Skittles got MUNCHED

Written by Plainy


GN News

Written by Plainy

Do you now what happens when you reach the final Skittle in your packet, and you eat it. You get that self of achievement that you finished that whole pack of skittles... Well I do, as I don't really like Skittles if I'm completely honest so finishing a pack of skittles if quiet an accomplishment because I don't usually eat them, and when I do, which is very rarely, you can imagine how proud I am when finishing a whole packet. Right... Gone off topic slightly here, I am suppose to be talking about Gangster Nation, not my skittle eating abilities.

As predicted in the previous issue of the times, AVM ruthlessly killed Milan, with Milans level 50 account being short lived. I suppose that is what happens when you annoy The Initiative. Can't wait for the next time someone messes with the Initiative and to see what happens (if anything!).

In other news. Ted killed Fire. No idea why, just thought I would report it.

We have also had a slight scandal on Gangster Nation. With both Classic and Claive being admin killed. Their accounts being SongBird and iiiClassic if you want to have a further snoop.

From a leaked source i found out that iiiClassic was admin killed for showing "none human activity" and I have done what any good reporter would do and assume that SongBird was killed for the same reason, considering they're pals. Well explains a few things doesn't it. And you have to wonder how long they haven't been human!


One final thing, we had a new family yesterday. It was called Hard2Handle. Blessed decided to test how hard to handle Hard2Handle actually was. Well if Blessed could take them out, anyone could I guess. He killed Mefra because he's a badman, and ended the family.

That is it for this weeks GN news. See you next time for another fantastic installment!


Written by Plainy


Competition Corner

Written by Plainy

So, last weeks guess the gangster was Blessed (also known as Curran to the majority of people on here) Dem ears though, so cute!

We had 4 wrong guesses, most people thinking it was Clint, with Sasuke, PHX and Ultron guessing. Clint was dismayed at being discriminated against because he was ginger, and went off in a speech like Samuel L Jackson did when he got mixed up with Laurence Fishburne... I got bored half way through and stopped listening to him, so it's not really that important! (if you want to see the moment when Samuel L Jackson ripped into the news anchor, and haven't seen it yet, I suggest you Google it now!

We also had a guess off Akasha, that it was Sean. Interesting. Seans not ginger...

So the winner of the 6 credits was *Drum roll* Biohazard! He won 6 credits, which he then promptly put in the RPS, and i won them back! Woo. So, in true competition style, this week we have a roll over!!

Soif guess correctly:

On your first try, you will win 12 credits
Second try, you will win 6 credits
And on your third try, you will win a fabulous 3 credits!

So here is your picture for guess the gangster!


Your clue? This person has 2 children!

Good luck.

And as always, if you want to try message me, if you have a picture for the next issue, then again submit it to me and I will save it and put it in!


Akura and his hidden talent

Written by Plainy

So, I have been given this video by Noah, and its of one of our Gangsters! He has a singing voice, interesting!

I have been informed that this singing chappy is Akura, and he is going on a talent competition soon. I wonder what Simon would say?

Good luck to you off myself, and the times!

Families - The Death of the family

Written by Plainy

So for today, I have asked family bosses or underbosses, depending who is online, on which day do they think there family will die!

So, lets see what they think?

Noah Boss of The Minions thinks it is going to be tonight! (Day 34)

MissElayna, under-boss of The Initiative, believes its the day someone is brave enough to come at a pregnant woman with very high hormones. If I'm honest, hormones are very much like sarcasm, and don't travel over the internet!

Dynasty under-boss of The Deciples is hoping for the final day of the round

Video of the issue

Written by Plainy

Today, I'm going against my own rules and throwing 2 videos for my funny video section! Purely because I was looking through YouTube to find one, found this one, laughed my arse off, and then remembered my racoon video!

So, first of all, here is a little boy singing in the shower:

And for my second trick, a racoon! If you want the full effect of this video, I suggest you find Limp Bizcuit - Rolling and play it in the background. Perfect!

If you have a video you want in the times, do what Noah did. MESSAGE ME!

