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Angry Fuck Ups

Written by Rodney

It was late in the afternoon on day 16 in Gnsville, when Angrybird decided enough was enough and hatched a plan to get his family's cash back. The cash that some of the AngryFuckers had themselves lost in Renegades Unite's Casino.

Knowing that the Renegades Unite hideout was upstairs from a well know Bar called The Crown & Column. Not the biggest of bars but the perfect place for a hideout, or so they thought.

AngryBird took 5 of his loyal gangsters along with him and one by one they walked into the bar, John was first he ordered a pint of the Dark stuff, picked up his pint and a paper and went and sat near the main exit.
Next was Scotty and despite a broad scouse accent he bought him self a Pimms and lemonade then went of to the duke box to play some banging tunes.
Then came Frogman and Danny together Dressed as Decorators like there idols ERBY and Joey. They got a pint and went to play a bit of pool.
Miyu was the last to arrive, she came in pushing a pram, only it was not a baby inside but the weapons of choice for the guys that came in before her.
AngryBird decided to wait outside until it started as he diddn't want to give the game away in case they recognised him.

Now they was all sat waiting for an opportunity when they could not believe there luck, as around 11.20 that night not only did the Boss Carolina come downstairs but she was accompanied by her underboss Chaos and there close member Peach.

John and Frogman was the first to react killing Chaos and Peach just as they was taking there first sip of beer.
Carolina saw what was happening and tried to make a move behind the bar to grab her guns, but Scotty was to quick and with a burst of gunfire she was dead.

The AngryFuckers searched high and low for there cash but found none of it, this was when they discovered Omie had managed to lock himself into a safe room in the building with the cash all $190,000,000 of it.

So AngryBird, Danny and Miyu decided to set up camp in the bar and wait it out for Omie to come out and face the music. Two days it took for the safe room door to open and when it did Omie came out fighting. First to spot him was Miyu who opened fire but not quick enough for Omie who was ready and killed her. Then Danny ran into the room as Omie was reloading he threw a Petrol bomb into the safe room with Omie and shut the door.

So Danny all chuffed with himself not going in all gangland style and doing it a bit more silently when down to give Angrybird the news. As he was telling him the sad news of Miyu's death he realized that not only Omie was in the room but the $190 million was also in there now up in flames alongside the dead and burning body of Omie.

So as the pair was leaving the building Angrybird decided he could not let his guy get away with a schoolboy error and put a single but deadly bullet into the back of his head. He then left the area setting of a massive explosion destroying the bar and the hideout of The Renegades Unit.

Legions fall

Written by iJRay

On day 14 what started out as calm lovely day with PHX at the local shop picking up some food for tonights dinner with her family. As she was checking out LegendDon boss of the Legion was behind her in line. A eyewitness said that PHX was going through her coupons when LegendDon started to go off PHX turned around and words were exchanged with PHX paying for her stuff she goes to walk away then turns around and pulls out her gun aiming it right at LegendDon shooting him once before running out of the store.

PHX was fleeing the crime scene she called Artorias an told him what had went down. Not wanting to give NotoriousBIG a chance to get his family together to go after PHX he grabbed his gun and went looking for NotoriousBIG where he found him sitting at the local club where NotoriousBIG was having a drink with a fellow gangster Volt. As Artorias walked up to NotoriousBIG and shot him in the back twice as Volt seen his buddy fall he quickly turned around and went for his gun but Artorias was quick to see what he was reaching for and emptied his gun leaving Volt there dead and NotoriousBIG to pass away from his wounds a couple hours later.

With these two still on the run is anyone safe from these two or are there killing days done?

Cloud kills

Written by Rodney

Cloud killed both dexii and Mandez, not sure who got cloud, WS kill i think

[07:01:35 PM] <Cloud> You opened fire on Mandez with 186,000 bullets and killed them. You took their $334,495 held in cash and bank accounts. You took over and started protecting 2 family businesses. You took over and started protecting 1 blackjack table for your family. You earnt $1,000,000 from bounties on this player' - Gangland kill

[07:00:51 PM] <Cloud> You opened fire on dexii with 190,000 bullets and killed them. You took their $657 held in cash. - Slaughter (Accidental)

Message sent day 14, 17/04/14 07:08:46 PM by Joey:

so who got dexii and cloud

Message sent day 14, 17/04/14 07:08:07 PM by AngryBird:

Basically, Cloud were bored of ranking, stocking and shit, and soon doesnt have much time to play, so he thought he'd drop a fam, that were in range, chose dexii's fam because he were off for 4days (less stocking), think thats basically it lol

What The people Want!

Written by GHOST

So I done a little market research to see what the GN community wanted implemented! Many people were not interested in this topic of discussion with the main change they wanted to see was not something being implemented but something being revoked! This was infact for the Times to be removed from GN :o

[12:54:37 AM] <ZombieNation> same
[12:54:35 AM] <Poseidon> ?
[12:54:30 AM] <Poseidon> I never read the wank
[12:54:29 AM] <Strength> i never read the times
[12:54:23 AM] <RollDeep> Spot on phil
[12:54:22 AM] <Strength> ?
[12:54:19 AM] <Poseidon> +1
[12:54:19 AM] <RollDeep> ?
[12:54:13 AM] <ZombieNation> its a load of shite
[12:54:10 AM] <ZombieNation> u should do a times issue on removing the times

Well me and Joey are certainly on a mission to change your minds within the next few weeks with our amazing material!

The other thing was POKER! This has been requested for many years and we hope that one day in the near future will be implemented so we can lose even more money!

Something for the Ladies

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Consistency is key! We will try and bring you 3 articles a week!

Competition Time! by Zaki

Written by GHOST

Theres three competitions today ?

The first one is the person that finds me the funniest video will receive 1k bullets!

The second competition is the first person to message me with the correct answer to this riddle will also receive 1k bullets!

Give me food, and I will live; give me water, and I will die. What am I?

The third is only for people who own fifa 14 on PS3! Anyone who can beat me will receive 500k in cash!


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