,000
3rd Prize $250,000


I See A Noob

Written by Elayna


Here is a few things i have noticed people put in chat.. Whats wrong with them you ask? Read...

[09:50:43 PM] <Bambaclad> You drove off in a Maybach Landaulette but your garage was full so you abandoned the vehicle.

[09:09:39 AM] <Lauryn> You drove off in a Bugatti Veyron but your garage was full so you abandoned the vehicle

[12:44:19 PM] <Elayna> This player is in protection until Day 47, 11:59:57 AM (2 Days, 23 Hours remaining).
[12:43:39 PM] <Sammiiee> You have paid $4,000,000 to purchase your insurance policy.

[12:15:49 PM] <noah> You have hired 10 detective on Akura for 60 minutes in all locations, this has cost you $1,500,000.

[07:41:11 PM] <AVM> hahah failed
[07:41:01 PM] <AVM> You have purchased 4,039,803 lotto tickets at the cost of $14,039,803.

Just a few (noob) gangsters on the game

If anyone has things saved they would like in the next issue just PM me

Thanks For Voting

Written by Elayna


As promised i will do a video
coming soon