Maximus Decimus Meridius

Written by Plainy

Well, for the interview today we have the boss of Death Row. Maximus. Who has currently reached rank 40, for a second time this round. Lets find out what he has to say!

Plainy: Good evening, how are you today?

Maximus: Yeah im good thanks you

Plainy: Bangin' mate, absolutey bangin'! So second time rank 40, is it a ball ache, or love it and have to keep on ranking?

Maximus: Hehe oh I'm so nervous this is my first interview i feel like a celebrity and it's not too bad Mr Plainy was getting a bit bored but if I'm not ranking then gn bores me more

Plainy: Well, you are slightly famous on here I guess, your always up there at the top in the mix.

And the amount of feuds you've had with a lot of notable gangsters here. Talking of feuds, whats been your favourite one?

Maximus: Erm I'm not too sure I don't usually drag them on to a new round is a new start to me. The one with bulb was probably the worse as never got to do anything.

Best ones are probably when me and Beth argue cause least then we shoot each other, lol but its just what comes each round I rarely hold grudges over rounds its bit sad really

Plainy: What happened between you and Lightbulb (milan) this round?

Maximus: Tbh nothing really he shot tom and then fed a load of bullshit to me and donna how it was all personal shit etc.

Then next thing he shot me, it wasn't even the killings that annoyed me it was how they flooded chat thinking they was all best players on the game so tbh wasnt really a feud he just annoyed me ?

Plainy: What kind of bullshit did he feed you and Donna?

Maximus: Well he mainly spoke to Donna saying how much he liked her and respected her and wouldn't do anything to her family or to her. Then said to me hes sorry and he wanted to form an alliance and shit lol, I told him no then next night he shot me.

Plainy: You're back on track with ranking now though right?

Maximus: Yeah started getting some done will be getting fifa on 21st which after then I wont get much ranking done will come on to chat stock etc so trying to get 50 before then hopefully

Plainy: You mentioned in family chat the other night, that you had a specific goal. Want to share what it was?

Maximus: going to try get 50 for monday so fingers crossed i did have a bet on with trip but he had a paddy and spat his turban out

*You heard it first here guys! Maximus going for 50 by monday!

Plainy: What was this bet?

Maximus: he was going to pay me 100mil if i got 50 for monday

Plainy: And why has he pulled out?

Maximus: Because he didn't know its was double xp still about 55k points to get but might do it

Plainy: Haha, well I think if he has agreed to it, he should pay it.

Right time for 5 random questions that have nothing to do with the game!

1) Yellow or Black?

Maximus: yeah me too you should get him too ? and ok

erm Black otelli

Plainy: 2) Boxers or Briefs

Maximus: Boxers

Plainy: 3) How many dogs can you walk at once?

Maximus: 2 big ones or 6 little ones

Plainy: 4) Liverpool to win the league, or England to win a world cup?

Maximus: Liverpool to win the league

Plainy: 5) If you pulled Mike in the secret santa, what would you get him?

Maximus: signed drake album

Plainy: Well thank you for your time, its been a pleasure!

The Petition

Written by Plainy

So, if you read the interview you would have seen that BlackRosette has pulled out of a bet with Maximus.

The bet, was if Maximus reaches rank 50, then BlackRosette will give him 100mill.

Well, me being me, and fully disagreeing with pulling out of a bet, believes that BlackRosette should go forward with this bet!

If you do aswell, message me, and we will start a petition up for the next issue of the times! See how many names we can get. And, if you really want to, send him a message. Just stating these 3 words

Shame on you


A Word from Plainy

Written by Plainy

Yeah, well, thanks for reading guys!

Erm, I just feel like I need to say why I'm only doing one issue per week right now.

It is so hard, as previous editors know, to keep dishing out issue after issue after issue. I usually go mad, do an issue every other day and then run out of idea, and patience to keep making times issues. This time its different. I'll try and do at least one issue a week (whilst you are still voting for me) which, if i am correct then the previous 4 editors!

If you want me to keep rolling out these issues, then I suggest you vote for me! If you don't, then don't vote for me!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it.

As always, if you want anything in the times, message me and I will try to get it in. If you want to contribute to the times, message me as well, I'm always up for helpers!

Have a good night!