The Skittle

Written by Plainy


GN News

Written by Plainy

Well well well, time for the GN news.

It has been a busyish couple of weeks. with Milan (formally known as lightbulb) reaching rank 50. But this did not come with any consequences. Milans family, The Skittles has been dissected by the Initiative.

Pretty much every member, has now jumped ship of been killed, due to Milans selfishness, in wanting to become rank 50, and not caring about his (or her) family. So the Skittles has now become The Skittle.

The most notable kill in this whole series of unfortunate events for skittles was AVM taking out Mastercard. Shortly after killing Mastercard, AVM dropped his rank so he would no longer be in range of Milan, and is now waiting for someone else trusted enough to help take out Milan. Is Milans death inevitable?

It was noticed at the start of the round that it appeared that Milan, wanted to pull off what both Tom and Nick did 2 rounds ago. When they dismantled every higher member on the game that wasn't in their own family. This started when Milan (then lightbulb) shot and killed Nautilus. Only one person from Death Row was in range, which was Maximus (scotty) unfortunately he decided not to shoot as he was out numbered 4-1.

A few days later, after Lightbulb appeared to of begged for Scottys forgiveness and promised that no further shooting was going to take place. MasterCard took out Maximus. Which, still has not been avenged. So watch this space for more excitement...

Plainys Video of the Week

Written by Plainy

So, with all the recent ALS ice bucket challenges. (which i don't really like, but there have been some cracking ones) I thought it would be topical to put in an Ice Bucket challenge, from that one person you hate to see on Gangster Nation.

No, its not Rey...

If you've done the Ice bucket challenge, and don't mind appearing in an issue of the times, then please send me the link, (preferably on YouTube so i can embed it into the page) and you will be in the next issue of the times.


Nitrogen's Confessions

Written by Plainy

Well, today with me, we have Nitrogen, and we will hopefully spread a bit of light on the reason why The Skittles have been so ruthlessly picked off.

Lets be avin' ya!

Plainy: Hello there, its nice to have you. How has your day been?

Nitrogen: Not a problem thank you for having me, hasn't been too bad just can't wait to finish work now so I can go home yourself?

Plainy: Just sat here, drinking coffee watching X-men 2...So lets get down to it. Who wears the pants, you or Elyana?

Nitrogen: Sounds good, I don't think either of us do to be honest we come to an agreement on most things that's why it works plus I would want to get on the wrong side of her with her hormones all over the place ?

Plainy: Haha, wise words. The thing that I am wondering, is what started all of this between you and The Skittles?

Nitrogen: Haha well that started off by Classic randomly shooting Elayna and them thinking they can just shoot anyone without retaliation he just shot the wrong family we wasn't having it.

Plainy: Have you enjoyed slowly annihilating them?

Nitrogen: I have to be honest brought a bit of fun to the game which is always needed don't think Lightbulb has like it much though he hasn't done nothing yet.

Plainy: Do you think Lightbulb (Milan) hasn't done anything because he doesn't really care about his family, only reaching Level 50?

Nitrogen: Yeh that's exactly what I think what kind of boss just sits there and watches his family die? Not a very good one in my opinion think that's why they have all parted ways now and joined other families.

Plainy: Only a matter of time now for Lightbulb?

Nitrogen: Well I'd like to think so guess we will all have to wait and see what happens...

Plainy: So when this is all done and dusted, whats next?

Nitrogen: Think we will recuperate and get on with the rest of the round until somebody else want to have a go.

Plainy: Fantastic! So going for rank 50?

Nitrogen: Yeh think I will have a go, got this far so might as well would be my first time too

Plainy: Nothing like popping your rank 50 cherry my friend! Right time for some random questions:

Blue or Red?

Nitrogen:You got that right.


Plainy: You pull my name in the secret Santa, what do you get me?

Nitrogen: A season ticket for Kidderminster Harriers can't really see that costing much

Plainy: FYI: costs about £250

Boxers of Briefs?

Nitrogen: Okay mate sorry about that must be doing well now?
Boxers gives the balls more space to breathe

Plainy: You can have one decoration for your house, what do you pick?

Nitrogen: Haven't got a clue

Plainy: How many dogs can you walk at once?

Nitrogen: 4

Plainy: Well, thank you for your time, that is everything! Have a good day

Families - Name rating each other

Written by Plainy

So, this is what I've done.

I have messaged each active boss or Underboss from each family, and asked them which family name they think is the worst?

They can't vote for their own name, so lets see who our family bosses and underbosses think has the least imaginative name...

So, with a few replies, here are the votes:

The Skittles - 2 vote
The Minions - 1 vote
The Apprentice - 1 vote

Look out for next time with the next family question!

Chokes Message

Written by Plainy


There comes a day in all our lives where we must stand up for what you believe in. There comes a day where your integrity is challenged as an individual and you must stand up for what you believe him. My comrades, today is that day. We live in a world of injustice where a man who has only been in a family 8 days, has made 2 kills and 3 bf kills and he is a mere higher member. That man is our beloved 13 year old superstar Rey. Together through peaceful spamming we can overcome the tyrannical rule of The Initiative, of 'Elayna' and 'Nitrogen' and force upon tangible change. You can make a difference.

I simply ask you all to spam Elayna and Nitrogen with #REY4VIP. Put it in chat where you can and put it on your profiles. We can solve this, but only together.

With tears,

Your ChoKe

Competition Corner

Written by Plainy

So, I'm bringing back Guess the Gangster, with a twist!

If you guess (first time) you get win 6 credits

If you get it correct on your second guess you get 4 credits

On your third? You get 2 credits

ALSO, if you win, you can choose to be the next Guess the Gangster, if you don't want to be I will just pester someone else for a funny looking picture.

So here is today's guess the gangster:


So, one clue to rule them all:

He's Ginger.

All guesses to my inbox guys!


Word from the editor

Written by Plainy

So, First issue in a while. Was it alright?

If you have something you want in the times, then please message me and it shall go in. Selling pictures? Recruiting? What ever message me and it'll go in.

Even if its someones birthday. It'll give me something else to write about!

Or do you want to help? Again all it needs is a quick message!

Thanks for reading, remember to vote 5 stars.