Its All Going On

Written by MissElayna


Guess The Gangster

Written by MissElayna

Can you guess these two Gangsters
Message me who you think these two gangsters are. The person to guess both gangster correct will win 6 credits

Gangster 1

Gangster 2

Shout Outs

Written by MissElayna

[12:18:21 PM] <ooo> make sure u get dat in there
[12:18:16 PM] <ooo> i didn't do it
[12:18:13 PM] <ooo> err
[12:17:43 PM] <Floyd> ye shout out omie on his 12th acount

Right one for Ninja
Good Job on your 1st proper round mate, proud of you!!

On Another note

Written by MissElayna

As you all may be aware Omar Asaf passed away, for anyone that knew him while he played this game many years ago and pay respect at
R.I.P Omar Asaf 1989-2014 (angel)

Also Phil (Delboy) was unfortunately diagnosed with a Grade 3 brain tumour back in March this year his condition is incurable but manageable. In July phil is doing a bike ride to help raise money for Cancer Research UK
plz help phil raise the money at