Talk doesn’t cook rice

Written by Plainy


GN News

Written by Plainy

We have 2 weeks worth of news to catch up with right now because I got voted out and the previous editor did nothing for a whole week! Its going to be difficult as I cant see past 7 days of who died, so I will most probably miss some people out!

We will start off with the big one! Maximus being killed by AVM. The story that I have heard is that AVM had an argument in family chat because he bank extorted sharlottie, this did not go down well with fellow family member Ted, who then had an argument with AVM because he used a feature of the game that he gets when he reaches level 50! To be fair, when I have reached level 50 I tended to target the richest person online. Not scared of what people think, it's a game, and you use the features that are here.

Well AVM left after this argument to make his own family, The Hoods. I suspected something straight away, but peoples intentions are hard to predict or avoid on this game, AVM shot all his bullets at Maximus, who had just achieved level 50 and killed him.

Tripwire then started searching for AVM, but AVM took the cowards way out, and instead of waiting to die like a man, he committed suicide. Which was a massive mistake for him, no life insurance on his next account.

After this a massive mistake was made by a new family, starting up without prior preparation. CHOCOLATE started up "the devils inside" (no caps). Which was killed 6 and a half hours later by Choke.

Whilst the devils inside was preparing themselves, and trying to improve, GunShot (formally known as AVM) had left protection. It was up to this times editor to take him down. So I donned my Batman utility belt, a rabbits foot, and found a four leaf clover in my garden and set detectives. Whilst conferring with family members it was recommended by Johnn that I shoot 100,000 bullets at him, luckily for me, Scotty came online shortly before I found him, and recommend I shot 200,000 bullets at him. Which I did, GunShot's backfire was set at 195,000 roughly. He died, I lived, Plainy, the natural born killer, was born.

Last night, GunShot's new account once again fell to a mighty member of Death Row. Sammiiee searching for Bomaye and taking him out easily. This was after Bomayes slap talk towards me, because he could kill me, but I am irrelevant and won't bother. Bit words, and as an ancient Chinese proverb says. talk doesn't cook rice.

WTFudge Facts

Written by Plainy

Today's issue is going to be spiced up with some interesting What The Fudge (keeping it clean!) facts.

There's a sport in Japan called Spider Fighting where people train "samurai spiders" to fight each other.


Cats can survive falls upwards of 32 stories, and it's not uncommon.

There is an actual doomsday clock.


Just six 2x4 Lego bricks can be combined in over 915,000,000 ways.

In 1932 a man named Thomas Earl was fired from his job, mauled by a bear, and shot by police in the same day. (unlucky fella)

Van Gogh's masterpiece Starry Night is a depiction of the view from the window of his mental institution room.


William the Conqueror's body exploded at his funeral after priests tried to stuff him into a small coffin, causing his abdomen to burst (mmmm messy)

And that is it for the interesting facts!


Written by Plainy

So, last issues guess the gangster was the one, the only, the ULTIMATE NOOB KILLER, Aine!

Yeah, fooled you all, we had 3 people guess it was Lauryn. One person think it was Danny, the same person also thought it was Ted. Erby and bvbdeb were guessed as well, and finally Aneko and Phizzent were named as the kid in the picture.

The winner of the competition was Tripwire! Also Curran guessed correctly, after Tripwire, but he committed suicide like a douche, and got nothing anyway!

Right this weeks guess the gangster is another drooling baby.


Your clues are, he once had long hair, and now its short, and he is sexually curious!


If you guess correctly on your first go, you will win 6 credits,

2nd guess, you win 3 credits,

and on your 3rd guess, 1 credit.

good luck!

Families - Family Making Guidance

Written by Plainy

Are you new? Wondering what to do if you make a new family?

Well a few words of advice from myself, I'm not to shabby at making families, and I think I know what I'm doing!

1) Make sure you have an underboss ready. Don't just make a family without someone you trust ready to be your underboss. You have an underboss, it makes your family harder to kill!

2) Make sure you have enough money, it's a waste of time starting a family if you have no money. You need to get your businesses up quickly, make money, buy bullets. Make sure you can protect yourself

3) Pick a decent name, so many people make families and have really really realllly bad names. So try to get something original and new!

4) Don't just make anyone VIP. There are a lot of people out there asking for VIP purely so they can rob your family bank, drop all your businesses and then you have to start all over again

And that's my top 4 tips for making a family!

Plainys Video of the Week

Written by Plainy

I have a nice surprise for you today! It's a Pokemon theme parody!


Interview with Anthony

Written by Plainy

Well, today we have Anthony with us. I've never really spoken with him before, so this is going to be an interesting one, as I have no idea where the line is! Can I or will I cross it? Lets find out!

Plainy: Good afternoon Anthony, how are you today?

Anthony: fine thanks ?

Plainy: Fantastic, so how long have you been playing GN for now?

Anthony: i think around about 2008

Plainy: For the past 6 years you've pretty much only been with Rhys, do you two have a special bond?

Anthony: haha real life mate's

Plainy: Do you think that helps when playing on here?

Anthony: yeah free mentors and stuff lol

Plainy: Free mentors always help if I'm honest, so The Disciples has established itself as a family once again this round, and your always up there with one of the better families, any secrets to success?

Anthony: friends and rl friends in the family. Plus loyal members

Plainy: Right, time for 5 random questions

1) Random fact about yourself

Anthony: my middle name is mark

Plainy: 2) What colour underwear are you wearing right now?

Anthony: haha white 8)

Plainy: Hopefully no skidders!

3) If you pulled Rhys in the secret santa, what would you get him?

Anthony: Some credits on here lol

Plainy: 4) Have you ever slept in a shed?

Anthony: lmao don't think i have

Plainy: 5) How many dogs do you think you could walk at one time?

Anthony: i wouldn't like to walk more than 2 haha

Plainy: Well that's a wrap! thank you for your time.

A word from the editor

Written by Plainy

Well that is another issue done

I hope you enjoyed reading it, remember to rate it (5 stars preferably)

I'll see you next week with another installment of the times, unless something mad happens in the next few days!

Thanks for reading